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    Unpopular opinion incoming...don't beat me up too bad! I'll preface by saying; Have I liked watching the recent string of losses? No. Do I think we have a garbage team and need to trade one of the top line guys for help right now? Also, No. In my honest opinion, we have to continue to be patient with what's getting built here. Contending teams aren't built overnight, and I think early success in Sakic's rebuild has accelerated some people's expectations for this year. I'd like to see this rebuild play out before we scrap it and start over again! --Right now, we have one of the best top lines in hockey, and they're going to be very productive for us for years to come if we let them. Beyond that, I think we've still got some nice complimentary players (who are still young and growing), some talent in the pipeline, and another two 1st rounders this year to add to the system. --Secondary scoring is something that will develop as we trim & add going forward. I think we need to take a serious look at fringe guys like Nieto, Andrighetto, & Borque, and ask ourselves if they really provide enough on the PK and other areas to warrant not having scored for over 1/4 of the season. Guys like Compher will continue to push them out of that icetime, and offer a whole lot more on the other side of the ice. --However, in looking at the forward pool overall, I don't think the situation is as dire as some of you guys are making it out to be. Beyond the top line, we still have Soda and Calvert next year. With Compher and Kerfoot, we are at 7 quality forwards. Say what you want about Kerfoot, I really like his creativity and his hockey sense, and given the chance, he's going to be a productive NHLer, I have little doubt. It's understandable that people are frustrated with how Jost's and Timmin's and Kamanev's development have gone so far, but it's still way too early to call the jury back on these guys. Jost just needs to mature; he's a smart kid and needs to be given a chance to settle down his game as see what he brings to camp next year. Kaut, Bowers, and Shyvrov are coming into camp next year as well. No doubt, not all of them are going to be NHLers, but you add a couple guys from your pool a year and start filling the weak links. Add in the likelihood of a free agent signing, and I don't think we're really that far from having a "contending"-caliber forward pool. --The defense is much improved already, and you're kidding yourselves if you think otherwise. Just think back to most of our recent defensive rosters....they were atrocious. And, you can throw at me all the mistakes that have lead to goals during this past stretch, and I'll show you 10 plays where we've played it perfectly. Barrie is such a unique player, and Barrie is going to be Barrie, we will deal with him when it's necessary to. It won't be necessary until the offseason, imo. I absolutely love what we've got in Zadarov and Girard. I have no doubt that these two guys' icetime will only continue to grow. And we can split top-4 ice-time next year between Johnson and Cole. We have Graves, who's been a pleasant surprise, Meloche and Makar in the pipe. This is a lot to build on, isn't it? --Lastly, Sakic did try to address the goaltending this past summer, and not everyone is going to pan out. There were a lot of people inside the organization and out, that were high on Grubauer's potential, and so it's hard to look at Sakic and blame him for that decision...that was a good gamble for what we paid, and it still may be a little early to give up on Grubs anyways. He's also in a new system, trying to figure out a faster (less defensive) style of play, and there is absolutely communication and chemistry that goes on between your goalies and defense that doesn't develop overnight. With an expiring contract, you gotta think they're at least considering moving Varly at the deadline, too, so what does that mean. Given, this is the biggest grey area for me going forward, what is the plan with goaltending? Francouz has certainly played well since coming over...(...giving 'The Rock's eyebrow raise...) Hey, I just had to add my spin of positivity, because I truly still believe that this team is on the path to perennial success and we need to stay the course for another season or two before we tear it all down!! But, I also got Burgandy and Blue colored glasses on here, I'm told. Cheers and Go Avs!!!
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    Does anybody knows what happened with the Avs in December? Its like they turned 180 for whatever reason and can`t snap out of it. I am just puzzled. They started like a pros but were really bad in December and January (with February not looking much different). There were a few games where they did play there hearts out ( WNPG, CGR) but otherwise there is no heart in the game, they just skate around like zombies. Why? What happened? Did somebody told them not to play the whole 60 minutes every game? Its just weird to have such a talented team and not producing. What happened with our power play, we were in front, now we can`t score on one. I understand that teams go through tough times here and there, but it is over 2 months now, isn`t it time to snap out of it already? God I miss the team from October and November when they played a great hockey!!! Now last two road games showed some potentials, in WSH they played for 40 minutes and in NYI 45 minutes and we got at least a point from each game, so I am not completely giving up on them, but they need to show up every game now. It is the final push for post season and we have the team to do it, so lets start the climbing up to at least the wild card and show everybody that we are a good team. GO AVS!!!!!!!
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    Funny thing is if the Avs ever signed a guy who averages 55ish points a season to a $7.5 million contract, you'd be in here complaining about them.
