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    It does fit the narrative actually, because the majority of the forests that are regrowing are as a result of direct or indirect human intervention to do just that. You see that forests are regrowing and use that to attempt to debunk that humans are killing the planet, but it actually proves that humans have been killing the planet - but that they are trying to rectify that. China specifically intends to replant ~400million hectares of forest by 2050. Humans cause global warming, but at last some people are trying to do something about it. Amazon deforestation has fallen by ~80% as a result of the Brazilian government monitoring and protecting its forests. If humans were not killing the planet, why would they bother taking such drastic measures to ensure the regrowth of the forests it has destroyed over the last few decades?
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    So here some advice someone close to me got for a similar situation - Always keep in mind its not your duty to help a addict out of his situation, its his/her life and his/her responsability. Sounds harsh, but the person is the addicts daughter and the advice came from the family doctor, who was still trying to help the parent. The idea behind this advice is to keep an eye on yourself and don't let it drag you down. Its about staying healthy to be able to help out instead of spiralling down yourself with the person that has the sickness. At the end of the day addicts have to ask for help and want it or there is nothing you can do. Until they don't understand this simple truth there is nothing someone else can do beside standing by and watch for emergencies. That's the hard part. Finding the right balance between being a source of stability and help, without getting dragged into it. There has to be a certain emotional distance. Make sure you find help for yourself as well. Don't think that the addict has the big problem and therefore he/she needs all the attention. They typically have there hands full with themselves and can't understand how they impact others. Their problems tend to be as hard on the people close to them. So take your own health, state of mind and problems seriously. Don't underestimate the effect on your life and don't shy away looking for help to prepare yourself for what lies ahead of you. If you cope with your situation you probably might be able to help your father as well (at least as much as he lets you). Best of luck, man.
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    https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/democrats-vs-trump/democrats-strip-super-delegates-power-reform-caucuses-historic-move-n903866 Whoa. Good news.
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    It's all childish. This is basically what happened in animation form.
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    I have found the burning of Nike's particularly amusing/pointless. You just burned your own property. That's like getting a mortgage with Well's Fargo, then getting annoyed with their account scandal, and burning down your house.
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    I'm going to respectfully disagree. How many "thin blue line" flags have color other than black, blue and white? If you do an image search you get maybe 1 or 2 in hundreds that have any red in them. I think we'd hear a lot more positive/supporter stuff about the police from Trump if he was such an avid supporter to color a thin blue line flag at a school, in reality he rarely mentions them. I think it is actually far more likely that he genuinely either messed up, or was just coloring whatever mindlessly. Edit: Also the blue line is clearly in the wrong place if we want to get super technical about it.
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    Yea, it's a bummer. He was a good guy. He had a ton of good things to say and I'd like to offer two more. "We are Americans first, Americans last, Americans always. Let us argue our differences. But remember we are not enemies..." “I hope we can again rely on humility, on our need to cooperate, on our dependence on each other to learn how to trust each other again and by so doing better serve the people who elected us. Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the internet. To hell with them. They don’t want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood."
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    I agree. No s*** slinging, just matter of fact. 'That was offensive' 'Sorry, my bad' 'Cool'
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    Agreed that Lack of evidence means it can't necessarily lead to a criminal conviction. But lack of evidence does not mean it did not happen. Does it? Is it not possible he tried rape her and no one else saw it happen? By now any physical evidence would have disappeared. But it still could have happened and she still might be telling the truth. A crime still may have taken place.
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    How do you know they are baseless? Holes in a story doesn't mean it didn't happen. At this point we don't know who is telling the truth. Her unwillingness to testify again doesn't automatically mean she is lying. She may have personal reasons for not being able to do so, or wanting to do so. I'm not saying she does, I'm not saying she is telling the truth. But you don't know yet, you think you know, but no one knows yet except those involved and they both have conflicting stories. And yea, you should keep digging until you prove something either did or didn't happen - that is how the law works. If I accused you of assaulting me, that would get investigated would it not? Or because I was drunk, or my memory is hazy it doesn't count because I am making baseless claims and am an alcoholic and you should sue me because how dare I make an accusation.
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    She should be afforded the same 'innocent until proven guilty' right that you have automatically given him. Sure, her story may have holes in it - but that doesn't automatically mean she is lying. Why not wait until the truth comes out before saying you'd do it differently, or he should sue her for all she's worth. If it turns out to be true, should she then sue people (like you - not you personally) who are slandering her right now?
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    Yep. And for what it's worth anyone who claims they would act, or remember, differently but has never been in that situation doesn't know what they are talking about. How can you possibly know how you'd react to something so devastating? Typical ignorant non-victim male reaction. Imagine feeling violated, abused, ashamed, embarrassed, taken advantage of, broken, used, ruined... then tell me you'd definitely say something or remember a face or name.
