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  2. He got hit on the side of the knee with a shot and left the game vs Florida. He tried to come back and skated on the ice to center ice and went straight back to the locker room.
  3. Does anyone know why EJ is listed as day-to-day with an undisclosed injury?
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  5. Because why should you be punished if your innocent? why should someone else have that effect? Whats stopping someone who maybe wants the other person your up against to get the job for their own reasons from making that accusation then? In the case of Roy Moore i 100% think these accusations are political motivated based on when they were made and on this guys past and everything i've read about him. But based on what you said he should be barred from Running because someone makes an accusation. If thats the case we could make it so no Democrat ever runs for office again just by making baseless accusations. And for the first part - you'd expect to be put on leave then - is this a paid leave or unpaid? If its paid could one then force a company or school to go out of business by making enough accusations that they are paying employees enough to stay home? If I make an accusation about you and 2 others in your department, could your department function properly? Now we're punishing students of your department by shorthanding them because of an accusation. Or we could assume your innocent until someone can prove your guilty.
  6. I didn't avoid the question. It had nothing to do with what I was talking about. But since you're addressing me with it again, I'll answer. Should I be forced to resign based on accusations of a student? No. But I would fully expect to be put on leave while the accusations were being properly investigated. And would probably want to be on leave for my own personal reasons. It would be hard to face the possible speculation and gossip each day. I would also fully expect the accusation of a student to affect my ability to apply for a job. Is it fair in the case of false accusations? Nope, not at all. But why would I expect an employer to take a chance on me if I was being looked at for sexual harassment, racism, etc even if I was completely innocent.
  7. my bad I thought you were talking about Roy Moore. But IMO many people see not being a career politican as a good thing - someone not looking to get rich off the tax payers. someone like Trump has very little to gain by being president - surely the risk far out weighs the potential gain. But when you look at congress where you have people who have been there for decades and are millionairs - and never worked a real job in their life, there is an issue. IMO being a great business leader(note leader not owner/boss ect) is far harder then being a politican where you just do whats best for yourself. And for Billy Bush- thats fine he lost his job, his employers didn't want to associate with him. Trump was at the time interviewing for a job - and those responsible for the decision decided they were just words and hopefully his good would out weight those. Now if there was proof he did something illegal or wrong I have faith in the american people he'd be held accountable. But just like Roy Moore, Matt Lauer and the rest, I personally would want hard evidence , not locker room talk or accusations. If we had photos(franken) or texts(weiner) then it'd be much different. but you did avoid the question - should you be forced to resign or kept from applying for a job based on the accusation of a student?(note they don't even have to have taken your class) with out any evidence?
  8. Personally, I believe that you shouldn't be allowed to run for the highest political role in a country with no previous political experience. I would have that belief with or without Trump. I wouldn't want the Prime Minister of Canada to have no political experience. Run for provincial politics first. Be an MLA, Premier. Get into federal politics, be an MP first. Something. But since you threw the whole accusation stuff out there....Billy Bush lost his job for being part of a highly offensive inappropriate conversation. Trump said the actual words and still became president. There's a problem there.
  9. JFK was probably the closest thing to today's Independents we've ever had. Social Democrat but he was fairly fiscally conservative.
  10. Just listened to this JFK speech. I think pretty safe to say JFK would not be welcome in todays Democrat party. talking about how tax cuts are a good thing, and how we need to support our industry. and the big one how higher tax are toxic for a country
  11. No, Canada-people are nice to eachother
  12. No, they can choose to give it to us anyway. But it is protected in such a way that if they finish in the bottom-10, they have the option to keep it. In that case, we get their 1st in 2019 no matter what. And I like your scenario of us getting a higher draft pick in the 1st round.
  13. why shouldn't be be allowed to run? Can we keep you from applying for a job because an accusation? Have you ever had a student accuse you of doing something? maybe grading to hard because their race/religion/sex ect? should an accusation like that keep you from applying or getting a job if its not proven you did wrong?
  14. Question about the 1st rounder. Is it automatically protected if Ottawa finishes in the bottom 10? There is now talk that they may start selling off assets. If that's the case and it does get protected, next season they may even be worse and the Avs would end up with a higher first rounder.