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    A little of both for sure, but I think you gotta throw more of it on the goaltenders. So, the defense has not been superior, but I believe it's vastly better that some of our previous AHL-caliber rosters, and we have some young guys that will continue to improve. Goaltending has been atrocious though, imho. Grubauer is playing at .891 save % in 21 games. With that save percentage, a goaltender is just flat-out not giving the team a chance to win. Varly is playing at .908 save %. That's average-to-below-average goaltending in today's NHL, but he's certainly not stealing any games for us with that performance. We also seem to be suffering from the incapability of making 'the timely save'. Whether it's allowing 2 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game, or goals in the last 2 minutes of periods, those goals tend to affect a team more than just 1-point on the scoreboard. They are demoralizing and they are harder to mentally push though. Neither of our goalers this year seem to be able to blank the opposing teams when it really matters (the 1st 10 minutes of the game, the last couple minutes of a period, and late in the 3rd period). And that's why we've lost soooooo many of our 1 goal games this year....in my opinion.
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    Hindsight. Anytime you can get assets for someone who doesn't want to be on your team, you do it.
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    PIT added guys like Hornquist and Kessel LAK added Williams and Richards CHI added Sharp and Hossa WSH added Oshie You extend your core of players with signings/trades like that, you don't trade away the core in our situation.
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    Listening to that does make me feel a lot better about our situation. Ottawa is in trouble, in part because Sakic fleeced them in the Duchene trade.
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    Weren't you just telling people to take off the fan colored glasses?
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    I would think the assistants at very least should be gone. They're responsible for 2 of the 3 worst parts of this team right now, that being special teams and goaltending.
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    Yes but that does nothing to make us a serious contender. An already thin scoring forward group just got a lot thinner. We are thin with an elite center. You take that away and it's going to be a lot worse downgrading him.
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    I don't think anyone in the forum is arguing that we're not bad right now. Fan-colored glasses do go both ways. For someone who claims to be unable of telling the future, what's with the firm stance of MacKinnon booking it for a better team when his contract is up? Who says today's good teams will be good next year? The year after? Who says we won't be better by the end of this season? A contender next year? The issue I have arguing in hypotheticals is that every situation just gets compounded with the previous hypothetical, and again, and again.
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    Atleast he didn't lose his man in OT leading to the game losing goal like Barrie...
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    But we really aren't. We are one of the top teams in the league during this skid (December 1st to now) in fewest corsi against, fenwick against, shots against, and high danger scoring chances against. I really don't know what more our defense can do. Yes they are going to make mistakes but every team is going to do that. We are going to face good teams that will pressure out defense but that happens with all teams. This is why teams hire goalies and in my opinion, that's the main reason why we are losing right now. They are both in the bottom minority in goals against and save % since Dec 1st. They are both averaging 3.5 goals against or worse and sub .900 save %. That means in order to win, our offense has to score 4 or more goals every night just to have a chance at winning. We lost last night because we could only score 3 goals. 3 goals should win you most nights. When's the last time we won a game 1-0 or 2-1? Our goalies aren't giving us a chance to win. Our defense truly isn't the first concern at the moment. Now if you want to talk special teams, I can absolutely get on board with that. They have both been lacking this season. Anyways, welcome to the boards Blumac. Hope to hear more from you.
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    According to capfriendly Barberio is back on IR, so we would have only six healthy d-men for the three game road trip without Lindholm.
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    1) I would be careful mentioning any "rumors". I haven't heard anything and will not comment on that. 1) I don't think it's so much drafting as developing. I think drafting if a bit of lottery for all teams outside of the top 15 picks. I've seen too many players tear up the junior leagues just to hit a brick wall as soon as they hit the minors. And look at our record. Our minor league team has made the playoffs twice in 15 seasons (3 times if we make it this year). What does that mean for development? This has been one of my biggest concerns with our team - development. 2) Coaching, coaching, age, and coaching. We have a new goalie coach this season and frankly, I don't know why he's still here. I do think Varly's age is slowing him down. How many wrap around goals have we had against this season? What goalie in the league allows as many wrap around goals as we do? When Varly last let one in he looked slow. But what in the world was that first goal last night from Grub? How do you let that in? 3) I don't see any of those guys moving. If we aren't playing for a cup in 2-3 more seasons, I can see Landy wanting a chance with another team but I think of him like Inginla, a diehard Av to the end. As for Rants, I think the only reason he doesn't sign is if he asks for something crazy like 12 million a year or we low ball him at 8/ year. If they can come to terms on money and years, I see no reason why he wouldn't sign. Mack I have no idea. He has so much anger and frustration in him. He is amazingly talented and lately he has been not himself and I think that's why that top line is regressing. As much as we need him, I could see him asking for an out if we don't have a great season next year.