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    Its right out of the DNC playbook. you can't beat them on idea's attack them personally. and destroy them.
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    1) if I was being abused, I'd remember the people doing it... I'd also think there would be alteast 1 person at a party would would have seen it there too, I'd also remember why I was there and with who- because People tend to remember these horrible things. 2) Like a Federal Judge? Going through that nomination process? Or being in a presidential administration? 3) You would think, but it seems we have example after example of this happening. people "coming out" to "tell their story" for good amounts of money in their book deals 4) again. 1 ounce of evidence would be nice. and if she is to be believed. why did Feinstine sit on the letter she had about it from July? Should we not be going after her then for trying to keep this woman quite? I have a story to tell... but need a book deal first...
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    https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-top-10-players-in-central-division/c-300081076 Guess who's #1
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    Maybe we should start a food thread....and make it as popular as this one. Then we can stop talking politics and start talking about things that matter.
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    Burger racist! Stop trying to keep the meat-a-vores down! Down with tofu...except in stir-fry.
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    I like In N Out, but I'd put 5-Guys above them too. I'd add Freddy's to the mix, but I'm not sure if they're out East yet. I think my favorite is probably Smash Burger though (arguably fast casual).
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    Bergeron is 33 and signed for 4 more years. Kessel is 30 and signed for 4 more years. You still don't think those are appropriate comparisons? That's just what the league is willing to pay for a proven perennial 30+ goal scorer. I'm not saying it's smart...all of those deals have the potential to screw over their team if the player declines quickly or gets injury prone. But you laughed as if that was a horrible deal, when in reality it's pretty spot on. Plus, it's not as if Vegas is hurting for Cap space right now. It'll be another few years before they have enough bad deals to really struggle to get guys under the Cap. They'll survive this deal. Also, Pacioretty is a left wing, not a center. Vegas identified their 2nd line as the main weakness last season, and now they've shored it up with Stastny and Pacioretty. Pretty smart moves on their part, so long as injuries don't bite them too hard.
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    Solid article. I can't really fault what she says. This line in particular stands out:
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    Prior to last year, he had 4 consecutive seasons over 30 goals. 5 in a row if you ignore the lockout-shortened season. That's some pretty elite goal scoring consistency for this league. Up there with Bergeron ($6.875M) and Kessel ($6.8M). So it's not really that much overpayment.
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    All of those are discretionary calls. The chair umpire has too much leeway to ignore the infraction, issue warnings, or take points or even games. Which makes those decisions too susceptible to emotional biases. The first one was BS. All coaches get animated and make gestures from time to time, it doesn't fall within the letter of the law for "coaching", especially since Serena wasn't even looking that way at the time. This one definitely put her on tilt because she was basically being accused of cheating, something she takes very seriously. That set the stage for everything else. The "racquet abuse" point penalty should have been a warning. She didn't damage the playing surface or endanger any of the staff or her opponent, so it shouldn't have risen to actually taking a point. If it had only been a warning, then I seriously doubt the final altercation would have happened. I'm not trying to say Serena is without fault here. She handled the situation poorly, especially near the end. But a half-decent chair umpire would have solved the whole problem without escalating things into a shouting match and getting the crowd riled up. If Serena gets a huge fine (which is likely) than Ramos should be facing discipline too for how he handled the situation. That was an embarrassment.
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    Nice and thank you again for keeping us updated.
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    Kaut playing himself off the team early. Just kidding. Kill this!
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    Heard was a bit of a head case ...
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    I think it's how they are. What is the expression? You can take the girl (or guy) out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl (or guy). Like I've said countless times here already: I wouldn't assume that I could go to another country (with another religion) and expect to behave exactly like I do now.
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    Yep. Apple and Sony appreciate your data and they assure you they'll only use it to sell you more stuff. Most modems and routers can be configured to run a VPN if you know what you're doing, so that all traffic through them is routed through the VPN server. That also makes it so your internet provider can't spy on your traffic (Comcast is notorious for this). It does slow your connection down (anywhere from 2-20%, depending on what server you're going through), and if you're a gamer your ping/lag will go way up (because the data is being routed further) when you're on a VPN. But it's more secure.
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    haha you think a VPN keeps the govt out of your life! The VPN IS the tracking bug!
