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    I am not entirely sure why I am writing this but watching this endless news cycle about the Vegas massacre has really angered me. Preface: I don't believe in the need to have guns, I don't like guns and I think the number of guns in this country is maddening. The automatic fire used in this case had a lot of people, myself included, questioning how this dude managed to get his hands on an automatic weapon when they have been outlawed since the 60s/70s. This gave a bunch of gun rights proponents a grand stand. "These guns are illegal, see how banning something doesn't work. If someone wants to kill others then they will" It turns out the guns were all purchased legally with background checks. They have all been traced to 4 states. And were mostly purchased in the last few weeks/months. Point 1: how the heck does someone buying so many guns and ammunition not raise a red flag? Sure, you're allowed to have a gun by law. But 40+ is just ludicrous. To further the frustration, semi automatic weapons cannot have their internal mechanisms modified to turn them into a fully automatic weapon. But you can buy "bump-stocks" legally to legally do exactly that? What the actual eff? Point 2: Any modification to a semi automatic weapon which can allow someone to fire hundreds of rounds a minute should be flat out illegal. Period. There is NO legitimate use for that other than it's "fun" to rapid fire bullets designed to kill. And enjoyment does not rank higher than human life. Claims that banning weapons won't stop people from getting them and using them are preposterous in my opinion. Fully automatic weapons manufactured after the 60s are illegal to buy and how many people have those and have used those to commit murder? Grenades are illegal as are grenade launchers and other weapons designed purely to kill on mass. No one has them because they would be so prohibitively expensive to purchase that some crazy angry white dude wouldn't be able to afford them. Sure we may not keep them out of EVERYONE'S hands but if we can stop even 1 dude bent on killing people from easily getting s gun that can easily do that then we should do it. Point 3: Guns kill people and are designed to do so. Making it as hard and expensive as possible for people to purchase a gun capable of killing many people should be a priority. No one NEEDS an AR-15 or M-16 to protect themselves. No one NEEDS those to hunt - if you're using those to hunt then you're not really following the spirit of hunting and you're taking most of the difficulty and skill out of it. Military style weapons should not be in civilian hands, in my opinion. "More people die from handguns than semi automatic rifles" - True. But that doesn't mean we should ignore how many people do get killed by these rifles. Just because there are facts which show one thing is worse than another thing it doesn't mean you should ignore the lesser of the two. It means you should address both. Handguns are a huge problem. Especially when it comes to young African American male homicides and suicides. But that doesn't mean that the amount of innocents slain by semi automatic rifles is not something we should try and address. And in my opinion right now is the exact time to talk about this. Why wait? See what other crazy person does something like this before action is taken. Point 4: Stop pretending that now is not the time to act. That is just procrastinating to not offend the NRA and gun rights activists. Now is the perfect time to act because it means maybe we could stop the next mass murder before it even happens. Point 5: we need to get the NRA out of Washington and out of the politicians pockets. They have way too much power and sway. But that is a bigger issue relating to lobbying and money in politics. Point 6: This is terrorism. Plain and simple. Let's call it what it is. Just because it is a white dude it doesn't mean it's not terrorism. It's the dictionary definition of it. Why do politicians hesitate to condemn white people for the same stuff they are willing to condense non-whites for so quickly? Stop worrying about offending the white Christian male. Call them out for what they are. Obviously looping back to suicide and Vegas too, these are crimes often committed by people with mental disorders or illnesses. Let's do what we can to help them and remove the stigma of mental health. Point 7: don't sell guns to people with mental health problems. Help them out instead. Get them the medical help they need. There is a huge suicide issue in this country, but even if you took away all the suicide deaths by gun this country still has issues with gun control and access. I'm sure I'll probably get my s*** handed to me by those in favor of gun rights, but honestly I think this country walks on eggshells around gun rights because they are scared of the backlash. I'm sure most of what I have said will get picked apart and there will be some reason or another that what happened in Vegas has nothing to do with guns. But try telling the families of those gunned down mercilessly at a concert that this guy followed the rule book.
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    Mass shootings happen in crowded places. In Vegas, nobody was able to shoot back, because hand guns would've done nothing. Also, everybody thinks they'd be a hero if they had a weapon in an incident like that. Truth is, unless you're combat trained, you'll be confused as hell, you won't know where the fire is coming from, and then you're likely to shoot at the first person you see who is holding a gun, whether that's the initial shooter or not. I did not have a lot of urban combat training when I served, but it was very tricky, and we all kept shooting "innocents." Sure, we got better even in the limited training we had, and my friends who served in infantry and marine type roles probably got really good at it, but your average gun owner? No. Hell no. For the record, I don't care if people own hand guns or hunting rifles. They're not made for killing a lot of people quickly. I have an issue with weapons with that exact potential and intention, however. There's a reason nobody outside of the military can own rocket launchers. Background checks also don't really matter: anybody can be a ticking time bomb, and we're seeing a steady increase in so called "mass shootings." With the whole Chicago thing - it'd require something like what Australia did, buybacks over a long period of time for the entire nation. There'd be no real difference for the first half decade or so, and then it would start trending down. Comparing it to car deaths is also unfair. Yes, distracted driving is a huge problem we should deal with, but one also needs to note just how much time the average American spends driving. Certainly a lot more than the average American does carrying guns around.