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    https://nypost.com/2019/02/04/cuomo-announces-income-tax-revenues-have-dropped-by-2-3b/ And people wonder why people are fleeing New York and California, the dumb thing is they then vote for the same policies they are running from.
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    Timmins will be assigned to the Eagles tomorrow to practice with them. Hopefully will start playing with them shortly after.
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    Of course she'd say that. She doesn't want to rock the boat as she gets her foot in the door of broadcasting. It's more about what the fans think, and I've read plenty of stories about how people were creeped out. Hopefully that's enough to get NBC to reconsider his employment. They could do so much better.
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    I will never hold it against any player for being "greedy" They have a limited earning time so they should make the most they can. Hell the next day he could have a career ending injury. and noone here would care he lost out on millions. That and I don't see anyone here that would take less money to do the same job.
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    Looking back at this trade there are two things to keep in mind. First is that back then the Avs were a dumpster fire. Anyone expecting player loyalty from those days is delusional. Nobody really wanted to play for that team, and O'Reilly made the decision that (being a RFA) his options were so limited that the best he could make of that situation was to get as much money as possible. He made obviously "greedy" decisions, and I can't say that I blame him. At least he gave us plenty of warning that he wanted out, and we were able to get something for him (which is more than Stastny gave us). Second is that O'Reilly does not have game-breaking skills. He's got excellent work ethic, he's a great faceoff guy, and he play both ends of the ice. All nice things to have in a center. But if you really need a goal, he's probably not the guy who's going to make an amazing play. He'll quietly plug away for 60+ points every year on mediocre teams, but if he ever had to carry the load for a playoff team, it wouldn't be hard for other teams to shut him down. So, it's really hard to justify him getting up into that $7M+ range in salary where you have guys who can really make a difference (Stone, Tarasenko, Kuznetsov). But I suppose he's also making the same amount as a 35-year-old Spezza, so he's not the worst option in that price range. Looking back, I'd say the trade worked more in our favor. Buffalo certainly didn't improve, and since O'Reilly's move to St. Louis they haven't had much success either. At the end of the day you have to measure whether your team is better off with a $7.5M O'Reilly, or without him (and all the cap freedom that entails), and if I was a GM I'd choose the latter. Still, it would have been nice if Grigorenko hadn't been such a bust...that could have tipped the trade way more in our favor.
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    I thought they did that before the start of the season. Isn't it already part of the schedule the NHL releases each year? 82 games for each team and the parade day celebration in Toronto.
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    My three daughters and my lady all gathered around the TV, jaws on the floor, watching the fastest skater. My eldest (7) asked if she could do that when she is older and it made us both happy to show her that of course she could. This is a good day for hockey. And my girls. Seeing their eyes light up was special.
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    I cant believe the melt down this team is experiencing, I have never seen anything like it...Every night either the goalies suck, or the defense sucks, or the offense sucks, or special teams sucks. its never on the same page at the same time...Then, even if everything is flowing, we will have the worst luck on earth. Its crazy...We can be outshooting another team, 2-1, dominate time of possession, and still lose, over and over. I just don't get it...I have never seen such a talented team get so snake bitten in all my life. Its a tragedy. The hockey gods cursed us for December and January, that's for sure.
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    First, it's a very classless move to make an entire thread just to continue your argument from another thread and call out another person. At least link to the original discussion so people could have context. Second, EVERYONE is available for the right price. If Buffalo lost their mind and wanted to trade us Eichel and Dahlin for MacKinnon, would you say no? I'm not saying it's likely, but I will say it's short-sighted to say "no" before you even hear a trade offer.
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    Well why didn't the Blackhawks trade Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook back in 2010 instead of firing Savard and bringing in Q? Or why didn't the Penguins trade Crosby and Malkin instead of firing Bylsma and bringing in Sullivan?
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    So who would you build this team around? Rantanen and whatever draft picks we get? What if we're a fringe playoff club for the next 5+ season and pick in the 15-20 range? Those aren't exactly great core pieces. We're gonna have MacK (1st), EJ (1st), Lando (2nd), Makar (4th), OTT pick (hopefully top-3). If that's not enough with the other picks around 10-15 overall as secondary pieces (Rantanen, Kaut, Jost, our 2019 pick), then we're doing something wrong.
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    Barrie is on pace for about 60 points, most in his career. Yes, he got 57 points in 68 games last year. Anyway... His new contract will make him 29 before the 20-21 season starts (dob: July 26, 1991) Any chance we go all in and give him the (perhaps) 7-8M he could want? But just for the first years. If we made the contract 8 years, we should be able to lower the caphit. I know he's likely not worth the potential 5-6M caphit at the age of 34+, but we should still be able to trade him then if he makes 40+ points on a team that needs the higher caphit (and lower salary at the end of the contract). Make it backloaded like this: 8M 8M 8M 8M 5.5M 4.5M 4M 4M That's an 8 year, 50M deal (6.25M caphit). That would be the high offer. I'd hope to go lower, something like: 7M 7M 7M 7M 4.5M 4.5M 3.5M 3.5M That's an 8-year, 44M deal (5.5M caphit). I'd be ok with Barrie being paid the same as he is now. But I don't think he'd be.
