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    Can I make a suggestion? Since we only have like 3 active threads on these boards now, why don't we make a separate "politics" thread. This thread has become anything but random, it's almost exclusively a liberal vs. conservative clusterf**k now, and it's not really a place where I want to spend my time anymore.
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    You're still doing it. You said Jen was right and then you went back to what Jen called you out for. It lasted for about 12 characters of your reply. And you're still only seeing half of what is happening in the world around you.
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    Ok stop. The hate is everywhere!!! Hate has no boundaries and does not take sides. You seem to enjoy ignoring all the Democrats who were horrified by Kathy Griffith's "art". And all the Demoncrats who are angry and upset over yesterday's shooting. You could be said to be spreading hatred yourself with your constant anti-Democrat rhetoric. Why does everything have to be about sides????
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    This I guess is where partisan lines cause people to see and/or read into a situation differently. Lynch asking Comey to not refer to an investigation as an investigation publicly is not obstruction of justice. There was no attempt to shut the investigation down or obstruct the pursuit of the truth by the FBI, just an attempt to save public face. I think asking him to do that was wrong but I don't think there is an ounce of an attempt to obstruct justice. Here is the definition of obstruction of justice. Lynch did none of that. The Trump one is more blurry in my opinion. What he did was unacceptable (removing other peers from the room) and even discussing directly with Comey was not right and could be construed as intimidation - the biggest question here though is whether there was corrupt intent in his 'hope' that the investigation goes away. I don't know if anyone can truly know that. The interesting thing about the definition above is that it does not explicitly state there must be an order to do something, if he endeavored to influence Comey then that by the letter of the law is obstruction. I personally am unsure, I am not a legal scholar by any means but I would say comparing Lynch to Trump at this point is really reaching and not comparing apples with apples.
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    I want to give Bednar a full season with his own staff but I would love to have Tippett behind our bench as well. Why couldn't this have happened last season?
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    ...that's not an option as it isn't about discussing things for him, but about provoking those with contradicting opinions. Posting here his attacks against the left gets him more attention then in the other thread that is probably ignored by most.
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    Sounds like your Wednesday is trying to be a Monday!
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    There was a bat signal lit in LA to honor Adam West!!! https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/jun/16/bat-signal-lights-up-the-sky-over-los-angeles-in-a-tribute-to-adam-west
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    Lest we forget Dustin Penner and his wife's infamous pancakes.
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    Jen, that's not as embarrassing as injuring your hand with a snow blower!
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    Antifa is NOT the same as liberal. So why does it matter for left or democrat or liberal politics? No one here should be responsible for defending their actions just like no one here should be responsible for defending the KKK. Black only spaces are not the same thing as segregation. That one requires a history lesson. And BLM has been discussed here already. What KG did was not new. There was "art" like that featuring Obama. It's not one sided politically. To suggest is short sided. Just like suggesting all of the hatred in this country is coming from one political party.
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    Multiple people on both sides of the aisle have suggested that he never truly wanted the job. And he's definitely lamented it since the election. Maybe he's -- unconsciously or not -- self destructing.
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    More evidence that cats are the most pointless beings on Earth.
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    As much as I think they need to move Duchene, I am ok with Sakic waiting for the right offer. I think his earlier asking price of a top 4 D, top D prospect and a 1st rounder was a little high and he should back down from that especially if the rumors are true of Duchene's value dropping after people think he gave up on the team last season.
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    Bring me Hanifin, damn it!
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    Anyone who's seen "The Wire" knows that Baltimore isn't a tourist destination. Any other advice we need to know from old HBO shows? How about the fact that some Italians are actually part of an organized crime family?
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    Touche. Apparently they don't understand eminent domain.
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    Bees = no problem Wasps = screw that + I installed garage doors to put myself through college. I was installing a new door in a old detached garage. As I was putting in the top panel, I kept hearing thumps on the panel, like a kid was shooting an Airsoft at it. Well come to find out, there were multiple wasps nests in the garage and I had just blocked off their main 'highway' in and out of the garage. So for most of the install, wasps were ramming themselves into the garage door, then would get confused and pissed and seeing that I was the only other 'thing' in the garage, to them, it was obviously my fault. One wasp hit the door and immediately flew into my face, I jumped off my 6' stepladder so fast, tools and bolts went rainbowing out of my tool belt. Little to say, that was one of the longest installs ever, and I must have killed more than 40 wasps with my lubrication spray (which surprisingly works just as well as wasp killer). Oh, good times!
