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  3. Dater: Nemeth will practice tomorrow
  4. Lindholm in for Nemeth.
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  6. So does everyone remember the Womans right marchers after Trump was elected? Wonder where those marches are going to take place protesting the sexual abuse that appears to be rampant in Hollywood?
  7. Jost likely to play tomorrow night. Nemeth flew back to Denver. Hurt his shoulder in his fight.
  8. Hard to say right now as last night was only his 3rd NHL game. He's posted .920, .921, .917 and .911 in the AHL so the potential is there.
  9. Kinda blows up the idea that Trump is dragging his feet and making Americans suffer. Maybe the Mayor of San Juan would know if she showed up to meetings about recovery efforts instead of grabbing face time on CNN?
  10. True, but just don't see him with the potential of Picks, see him as a career 1B type, that can carry a full season or long stretchs - or atleast he hasn't shown it yet.
  11. Subban steps in and gets a win. Guess if that keeps happening, they probably won't mind.
  12. Wonder if vegas is kicking themselves for letting Picks go now with Flurey out with a possible concussion.
  13. We should hire color blind refs.
  14. forgot which team's jersey MacKinnon was wearing.
  15. Especially when EJ was called for a penalty after it was determined Palmieri was injured after a clean hit gone wrong because Pal tried to avoid the shoulder check. Refs got both wrong. EJ's was clean and shouldn't have been penalized and the stick against Mack should have been called and they didn't. But not much they can do. Refs need to be held accountable more.
  16. HOW that wasn't a penalty (OR a suspension?!?) is beyond me!
  17. yeah, i am quite certain that will happen...
  18. The last time we had a 3-game winning streak: March 20th 2016
  19. Well whatever you do, don't change that. If you reactive it and then they start losing, we'll never forgive you.
  20. ... I hate this franchise... after a decade of spending on subscriptions to watch failure, they start to play exciting hockey the day I cancel it?
  21. Night and day difference from last season. So much good hockey being played. however...they need to get more success on the PP. Special teams are still their weakness. But So much fun to watch again. And both goalies are awesome.
  22. And yet the gun grabbers don't want to do that and go through the process the founding fathers set to actually amend the constitution. ....
  23. Though the purpose of a constituion is to protect its citizen - from each other as much as from the state. Also constitutions are changing all over the world. They were never set in stone. Sometimes its the interpretation that changes, sometime the constituions themselves. Don't know why Americans hold so dearly to the constitution and the founding fathers as if they were the only unfailable people in this world. Its absolutely ok to check it every couple hundreds of years if it matches the reality of the world we are living.
  24. Don't fix what ain't broke?
  25. The first 10 amendments are known as the "Bill of Rights". They were required additions to the Constitution prior to it being ratified. So, while you're correct in the notion that they are referred to as "amendments", they've been there since the founding of the country.
  26. I think Nieto would be a liability on that line. Landy and Compher have been eating up the most difficult defensive minutes. Lando has 12.5% zone start percentage and Compher has a 9.52%! That's 9 faceoffs they take in the D-zone, for every 1 faceoff in the O-zone! This is an incredible stat at this point for those two guys. Makes me appreciate Compher's contributions even more. No doubt in my mind that Wilson is much more suited for this role. Nieto has the team's highest ZS% at 66.7%, up to this point.
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