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  2. There's a thread for politics talk Grizz I have little black mystery worms eating a couple of my plants. Not impressed. Leave me alone bugs!
  3. We have only watched the first episode of Saul this season. We got distracted by too many other shows. We need to catch up!
  4. When Ginsburg sides with Trump it becomes obvious the 9th circurt needs to be broken up as they're playing politics and not doing their job of being by the law, America just keeps Winning!
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  6. Feel the Bern, We have another private college that had to close because of corruption at the highest levels, just so happens that a Socialists wife(one would assume she is as well but with out her saying as much its assumed) took on to much debit for the college while running it(while making millions themselves) and royally screwing over students.
  7. Well, at least they need Toronto to be prompt to stop the game if they see something that needs an obvious challenge. There's not really one solution that will solve every eventuality (until we get the robot refs who never miss a call).
  8. What they should do is just change it so once 30 seconds of play passes you can't challange. this way we're not replaying the last 5 minutes of the game. Yea the losing culture has taken him over. he seems to have quit on 2 teams this year
  9. I assume you mean the very end of that season? Yeah, I can't say I was 100% surprised, but it's still a pretty huge turning point for the show.
  10. Regarding Saul: WOAH
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yeah he scored a pretty breakaway goal. But that was it for points. He had some nice chances and wasn't completely invisible on the ice, but he certainly lacked his normal spark when playing for Canada. He didn't shake off the dismal season like Mack and Barrie (until he was injured).
  13. Not sure I would say they focused more on D this year but they did draft D higher this year. Here's some interesting tidbits. Avalanche have drafted 61 defensemen over their history. (Dallas 54 and Nashville 58) Of those 61, 35 never played a professional game. (Dallas 36 and Nashville 37) 12 players have played 50 games or more over their careers. (Dallas 13 and Nashville 14 played over 50 games) Of the 12, 8 played 50 games or more just for the Avalanche (didn't calculate for Dallas or Nash) 8 players played more than 300 games. (Dallas 5 and Nashville 10)In However, 2 of the 8 never played a game for the Avalanche so only 6 have played over 300 games for the Avalanche In 2012 we drafted zero defenseman. 3 times we drafted only 1. 3 times we drafted 5 players. Best year was probably 2000. We drafted 5 players which included John M Liles and Kurt Sauer. Together they played 676 games for us. Worst year was probably 2002. We drafted 5 players including Johnny Boychuck and Tom Gilbert who both combined for 1,184 games played. Only 4 were for the Avs. 2013 was the only other year we drafted 5 guys. Chris Bigras has played 31 games. The defenseman with the longest career to date was Robyn Regehr who played 1,090 games. However, none of his games played were for the Avalanche We have drafted defensemen 7 times in the 1st round. Their stats are: 1996 Peter Ratchuk #25 - 0 Games played for the Avalanche - 32 NHL games played 1997 Kevin Grimes #26 - 0 NHL Games Played 1998 Martin Skoula #17 - 383 Avalanche games - 776 Career games 1998 Robyn Regehr #19 - 0 Games Avalanche - 1,090 Career games - Traded for Theoren Fleury 2007 Kevin Shattenkirk #14 - 46 Games Avs - 490 Career games and counting 2011 Duncan Siemens #11 - 4 Games played 2017 Cale Makar
  14. And being paired with good players.
  15. Oh I forgot about that completely. He had what, 1 point in like 9 games? Against less than competitive competition in lots of cases too.
  16. Duchene's play at the World Championship has me concerned. Very unlike him in international hockey tournaments.
  17. That pretty describes the entire organization lately, from top to bottom. Personally I have a hard time pinning anything on a singular player (that has shown he can do much better) under those circumstances.
  18. I like they focused on D this draft.
  19. Last week
  20. With all our draft picks of college people I really hope this upcoming CBA closes that loophole that allows a player to walk.
  21. His value, his heart, his effort have all dropped. Sakic is probably now overvaluing him. GMs last year said the price was too high and again it seems too high this off-season. I personally feel Duchene loses value the more we hold on to him unless he magically goes insane this year, but it's not gonna happen.
  22. His nickname needs to be ice
  23. The #Avs select Dennis Smirnov from Penn State with the 156th pick. #NHLDraft
  24. Side note on Kvaca Second year in a row the Avalanche have selected an overage European goaltender. Last year, Werner. This year, Kvaca. Some good news for Avs fans regarding Petr Kvaca. He was the 2nd Czech League Championship & put up good numbers so promise there? Made incredible progress this season. Great speed, glove. Almost pushed his team into Top Division just himself. NHL potential for sure.
  25. And at 125, we take center Igor Shvyrev.
  26. Right wing Nick Henry And then Avs go off board and take Petr Kvaca. A Czech goalie.
  27. Hamonic and a 4th to Calgary for a 1st and 2 2nds.
  28. As much as I think they need to move Duchene, I am ok with Sakic waiting for the right offer. I think his earlier asking price of a top 4 D, top D prospect and a 1st rounder was a little high and he should back down from that especially if the rumors are true of Duchene's value dropping after people think he gave up on the team last season.
  29. So that's 2 picks now that have been invited to Canadas WJC team camp to play D there.
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