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  2. The EU already agreed to purchase more soybeans direct from the US. It's awesome that we put tariffs on stuff and China puts added tariffs on FOOD. They're gonna win that "trade-dustup" for sure, pfft.
  3. I'll come back for the posts i missed, but just saw this. more winning! sure China may buy less Soy - but then they go to Brazil, and then that lessens the supply from Brazil to the EU who will have to come to the US. and Brazil is starting to buy US soy to ship to china.... Whats hurting Farmers, is not tarriffs but to much supply - we're too good at growing Soy...
  4. So Trish Regan pulled a "Trump" and said that what she said, she didn't meant. Always nice to have such a card to play ...
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  6. Oh look, the islamophobe is claiming the moral high-ground.
  7. Of course you're confused. You can't understand that I can dislike Trump BUT I can dislike Hillary much more. I can hate the way Trump talks, the way he tweets, how he say's things that pop into his head with no filter, etc. I can also think that some of his policies are good, you know the ones you are incapable of noticing or discussing in any rational way without yelling racism even when race isn't involved. You once again try to straw-man and make as statement and argue against the fake position that you assign. I just pointed out one spot where you (and your research) was 100% definitively wrong. I also think that some of those things are media spin and that the OPINION page of the NYT isn't the same as the NEWS section of the NYT. Why do you pretend to know what conservatives talk about...the only "conservative" source you know is FOX and you say you never watched. Also,your definition of conservative is anyone right of Carl Marx. Once again, just because you see every event though the prism of racism doesn't mean everyone else does. In fact, if you look at some polls it's number 10 on the list of things that are important to voters and the discussion is about real racism not...not Trump's a moron and said ****-hole country about a ****-hole country and I'm faux-raged racism. Also of note...climate change is number 13...and gun control is 15. Racial conflict is 20. Same sex marriage 31. Top issues in order, free speech, terrorism, immigration, SS and medicare, jobs. The only person who is mad here is you because you can't understand that agreeing with a person in one area (say smaller government) doesn't mean agreeing with them in another area (say personal behavior.)
  8. It shouldn't matter since the evidence doesn't change. It's there! But people believe certain sites/news outlets have a hidden agenda so they disregard them totally, even though what is being said is right there. One example was when Trump made fun of a disabled journalist (I think it was) and made the hand gestures some of the disabled people do - yet, somehow, he's the most caring towards them (or whatever he said in the video I linked). And don't get me started on women - we know where he grabs them .... Respectful?!? My ass!
  9. Nope, but I did copy some stuff from other sources like NYT, just so I didn't spend all day researching something that's already well-researched.'re saying you deny everything on that list? Or you don't think any of it implies racism? I'm confused. You asked for evidence, and I posted quite a lot of it. If you want to dispute each claim line-by-line, that's one thing. But dismissing everything out of hand just because you question my sources? That's a load of crap. Bury your head in the sand if you must, but there's video and audio evidence for a lot of this stuff, so what does it matter which site I pulled it from? It's not as if any conservative sites are reporting this stuff in the first place.
  10. Did you cut and paste that from HuffPo. You were right...your arguments are lazy. All of that...and Hillary was/is STILL a bigger POS. Are you understanding yet? Also, you have alternative facts one example. Note the Aug 2016...this is Aug of 2018...update your talking points. "Well it's absolutely disturbing," Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said in a Monday afternoon interview on CNN when asked about Duke's robocall. "The Trump campaign has no knowledge of the campaign that David Duke is running and we have disavowed David Duke and don't condone any of the activities he is doing."
  11. My problem with the Paris Accords are two fold: 1) Each country sets their own goals. Some set some crap goals. 2) The money transfers. What did that have to do with climate change? It feels like the carbon credits where if you give $50 to plant a tree then your car is now carbon-neutral.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I wanted to just jump in on this section about the Paris accord. If the USA are doing better than anyone else, then that is an absolutely fantastic platform from which other countries could be encouraged to improve. The accord is not a treaty so participation is optional, so leaving is absolutely within the US's rights, but the symbolism of walking away from it doesn't exactly encourage participation from other nations. I just think America could be seen as a world leader and show that a reduction in pollution can be achieved, but they decided to turn their back on it and that sends a really negative message to the other signatories - especially those third world countries who need help of more developed nations. America often is looking to be, or seen as, a world leader, and they had the chance here to be a leader of good for the world. I think its a shame that they have submitted their intent to leave (which I don't think would take effect 'til 2020, if I read that right.) There is still time to reverse that decision I guess.
