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  2. Not gonna look for YOUR post in the politics thread - do it yourself
  3. You'll have to remind me when I did that, because I don't remember saying anything of the sort unless it was blatant sarcasm.
  4. Wishing for lots of people to die from nuclear war is ok? You have a strange mind
  5. So that's not okay, but wishing for other team's players to get injured is fine? You have a strange sense of fandom. You gotta feel sorry for Coutourier. Injured by Gudas in practice. Playing on a bum knee, still puts to 4 goals in 2 games but it's not enough to keep him team alive.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I forgot Kamenev. Oops. That's my mistake.
  8. What NOT to do: Throw beer on the ice with 30 secs left like PHI "fans"
  9. Kamenev doesn't count?
  10. The only active player in the trade not to play in a playoff game.
  11. You were right. He was the reason we won! The Duchene trade keeps on giving.
  12. Nice site:
  13. Last week
  14. He shall henceforth be known as Smashburglar.
  15. Yeah, all theses key players injured and we push them to at least game 6 wow
  16. The Hamburglar living up to his name!
  17. Since we paid him 4.5M this year: Beau has retired
  18. BS. Johansen's "hit" on Barrie was elbow to the face. Pause the video around 2:07 and tell me Johansen doesn't elbow Barrie in the face Yeah, yeah, I know. Barrie SUDDENLY decided to look to his right.....
  19. Actually a fairly good and informative video:
  20. Especially for Wilson, who just missed tying last game. I never should have watched the replay to see just how close that puck Rinne and the post.
  21. Ooh. I could dig that concept.
  22. Officially, at least according to Bednar, he's still a game time decision but I seriously doubt there's any way he doesn't play in an elimination game if he's well enough to be game time decision.
  23. Nope, and I doubt we ever know.
  24. I'm good with a post Nashville hat trick. 1 goal from each Girard Wilson Bourque.
  25. This is good. Now he can come back and score a hattrick against his former club to get us a game-6 at home.
  26. With his size, it's a pretty narrow guess
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