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    Circles are pointless.
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    Also, this implies some sort of causation - because gun ownership is up, homicides are down. But this is more of a correlation than a causation. Some other facts: Since 1980 the amount of consumed meat has grown around 45% Homicide rates are down 49% Since 1980 the number of men working in coal mines has reduced by about 70% Homicide rates are down 49% its a shame the NRA won't allow any reasonable research into gun deaths to back up any statistics thrown around.
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    Great video. The only problem I have with it is we never have the conversation about mental health (which is another thing the US is really bad about). It's not just the lack of quality mental health in this country, it's the stigma placed around the entire subject. As the video showed, more people are killing themselves with guns than are killed by other people with guns. But that almost never gets talked about. Why is our suicide rate so high? It's not only because guns are more available, it's also because we treat depression and other psychological issues like they don't exist and anyone who does suffer from them is "broken". If politicians were remotely interested in keeping 2nd amendment rights unimpeded, they should be doing everything in their power to fight for mental health services and against the stigma surrounding them. If they can show a significant drop in gun deaths (both suicide and homicide) without major gun legislation, that would strengthen their case significantly. But the same people making that argument are the ones cutting mental health services even more. How does that make any sense?
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    “Humans will always murder, no gun law can change that!” screams a country that outlawed too much toothpaste on a plane. This tweet made me chuckle.
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    Nothing like a rock solid judicial phrase like "may"
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    Actually it appears that the talk about not standing for the anthem goes against NFL rules is just a myth. There is no mention of player conduct during the anthems in the NFL rules. That is why no players have been, nor will they be, disciplined.
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    I'm too scared to come here, I'm afraid that Sonne's avatar of Evil Duchene is going to eat my soul. I'm taking a huge risk even replying to this thread now, but I have the latest and mostest securest firewall antivirus computer system immobilizerator that a nice man from Ukraine installed on my computer via Windows Remote Desktop, so I feel safe enough. And it only cost me $300 and to make sure it was extra legit I gave him my bank account numbers and social security number to prove my identity. You can't be too safe, kids.
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    Please don't use Chicago as an example of why anti-gun laws don't work unless Chicago now searches every car, bike, truck, and train for weapons before they're let into the city.
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    Do you have even a statistic that proves that? Based on the stats on wikipedia i quoted Switzerland has only Montenegro, Serbia and Finland ahead in numbers of gun deaths in Europe and is 9th in guns per habitants in Europe. For the other part, I won't even go there. Actually before continuning this pointess waste of time with you I am leaving.
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    Some leftist socialist propaganda probably funded by Antifa.
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    Oh wow, you're so edgy.
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    A03's comment got me looking at penalty stats from last year. Minor penalties/60 McLeod: 2.19 (gone) Zadarov: 1.63 (scratched) Colborne: 1.54 (demoted) Comeau: 1.25 (IN THE LINEUP) Martinsen: 1.25 (gone) R. Borque: 1.19 (gone) Gelenas: 1.15 (gone) Iginla: 1.13 (gone) Mitchell: 1.10 (gone) Goloubef: 1.07 (gone) Landeskog: 0.93 (IN THE LINEUP) Tyutin: 0.87 (gone) So, out of last years top-12 penalty offenders, we only have 2 in the line-up tonight. We really should be taking a lot fewer penalties this year based on subtraction alone!
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    You're right, evil people will still find a way to harm others. But shouldn't we make it as difficult as possible for them to cause that harm?? I work in a university chemistry department. We have to do all sorts of paperwork and jump through multiple hoops to be able to purchase a few chemicals that are notoriously used for bomb making, ammonium nitrate being one of them. And we do it with little complaint because we know it's for safety purposes. How are stricter gun laws any different??