  13. You paint me like I hate everything Trump has done. That's not the case. Just because I don't voice support for every one of his policies that I like doesn't mean that I hate him 100%. It's just that I don't feel the need to throw a party when he occasionally does something right. That should be the rule, not the exception. As for racist policies and platforms, where do I begin? Starting way back in the 70's, Trump's apartments refused to rent to black tenants and gave preferential treatment to white people. That racism carried over to his casinos, where he treated black and white employees differently. He's quoted from a former employee saying "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks." In order to further his casino business, fought with Native Americans, questioning their ancestry and accusing them of crimes. He took out full page ads in New York newspapers arguing for the death penalty for the Central Park 5, a group of black and Latino teenagers who were eventually exonerated by DNA evidence. He was a vocal "birther" when Obama took office, and still has not acknowledged that he made a mistake. He frequently implied Obama didn't work hard enough as president, furthering his "black people are lazy" narrative. From the very start of his campaign he was disparaging Latino immigrants as criminals and rapists. That has informed his policies on immigration, including a misguided plan to build a southern border wall. Two words: "Muslim Ban" Argued that a judge couldn't be unbiased in Trump University proceedings because of his "Mexican heritage". Two more words: "S**thole Counties". Specifically targeting Haiti and Africa while encouraging more immigration from places like Norway. Frequently talks about minority neighborhoods like they are war zones. Quoted during the 2016 debates saying "Our inner cities, African Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot...You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs." He's made up false statistics to further this minorities=crime narrative. His response to Charleston was laughable. Refusing to condemn white supremacists, trying to shift the blame. He's unapologetically re-tweeted several white supremacists. Refused to disavow David Duke endorsement. Hired Steve Bannon as chief of staff. Targeting black NFL players who peacefully protest the national anthem. Endorsed Roy Moore, who along with being a pervert was also an outspoken racist (spoke positively about slavery, wanted a Muslim Ban in congress). Pardoned Joe Arpaio. He's posted many disparaging Jewish stereotypes,(for example, a Star of David next to a pile of cash). Repeated neo-Nazi propaganda such as how Hillary was meeting with international banks to plot the downfall of the US. There's a sampling, certainly not an exhaustive list. Like I said, if it were just a few instances I might be able to write it off as a misunderstanding or taken out of context or something. But this is a very clear pattern of behavior. So again, I feel very strongly that it is accurate to call Trump a racist, and I don't see how you can argue that's an ad hominem attack where there is mountains of evidence to back it up.
  14. I gave that an upvote. Would have given two. A straight-forward statement without resulting to ad hominem bs or conjecture. I like it.
  15. Nobody's mad. We just keep pointing out that ad hominem attacks hold zero weight. Then you try to Kafka-trap. Man you're a walking, talking, logic fallacy. That's the point we're trying to get across. Your implications are incorrect. You like socialism and Stalin liked socialism ergo you are the same as Stalin. The rest of us have the ability to know that even with all his flaws, Trump is better than the other choice. We can't take Trump in a vacuum. That's what I'm saying. He's rough around the edges. He's not a polished tool-bag like Romney or Gore who talk nice but never accomplish anything. He could for sure put down the twitter account, but I cancelled my twitter account because there's nothing on there but trash anyway, so I guess I solved the problem for myself. I know that you can't understand that people can dislike Trump's personality but like his stance on cutting regulations for example. Even Homer Simpson had more depth when voting for Sideshow Bob, "I don't like his Bart killing policy, but I do like his Selma killing policy." I'm really beginning to understand why Zap is your avatar. Point out a racist policy. You keep talking about them but never actually site one...why is that?
  16. And for once, it's free.
  17. The comparison was implied whether you said it or not. Are you seriously bashing my PM and my country when YOUR leaders were the ones tearing families apart and keeping kids in cages?? Yes the situation is unfortunate, but missing a championship game nowhere compares to being taken away from your family and locked up. But you keep throwing stones in your shiny glass house if it helps you sleep at night.
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  19. No, no - it's just edited that way ........
