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  2. EJ was seen with his left arm wrapped up. More to come.
  3. In the context it was used, yup, it was horrifying.
  4. It is all about context. Basketball isn't a bad word, no. But to use it to stereotype someone based on their ethnicity/race then yes it is bad - and football would probably be bad too. I don't know about the number of African American's playing those sports comparatively speaking.
  5. Am I the only one that thinks "basketball" aren't a bad word? I mean, I get the idea behind it and all, but still... Would "football" be just as bad?
  6. It's not in the Bill of Rights.
  8. Very sad that our kids grow up thinking things like this are normal things to think. I have 3 young daughters and the stuff I have to teach them as they grow up is scary - like active shooter stuff and keeping themselves safe from sexual abuse. Kids should just be able to be kids.
  9. Our unemployment is just around 5% - we can use those extra hands
  10. There probably needs to be some sort of government sponsored work for them. Otherwise, if those immigrants come in and start taking jobs away from the locals, that would anger the locals for taking all their jobs away. I applaud your country to taking in so many immigrants but they didn't plan ahead enough and it's biting them now. Too many people with too many problems and the government resources are too small to do much about it at this point. I don't know how you go about fixing it except for time.
  11. During the war, you'd hope someone would take a grenade for you (and many did). But that was war and this is everyday life. Those thoughts are not something a 10-year old should have - ever!
  12. If you get immigrants into your country, how big of a transision period would you allow before those people have to start giving back to the community either by working or getting educated? We just had a story from one of the Danish ghettos where 17 Somalian women have a group. They are all on benefits, noone speaks the language, noone works or is even close to start working. One of them have been here 19 years and by her account, she's had a job for about 1 year out of those 19 years. So what good are those kinds of people to a society?
  13. PS. The link above is legit. As many know, I'm unable to embed posts from twitter to these boards.
  14. Not sure how true this is but this is the reality I'm worried the youngest generation are growing up in.
  15. We have to cut down on our budgets here in Denmark. But spindoctors now get extra bonuses, up to around 15K USD per year on top of their pay. Our Prime Ministers spindoctor has a yearly pay of 181K USD - and then, he gets the bonuses. Disgusting! We have elderly people who can't be transported to/from the hospital because we have to cut down on expenses - and then, the spindoctors get BONUSES?!?
  16. It would be smarter for every student to join the NRA and force them to change their priorities from the inside. Walking out of school might play well on the news, but it won't actually change anything.
  17. Love this. I hope more and more schools, teachers, students, etc., decide to do the same. I mean honestly, what's the point of going anymore? None of the students feel safe. The younger generation that has to grow up with the constant threat of being shot in schools, concerts, clubs, theaters, stadiums, subways, anywhere and everywhere, will be the ones that's force gun policies. The future can't get here soon enough.
  18. Oh great so now Bernier will be out for the remainder of the season and Varly will start the remaining games of the season.
  19. Last week
  21. However, Bernier is going through concussion protocols. Sounds like that hit to his head was a lot worse than originally thought. Hammond to the rescue.
  22. I have no abilities Other than being able to watch Avs hockey for an incredible time being 8 hours ahead. I think that's my super power.
  23. Don't be holding out on us if you have this ability.
  24. I'm confident you will not be dissapointed.
  25. Good. Let's hope he is the MVP we think he is.
  26. Per Colorado Facebook page and Dater: MacK is back tommorow
  27. So shall we make the police go on about other business while you are there?
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