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    That's actually a great idea, since the All-Star game is a joke anyway and most guys are only going half speed then, they'd still make him look like a fool. They could play the 3v3 format but have him be the 4th skater on the ice...and he'd end up being more of a liability for whatever team he was on. I've skated with Bryan Rust before he joined the NHL. I can tell that there's a vast difference between my amateur skating and his professional skating. Even if I trained hard for a decade, I don't think there's any way I'd be good enough to defend someone like that. Not that I'm an elite athlete, but I'm definitely more athletic than the average person. Even some of the top amateur players wouldn't stand a chance against NHLers...and most of them have been skating their whole life. If it were just about beating an NHLer in a skating race, I might say he has a shot. That only depends on learning the technique of going forwards quickly. But playing the game of hockey is about soooo much more that you have to do unconsciously. You can't be thinking about your crossovers while trying to defend. It has to be 100% natural movement. There's no way to attain that level of skating in 6 months...probably not even 6 years, even for the most elite athletes on the planet.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure of all the major sports, hockey is the hardest. The ice surface alone makes it very unnatural unless you grew up with skates on. Even the slowest NHL skaters can skate circles around guys who have been playing hockey for many years. It's just a whole different level. And that's before you even put a stick in his hand or try to teach him any systems or strategy. Another issue would be conditioning....playing a few seconds per down in the NFL is completely different than having 40-60 second shifts in the NHL. On average there's only like 15 minutes of actual action in NFL games, and half of that time he'd be sitting on the bench while the offense is on the field. If he had to play 15-20 minutes of ice time, especially with skating being pretty unnatural to him, he'd be dying out there. Even a glacially slow NHL skater would cruise around him like he was standing still. I'd seriously love to see him try. But I think an NHL player would have a much better chance of cracking the lineup of an NFL team that the other way around. At least they wouldn't have to re-learn how to simply get around the playing surface.
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    but those big mean capitalists are now why gas is so expensive for Venezuela and why they're economy is crumbling.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/zina-bash-woman-behind-judge-kavanaugh-supreme-court-confirmation-accused-flashing-white-power-hand-gesture-223807809.html and we have a winner in the circle game...
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    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/conoco-waiting-venezuela-pay-2-151521163.html Who woulda thunk a Socialist society that can't pay its bills after having to steal peoples property....
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    Or just trade them to OTT or BUF
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    Someone should face the consequences of their actions if they are ilelgal - be it jail to to a ticket and fine, if its what the law says, it should be the punishment, regardless of race, religion, sex, age, ect. and are you not blaming the vicitim of a crime for the actions against them? The Immigrant should face the same punishment for the same crime. they shouldn't get it worse or easier(as it appears was the case from the limited video)
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    https://www.thelocal.dk/20160407/denmarks-spitting-man-accepts-racism-fine This guy, in Denmark, spat at/on some immigrants and got fined due to racism. Not arrested for spitting. But an immigrant should be?
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    Someone should be locked up for spitting? No wonder this country has the highest level of incarceration in the world. I'm done with this conversation if you are trying to put words in my mouth that women deserve to be raped. Absolutely ridiculous.
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    Its not just about what he is wearing, it is how he is wearing it, why he is wearing it, where he is wearing it, the fact he turned up to "protest" with a full camera crew - clearly an act of provocation. He got what he wanted. The spitting is gross, the aggression is unnecessary, but he poked the bear and then acts like he was just minding his business doing nothing. He went there deliberately to make a point. He was trying to demonize immigrants by provoking them on camera. Looks like you two lapped it up. I'd love to see your reactions if the tables were turned and an immigrant turned up in a white area and provoked the locals on camera under the guise of "protesting".
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    Not in the slightest. You are equating spitting at someone to raping someone. One is a violent, heinous violation of a person, the other is being disgusting/unsavory/a cretin. There we have it. Your prejudice has shown here, you called this place a warzone. It doesn't look much like a warzone to me, it looks more like social housing for immigrants. I don't see bombs going off, or hear gun fire. I see a bunch of people trying to go about their lives where they happen to live and some chump turns up and acts like it is a warzone by wearing a bullet proof vest to "protest" with a camera. The police didn't look afraid to me, they looked like they were keeping the peace, stopping it from escalating any further. I don't think spitting classifies as assault. It is completely gross yes, but assault? This guy turns up to protest provocatively and push buttons and then wonders why people get upset. He got what he wanted - a reaction on camera. Edit: From reading, spitting can be classified as assault, but I'd be surprised if there were more than a handful of people ever convicted of it. It is pretty minor and I'm not surprised he wasn't arrested.
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    No. I think it is bad to go somewhere like that and publicly show you're wearing a bullet proof vest - that is making a statement. He could have worn it under his shirt, instead he wears it clearly visible, even drapes his bright blue tie over the top of it. Clearly that is provocative. Remember, he chose to go there, for a reason unbeknownst to me, and to wear a visible bullet proof vest. Why? If it is that dangerous, why go at all? Does he wear a visible bullet proof vest when he goes to white/Danish neighborhoods?
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    "minding his own business" - erm, borderline. I do not condone the spitting or getting aggressive. But why was this white guy from a political party going into an area with lots of immigrants wearing a bullet proof vest. The optics of that are really bad. Clearly a provocation or making a point - and if not, then why is he there in the first place if its not safe. As for spitting not getting arrested - it is a complete scumbag thing to do, but technically is it illegal?