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    The PK and penalties is a serious issue for sure. The only penalties we're able to kill off are the ones in which we don't allow a single shot on net.
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    I don't really see anything for Grubauer to "turn around". This is the goalie he's always been. With the Caps, he didn't have to win games, he just had to not lose games. That's the two major categories of goalies: One one hand, you have your game-stealing goalies like Fleury, Gibson, Varly, Anderson, etc. They regularly win games when the team in front of them deserved to lose (i.e. when being out-shot by a wide margin). That's a special talent, but often times it doesn't translate well to playing behind a strong defense and only facing 20-some low quality shots per night. They have a tendency to get bored or unfocused if they aren't staying busy. They also can get tired and then fall off a statistical cliff. On the other hand you have "game managing" goalies. The ones who look like a brick wall behind strong defenses, but if they're forced to move a lot they start to look easier to beat. Guys like Rinne, Lundqvist, Brodeur, Osgood, etc. When the team in front of them is crap, don't expect these guys to steal a game very often. But they also rarely lose a game by giving up a soft or untimely goal. Grubauer falls more into the latter group. Same as Holtby who he backed up in DC. Lately the Avs have been a bit of an anomaly in that they aren't giving up a lot of shots, but the ones they do give up are often very good scoring chances. It's not like the goalies are letting in a bunch of "soft" goals. Maybe that's a downside of our heavy reliance on shot blocking (currently 4th in the league with 723 blocked shots)...when a shot does get through it's more likely that our own defense is screening the goalie. We also tend to allow more cross-ice passes which is harder for goalies because they're constantly working to stay square to the shooters. I know it's tempting to see a terrible save% and automatically blame the goalies, but I'm not convinced that's the problem. I think something may be fundamentally broken with our defensive system and teams are figuring out how to exploit it.
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    That's fine, but that's being a little overly pessimistic, imho. I'm actually watching a team grow into something really fun to watch. Yes, you can give stats showing trends within the season, but going into the season, this year was always going to be a year of development to identify where some of our deficiencies are, and no doubt I think we've found some. Doesn't mean that I don't really like where the team is going as a whole. And that includes our AHL affiliate, which I will give you no push-back in that it has been poor in the past. However, how can you look at it and say that Joe isn't taking it in the right direction now? Hence, my comment about Mikko...a very recent success.....(which was a very tongue and cheek comment anyways...so there's also a bit of insinuating on your part). Cutthroat's certainly weren't a bad team last year, a lot of that staff moved with them to the AHL, so in my opinion again, there seems to be, at least, some trending in the right direction there. Now, I'm certainly not convinced that this team can't go on a bit of a winning streak and pull back ahead of some of the other clubs who are on hot streaks right now. It happens every season; there's clubs sitting in playoff spots right now that wont be there at the end of the year (it could very well be Colorado....but I doubt it)....and that's just one of those things that keeps bringing us back to this NHL soap opera. I'm going to sit back and have fun watching what happens, and you know what, if we don't make the playoffs, it will certainly be a disappointment, but I still really like the core of this team right now, and we've got some young complimentary pieces to go with them. I honestly can't wait to see what happens going forward. So yeah, even through my thinnest rose color glasses, I can still say that this recent doom and gloom feels reactionary and premature, and that we are indeed still trending in the right direction overall!!!
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    One COULD argue that we are losing that many 1-goal games not only because of the goalies (which have SUCKED this year) but also because of the lack of secondary scoring. We've won 21 games this year, 20 of them where 9296 have scored 2+ goals (and one game where Lando scored one). We CANNOT win without the top-line scoring. I've seen a LOT of hockey the last ~20 years (on TV) - I've NEVER seen that dependence of a top-line. Not ever.
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    And to be fair, Butcher is having a bit of a sophomore slump this year. His 5-on-5 time on ice has been decreasing lately because he's been struggling defensive. His point production, which was what got him into that line-up, has dropped to (almost) half of what it was last year. Give me "not-enough-offense" Girard any day of the week over Butcher!!
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    I just had to look that up again to make sure I was looking at the right number, because it's mind boggling to me..... http://www.nhl.com/stats/team?report=teamgoalgames&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20182019&seasonTo=20182019&gameType=2&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=winPctg1GoalGame Our win% in 1-goal games is 0.222! Can't even win 1-in-4, at that point?