Avs Board Rules




1. This is the official home site of the Colorado Avalanche. If you are a fan of an NHL Team other than the Colorado Avalanche you will respect the fact that the home team fans have a right to a forum free of ridicule and harassment from opposing team’s fans. This Forum is Avs Talk. There will be a zero tolerance for violators of this rule of respect for the home team and its fan base. Violators will receive warnings, a suspension or permanent banning.

2. Respect others when posting on this board or sending a private message. Poor conduct such as vulgar language, personal attacks or posting with antagonistic intent will not be permitted.  Determination of conduct is up to moderator discretion.  You will express your opinions in a well thought manner and must add something of substance to the discussion or you will be warned, suspended or banned.

3. When starting a new thread be sure that a thread of similar content does not already exist, also be sure to place your thread in the correct forum. Failing to put forth these efforts will lead to warnings, suspension or possibly a ban.

4. This is a family oriented site with many young members and visitors. This board is not an appropriate place for sexually suggestive or explicit, extreme violence, hateful, vulgar, and drug and alcohol related discussions. Explicit language and intentionally bypassing word censors will result in a warning, suspension or permanent ban of the offender.

5. Do not post or link spam on this board. There will be no selling or advertising of any kind on this board. By doing so you will be warned, suspended or banned.

6. You will respect the privacy of players/management and their families. Discussions about players or management that have nothing to do with hockey will not be permitted. Player’s looks or your personal desires for players are not to be discussed here on this board. This includes user names. Violators will be warned, suspended or banned.

7. Sharing or discussing information about illegal acts such as piracy, illegally broadcast games, etc. will not be permitted. Violators will be warned, suspended or banned.

8. Signature size will not exceed 500 pixels width x 150 pixels height and shall not be any larger than 150k bytes. Use of more than one signature at a time is not permitted. Avatars will not exceed 90 X 90 pixels and must be under 6 KB. Violators will be warned, suspended or banned.

9. You should report rule violations to the Administrators or Moderators using report feature or through private message. Posting “IBTL” (in before the lock), lock and ban, or jr. moderating will result in warnings, suspension or possibly a ban.

10. If you have concerns about Moderating decisions do not address your concerns on the board, address them through private message only. Violators will be warned, suspended or banned.

These rules are here for a purpose. If you cannot abide by these rules you will be warned suspended or banned and that decision will not be negotiable. These rules apply to all members and no one will be exempt. Go Avs Go!


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