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  2. The front office deserves this. Will be difficult for them to try and build a team.
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  4. Well at least we are not missing out on a McDavid this year. checked the lottery on my phone quick while at work and it still made a crappy night even worse
  5. Sadly I paid up front for the privilege at the start of the season, so I kinda did. Maybe I should write to Sakic demanding a refund.
  6. Yay...
  7. The Avs twitter feed during the lottery was hysterical. I love whoever is running it and their sense of humour.
  8. Not surprised. It's what I expected but still disappointing.
  9. I am not surprised at all. No luck this season whatsoever
  10. This new system the NHL has in place is completely terrible. No way should a team move more than 1 spot down period.
  11. Just trade the pick now. Not even worth it.
  12. Makes sense. We suck at hockey all year and now we suck at the lottery. I am confused as to how NJ jumped up so far.
  13. What a f'in joke.
  14. Picking 4th, wtf.......
  15. Last week
  16. We'll see how long he can keep this going. They played him a lot without a great backup option this season. Not sure how long he can fight off fatigue, especially facing 40 shots and lots of pressure.
  17. Yeah, Talbot was a heck of an addition for Edmonton.
  18. Edmonton just finished taking both games from the Ducks in Anaheim. Cam Talbot pretty much singlehandedly winning this series.
  19. Ding, ding, ding. Nail, meet hammer. Exactly what I was going to comment.
  20. I'm not sure why she's troubled. He's a private citizen, who isn't running for office let him make all he can as long as he is legally. Now if he was taking donations for time in front of say a POTUS or SecState or something that be different. But as far as I can tell Obama is out of politics officially for not at least.
  21. Booo!! comcast had an outage from 2 minutes into the Rangers game until atleast 9pm in my town last night so i missed all of the rangers game and whatever one was after. watching after the fact just doesn't make it fun...
  22. Allow players to grab and hold going into the boards, you can bring back the "old rules" and still call it tight in open ice. They didn't chage them after all just told the stripes to get more strict in enforcing them. (phoenix - go ahead and quote the 2 above, curious what A03s thoughts are)
  23. Add into the equation of the players. playing at a high level most of the players in any league know the tests since they're tested after almost every head shot now and can recite the answers and perform the physical tests by memory/muscle memory. Just listening to sports radio in denver Al Wilson has admitted to doing it multiple times in the NFL as have other retired players they've had on from the NBA and NHL. And thats why you have the perception that the league cares about the stars more as well with Crosby and how they kept him out for his safty but a player like say wide man(comes to mind because the ref is sueing) was able to play. If your fighting for a roster spot your going to do everything you can to stay on the ice/field to keep that paycheck coming for your family. Another great example is Joe Thomas: And why is he okay with dealing with memory loss already?"To be able to live the lifestyle and provide for my family the way that football has been able to do, to me it's a trade-off that I'm willing to accept."" And I think that is true for most athletes to play the game they love, and espically for pros with millions on the table for their family. after all making 4 million might sound like alot to us, but consider its expected to cost a millon bucks to send my kid to college for a 4 year degree at a half decent school. and it shows is kids and grand kids really arent "set for life"
  24. Ironically fighting helps prevent head injuries in some ways. Players are less likely to be running around careless if they know they'll get punched in the face for a dirty hit. The real problem is the wide open play since the crack down on holding and interference, and the removal of the two-line pass. It's more exciting for fans, but it also means the average hit happens at higher speeds and more likely to be unexpected. I don't really know the best plan to curb head injuries without making the game slower and more boring.
  25. Eh sports is entertainment. if fans aren't please and don't show up the team folds(unlikely) or moves, need an example? look at the NFL the last 2 years. NHL isn't a charity, the teams need to show a profit some how(either by taking a tax write off loss and show profits somewhere else - like the arena if the ownership is the same)
  26. Historically, probably not. But I think that had much more to do with lagging medical research and the fact we really didn't know much about concussions until somewhat recently rather than intentional negligence on the part of the NHL.
  27. Agreed. If it was exclusively fighting - there'd be no concussion issues in the lower leagues where fighting doesn't exist. Being an enforcer in today's game as well as in the past means so much more than fighting. That being said, I don't think the league has historically cared for its players and concussion issues enough - Boogaard is always given as a local example since he was prescribed so many drugs by so many doctors in an almost unchecked way. It's strange that Bettman blows off concussions as nothing since Crosby has had so many.
  28. Not sure I really agree that banning fighting will somehow reduce head injuries. I'd say the overwhelming majority of concussions in today's version of the sport come from headshot checks, for which banning fighting would do absolutely nothing to curb.
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