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  2. So why does it blow your mind?
  3. Blows my mind knowing we didn't protect Soderberg in the draft. Understandable considering how horrible Carl was that season. But knowing today what we know, Vegas would have taken him in a heartbeat. Maybe it was Carl's evil genius plan the whole time.
  4. A REALLY cool stat: Rants and MacK are only the 3rd set of players scoring 70+ points in the first 48 in NHL history of players less than 24 years old. Other pairs include Lemieux/Brown (PIT 88-89) and Gretzky/Kurri (EDM 83-84) Note here is that Rantanen have 73 points, Lemieux had 133 and Gretzky had 146!
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  6. How crazy was the 2015 draft? Just players from the 1st round: McDavid, Eichel, Marner, Hanafin, Rants, Barzal, Connor, Chabot, Boeser. They could perhaps rival the 2003 draft as the best ever?
  7. Johansen only gets 2 games, what a joke
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  10. Wanting to see how many wants to trade our core away. You don't like the thread? Ignore it.
  11. What's the point of making this thread? OBVIOUSLY, most people would only trade MacKinnon and Landeskog for a king's ransom (if at all). You're just being a d*ck calling out grizz for some petty argument you had in another thread. Quit embarrassing yourself by making every argument so personal.
  12. Who's been SO much on fire that some STL fans wants to trade him
  13. Because he was always a decent player, and now he's getting even bigger minutes in more scoring situations (averaging 20:47 per game this year). Anyone's stats would get better playing that much time (especially on the PP - he's playing over 3:00 per game on the PP, mostly with Tarasenko).
  14. And those trade offers happen how often now? What's the point of making up insane trade offers? Why not just go all-in and suggest the best FA's sign here for league minimum?
  15. First, it's a very classless move to make an entire thread just to continue your argument from another thread and call out another person. At least link to the original discussion so people could have context. Second, EVERYONE is available for the right price. If Buffalo lost their mind and wanted to trade us Eichel and Dahlin for MacKinnon, would you say no? I'm not saying it's likely, but I will say it's short-sighted to say "no" before you even hear a trade offer.
  16. How the HELL is ROR a ppg player (45 points 16+29 in 45 games)? I guess he's going for the Selke?
  17. I wish. It'll probably be 3 based on the sad history of discipline in this league.
  18. I said defensive problems, not the primary problems of the team. I think the primary problems of the team are goaltending and secondary scoring. I actually think our defense is doing fairly well considering the struggles they are going through. We are so far average in stats throughout the league in shots against, corsi, fenwick, etc, that it really doesn't seem like defense is a large problem. Had our goalies stopped anything, we wouldn't be losing as much. Fun stat - we are .222 in 1 goal games this year. We struggle to win 1 in every 4 games that are decided by 1 goal. That's not the problem of defense, that the problem of a: not scoring goals, and b: not stopping goals. Our PK sucks, the only line that can score is 9296, and our goalies can't stop a beachball right now.
  19. For those wondering (and I know you're not), I voted no to both
  20. PIT added guys like Hornquist and Kessel LAK added Williams and Richards CHI added Sharp and Hossa WSH added Oshie You extend your core of players with signings/trades like that, you don't trade away the core in our situation.
  21. Well why didn't the Blackhawks trade Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook back in 2010 instead of firing Savard and bringing in Q? Or why didn't the Penguins trade Crosby and Malkin instead of firing Bylsma and bringing in Sullivan?
  22. No, I take the option of fixing our holes in the draft and FA (which we should have done last year) and sign a couple of great second liners, like Stone/Panarin/Skinner/Pavelski/Hayes. That team should win a series or two and attract even more FA's the year after - where Makar should be a huge part of the team making players like EJ, Yeti and Barrie expendable for trades. I don't know how to fix our goalie situation. Perhaps trade for Bob and hope he finds his game again (huge gamble)
  23. Let's see what people say, shall we @grizzlygoalie
  24. Okay so You pick option 2. The status Quo and being a Fringe playoff team....
  25. Better than trading away 2 of your best 3 players at the height (currently) of their career for picks you don't know where will end. Why should we trade them in order to pick 5th-15th in the next 2-3 drafts? Makes NO sense
  26. Thats how trades work - to get something you have to give something. Trading MacK and Lando? Lots of draft capital, another top liner and more draft capital . But hey your right - what we're doing is going great - we just need a new coach again... taht seems to solve our problems.
  27. No, since most are playing worse than Wilson (who aren't playing lights out himself). In that case, you take the 2nd/3rd and run for the hills
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