  20. OK. His touting of lowest African American (and full) employments rates, whilst factually correct, likely has little to do with him. The reduction of the unemployment rate has been pretty consistent since back in 2011/2012. He can take credit for continuing the trend, but he can't take credit for something which he inherited - it would probably be the same if Hillary was in office. In fact you could say that the rate has slowed somewhat, but that is always likely to happen. But is this Trump's win? In all likelihood not. His consistent personal attacks on people on Twitter is completely unbecoming of a president. Mean words or not, conduct yourself like a professional. His latest one - calling Omarosa a 'dog'. If he wants to have his opinions, then fine. But why broadcast his offensive thoughts to the world. His border/immigration policies have been unnecessarily cruel to some of the most vulnerable people in the region. His team played people like pawns in their immigration game and it was recognized for what it was and a legal stop was put to it. There was condemnation for it from all sides, global and domestic. I personally believe his tax plan was a short term attempt to boost his ratings aka a PR stunt - we will see what the longer-term effects are. He was down in the dumps with the general public and he is very concerned about his own reputation. I believe he is the textbook example of a narcissist. He is a woeful communicator, and for someone who is meant to be the figurehead of the country that is not a good thing. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement - I believe this was a nod to the old-school and eventually-to-be defunct dirty energy sectors (coal, oil, gas), to try and get support from workers/producers etc. The hiring of climate change skeptics and those with a vested interested in maintaining these industries points to the fact that he does not care about climate change. Denying climate change is condemning future generations. Jumping to conclusions and backtracking - best example of this is declaring N. Korea no longer a threat. Since which they have started producing missiles for nuclear bombs, again. Lashing out at anyone who disagrees with him - recently "supporting" the boycott of Harley Davidson because they said that his short-sighted tariff war was going to hurt their bottom line. The tariff war in general is just a bully tactic which has sent shockwaves throughout the world, in a bad way. Its rich to complain about tariffs on US dairy products imported into Canada saying it is the only way their industry can survive, when you look at the subsidies given to US farmers to keep them afloat. Farm subsidies cost $20billion per year. 73% of dairy US producers return comes from subsidies. No wonder he was so annoyed at Canada! Consistently trying to use government shutdowns as a means to get his wall that no one wants, and no one is willing to pay for, and will likely do zero good. He cares more about that wall than keeping the government running, that says a lot. This is consuming too much time writing. But truth be told I think Trump is a narcissist who lacks any sort of moral fiber or character. He says what he wants regardless of the effects it may have and he doesn't care. I don't think he is incapable of doing anything good, I just haven't seen it yet and I'm not going to hold my breath.
  21. So, you guys are denying Trump's vast track record for saying and doing things which would easily be called "racist", "misogynist" and "xenophobic"? Sure, *some* of the stuff he's said has been taken out of context or blown out of proportion, but there's still a mountain of video/audio evidence against him. It's not name-calling if those terms accurately define him. I do enjoy watching people getting upset about labeling Trump with those terms, as if they were being called them. It's almost like it's touching on some insecurity you may have about your own prejudices. Hard to say. You know, "guilt by association" isn't the case here right? Just because you support someone who is a racist doesn't mean you are also a racist (unless you specifically support the racist policies/decisions/rhetoric). I'm not calling you guys those names. need to get so defensive, okay?
  22. Crazy this isn't getting more air time..
  23. Give policy reasons, not "mean words" and be consistent - not I dislike this policy here, but say in Norway its okay, or the like.... But I've yet to see you admit Canada is wrong for possibly separating this family and making them live in fear...
  24. It's just name calling at this point. Like we're 6 and he has cooties. Some people still haven't figured out that if it isn't true that stuff falls on def ears and to beat the horse that won't die, when people lay out that list of "ist" words...there better be proof and it better be obvious or I'm gonna assume they have nothing useful to say and everything they say from then on will be painted with the brush of bias and feeble argument.
  25. Ugh. Be real man, at least own what you were doing. It was pretty obvious. You were sarcastically trying to make a point about the way people responded to the US/Mexico border situation by drawing a comparison with Canada. And you continue to do it in this post. If you're going to do something like that, at least be upfront about it and not try to pass it off as something else. But whatever. I guess TDS is the new hip phrase of the month. The only plausible reason to not like Trump is having TDS.
  26. Agree. I think you deliberately misinterpret tone so you can be preachy...but tomato-potato. I don't know though...the way you rode in on your white-horse dropping words that end in, it sorta seems like you white-knighted Hillary. I'd like to think we could be better too, but then someone just starts calling names. We probably could have better candidates if people voted on policy instead of "vibes." But here we are.
  27. I never once brought up Trump or the Mexican border. your TDS maybe have thought I did, but instead it was an indictment of the Canadian Immigration system and how they treat illegal immigrants who are jsut wanting a better life for themselves and their kids.... 2016 was very much a win as anyoen could really see that Trump would bring us out of the hole that Obama put us in... But I agree the whole racist, misogynist, xenophobic vibe is kind of pathetic considering his track record - lowest minority unemployment rate ever, First woman to lead a winning presidential campaign, first female head of CIA, Female leading the Dept of homelands security. And I'd still love to see something about his xenophobic attitude as well... again the TDS is strong...
  28. There are die-hard supporters on each side of this coin. Trump himself said he could murder someone in the street and some people wouldn't care. Trump supporters will always love him because "TRUMP!!!!". Hillary can GTFO though. I can't stand that cretin. She's bad, and she knows she's bad, but she gives zero f***s and knows she can get away with it.
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