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    Big trade =/= smart trade. Turning them down might have been the smartest thing we could have done. Without more details it's impossible to say. I'm not saying the Avs have earned the benefit of the doubt, but let's not make blind assumptions.
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    I really dislike the C on the top of the shoulder and I miss the foote, but once again the Avs have my favorite jersey in this league. Honestly the only jersey I disliked was the previous blue 3rd that came before last season. Nice to see them going back to the old design, though I really liked the clean one we had in the meantime.
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    Sure, I always get mistaken for a women on the phone anyways. I'm used to it by now.
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    Record sea ice extents (in the Antarctic) are a major piece of evidence of global warming.
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    Well we are in the "cone" of the first potential tropical storm to impact the US this year which might be "Cindy" within 24-hrs. Always amazing to see the media here freak out about it when this happens at least every other year (weak tropical system coming near the city). We might see a bunch of rain and some rather lighter winds (20-30 mph) or we might see nothing but hot dry winds pulled off the continental shelf by the storm rotation as it goes into Louisiana. I think I will have some fun with some of our interns though and ask them if they have their hurricane kits and evacuation plans ready
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    Who would they rather have from us? Maybe Grigorenko, but I doubt it. If this is like a normal draft, you take the best player available, and the best Av available is Pickard.
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    Maybe Vegas will take the gamble (pardon the pun) on Grigs. The talent is the he just hasn't put it together. I probably would've protected him over Comeau.
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    I actually tend to agree. That's why just mildly surprised...Ahl success doesn't always transfer to the NHL, especially for the guys that don't have the size. I suppose the more recent successes of guys like Ty Jo and Johnny Hockey has started to shift the overall perception of these players. Honestly, I hope Rocco gets a good shot this year. He's still got the potential to be a solid player.
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    No. It's a politics free zone. Not everyone wants to read political back and forth day after day. We now have a thread for those discussions to take place. Please make use of it
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    You can't teach any dogs new tricks if they have their paws in their ears and are screaming "snowflakes, liberals, etc" at the top of their lungs. Try to get that visual out of your head now. If people stopped responding to grizz, eventually he'd get bored and move on. But somehow he keeps getting people to take the bait. Just keep in mind that he's nobody...some random person on the internet who wouldn't even have an audience for his hate except that you keep willingly participating in that audience.
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    Same here. Both sides are full of terrible people.
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    I ask this for what feels like the 1000th time: why the hell do people keep responding to grizzlygoalie? Do you really thing anything you say to him is getting through? It's like watching 2 intelligent women in academia argue with a wall covered in right-wing graffiti. I honestly feel sorry for you both that you can't just ignore and let go of this mind-numbingly stupid battle of rhetoric.
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    I'll take $100 on Nessie
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    Probably Guentzel is the most deserving. 13 goals in the playoffs (Malkin the next best with 10), and he set a rookie record for GWG (5). When they needed a big goal, he was the man. A lot of Crosby's points were secondary assists, and sometimes that's dubious about how important that assist even was. He was given the Conn Smythe because long ago the NHL anointed him the savior of the league and they have to keep up that narrative until McDavid is ready to take over. As long as Lucic isn't still playing in Edmonton when they get good, they'll be more tolerable than Pittsburgh.
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    Definitely NSFW language but it's pretty great. I wanna shake the guys hand and buy him a beer.
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    Sickening Vomit inducing Empty
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    Good riddance to one of the worst hockey seasons ever. Bring on 2017/18
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    Bettman wins - hockey loses
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    It's almost as if he's trying to see how far he can go before getting impeached. He's got away with so much crap that would destroy most politicians, it's like now he's just pushing to see where the line actually is (if it even exists for him). Not exactly a role model for how you want people to act.
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    thats the thing I hate about the challange stuff. they should limit it to 15 seconds before or a change in possession - which ever happens cloest to the goal.
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    Read the science magazine piece I posted. You're making an old and tired argument that scientists waste money. http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2012/11/does-scientific-research-need-purpose
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    Again that's how science is different. There is no end product or goal in mind often. Research for the sake of science results in cancer treatments, vaccines and marketable technologies. It's been that way for centuries. It's why science needs to be free of politics. http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2012/11/does-scientific-research-need-purpose