  15. I still don't understand why the USA are waisting time and resources on fake media stories and witch hunts against Trump and Moore, when there is still no clear result about WHATDIDHILLARYDO in Benghazi?! So many heairngs and tons of meetings and investigations and she is still not in jail!!!!!!!!!! #whereismywitchhunt
  16. Isn't it fun to think that all of this could have been avoided if he hadn't been allowed to run in the first place?
  17. oh and we have this getting swiped under the rug this weekend as well: WE have 3(4?) of Robert Muellers top investigators showing to be extremely anti trump and both going after Trump and being pro Clinton(giving large donations and actually defending them and their charity in court) Its become pretty clear its a political witch hunt.
  18. Well on why? because there is an election this week - just like the question has to come out - why not say a word until 30 days before an election when he's a for sure winner(at the time)? And while I agree with you those who are guilty need to be held accountable and its a very powerful movement, that is 100% why i think we need to allow this "movement" to happen with caution. Because right now all it takes is an accusation to ruin a life - and that accusation can be 100% false. If anything else this is why we need to have the "trust but varify" attitude towards accsuations and ensure both sides have their day in court before "tar and feathering" anyone. Because after all its real easy for someone to make an accusation to "get someone" but almost impossible now to clear your name after - and say you piss off a coworker or an ex or anyone - how would you feel being on the other end of a false accusation?
  19. Maybe it's because I am not a gambler, but it seems like such a huge risk. Why not, as I said in my message, wait for the dust to settle. Because even if you 'think' he is innocent, there is always a chance he isn't. If these accusations turn out to be right then those throwing their campaign money and support behind him are going to come off pretty badly for supporting a pedophile. As for Nancy supporting Franken, as I said I am sure this happens everywhere. I just can't understand it. I don't care if they are democrats, republicans, actors, actresses, banking executives, teachers, step-parents, whatever. Those who use their power, privilege, fame, money, or other means, to sexually abuse, exploit, harass or otherwise someone else need to be punished. I am happy right now to see people dragged through the mud for having done this stuff. This is a very powerful movement right now.
  20. I guess It would be because you think you know them and know they would be good for their constituents and the country as a whole? Same reason Nancy Polosi was defending Franken. and countless others have come to his Defense. Also if you truly think he is innocent. after all if he does get his day is court and it comes out the accusations are 100% false is it suicide?
  21. I am pretty sure I said exactly that. But the main point is that there is a difference between giving someone their day in court (if necessary), and doubling down and campaigning for them. My point was - given the severity of the accusations, why are the Republicans and (most specifically) Trump CAMPAIGNING for a suspected/accused/alleged/not-yet-proven pedophile. That is political suicide.
  22. Weird, because noone said she admitted to forging the whole thing - but rather she admitted to forging part of it and that puts the whole thing in question since she wont allow an expert to look at it, and Roy Moores been able to prove he wasn't around that diner on the date she forged into the note. What Roy Moore did..... Do you have evidence of anything he did? Noone is saying if he's guilty he shouldn't face consequences that I've seen. But rather everyone "defending him" wants to see evidence and doesn't want to see someone convinced based on an accusation. Hell i don't even need to see the evidence - give him and the accuseers a day in court and make them testify under oath where there is a penalty for lying. Weird, because I see Polosi that was coming out defending Franken, same with a whole bunch of hollywood elites who were defending his behavior and pictures of him sexually abusing women. Where with Roy Moore people have been defending the character they believe him to be and wanting hard evidence. But its okay, hes A Republican so he must be bad right? After all having photos of you sexually abusing a woman is nothing right? **and Al Franken still hasn't stepped down - or apologized but rather played the "hes a crusader for women" card after abusing at least one.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Good for Rocco. It's too bad his game never tranfered to the big club. Lots of scoring upside but gets destroyed defensively. Still happy for him though.
  25. Grimaldi just scored a hatty
  26. The 3rd goal went off of Kerfoot - shouldn't he be awarded with the goal? Or are we gonna judge every goal and assist(s) now?
  27. 7 goals is 7 goals
  28. This one should have an asterisk next to it, based on the 2 ENGs that never should have happened.
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