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    Nope, you misunderstood me. The chances of getting a weapon like that in western Europe are pretty much none, if you are not member of organized crime. The access to illegal weapons is much smaller than in the US simply by the far lower number of weapons that are out there, not to mention the chances of getting an assault rifle. Assault rifles, even semi automatics, are pretty much not to be found in private homes in most countries. Simply put you will have an extremely hard time finding support for the gun situation the US have at this point. Your access to firearms is unthinkable here - and the numbers back it up that this is an extremely efficient way to keep shootings down and that it doesn't lead to criminals arming up and terrorizing lawful citizens. At the same time I have yet to hear of a mass shooting stopped in the US by lawful gun owerns. Its always the police/SWAT that does it - same as here. In the end the gun regulations are not created to stop organized crime, those are too well organized, but to reduce chances of random acts of violence or smaller gang crimes. There will always be sinlge mass shootings, even with gun regulations, since the coverage is never perfect. But there are a lot of random acts of violence and the amount of mass shootings in the USA are next to none in first world countries. Just look up the numbers for gun-related crimes and you will see that the USA is off the charts compared to other nations - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate
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    So because the gun was obtained illegally, it's ok to make more guns and keep regulations down? What about the ALL the other murders, mass killings, suicides, and accidents, caused in many cases with legally obtained guns? Are we just going to brush those cases under the rug?
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    So does everyone remember the Womans right marchers after Trump was elected? Wonder where those marches are going to take place protesting the sexual abuse that appears to be rampant in Hollywood?
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    Guaranteed? I thought it was an amendment?
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    ...that's why you have to get a driving license. Not just a background check. You need a license. And I dare say there is a slightly higher need in social mobility than having the ability to shoot kids wearing hoods. But you are also penalized for just starting the engine of a car drunk, even if you are not driving with it - they take your driving license away and you are not allowed to use it anymore. We also have additional insurance regulations and laws, mandatory car tests, taxes,.. all to offset the costs that negatives that come with using cars. You still didn't say what the social benefit is in having guns in civilian's hands. ...and yet again, the statistics confirm that the correlation is independed of social background and other things. And once again you fail to recognize that the correlation in Europe, Canda and Australia is the same as in the USA and just the higher number of weapons in the USA makes them spike in the statistics - as has been pointed out several times. With that in mind single states varying on this correlation is just normal outliner behaivor in staticts and by sheer numbers not enough to unprove something that repeats itself through the whole of the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.
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    That certainly works on the battlefield.
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    So your master plan would be to arm everyone - to keep everybody safe, since noone fires at somebody armed?
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    A solid argument. #shakesfistatbutcher #facts #ilikepudding
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    We're 2-1-0 going into our first home game and you guys keep bringing stuff like this up for, what, exactly? To piss people off? This is why we can't have nice things!
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    Yes, absolutely. Check out Duchene and Yakipov on the bench after Teri's slick behind the back pass in the season opener. They were having a lot of fun. There's also been reports out of camp that Duchene has been spending extra time with Kerfoot giving him pointers. I think the reports of him being a distraction in the locker room are greatly exaggerated.
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    Since it was a trade, they can assign him to the AHL right away. If they claimed him on waivers, he would've had to go through waivers again to get sent down. Guess they're not planning on using him in the NHL right away or now they just have the flexibility to send him down if needed.
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    I'm saying Alex. Kerfoot, by all indications, will be starting in the top-6 and playing with Duchene and Yakupov. That's going to give him the opportunity to score some early points and probably get recognized a bit more, especially with him being the top college free agent this summer and the entirety of the NHL's eyes on the Duchene situation. It's looking like Jost is going to start in the bottom-6, and while I fully think he's got a good 2-way play already and it won't hurt to grind it out on the bottom lines for a while, he probably won't have the points that Kerfoot will, at least until some inevitable injury gets him bumped up the line-up.
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    ...but you are putting fatih in your subjective opinion? Again, the only coach Söderberg was losing his job to rookies is the coach with the by far worst Avs' record in history. He is also the only coach with whom his stats declined. Might be these two are simply not on the same page. It's not like people failing on the Avs' roster don't move on to proper teams and have success again. I am not blaming Bednar too much. This lockerroom and especially the core of this team have been nothing short of an embarassment on the ice. No mental thoughness what so ever. Top to bottom. So maybe he is a better coach and with a group of self respecting professionals he could have achieved a normal result and not that disaster. But as all the team has declined to an unacceptable level I am not willing to put the blame on the support cast either, while Duchene, Landeskog and other leaders get a free pass or at least some 'understanding' from the fanbase. No one on this team has underperformed more than the core players and therefore I see why so many players like Söderberg, Beauchemin and others - getting the support roles' salary - didn't give a d...
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    Not what I'm saying. I'm saying the people that want to cause that kind of harm, will find ways to do it. Just like this guy did.
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    It's unfortunately once again time to play... http://www.thoughtsandprayersthegame.com/
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    I didn't say anything about the legality of purchasing the weapons. Only about carrying them in public. Assuming he bought them legally, then he wouldn't have to hide them walking into his hotel room. He could have even been wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm carrying guns and I intend to use them for a massacre" and nobody could have stopped him. Because god forbid we appear to violate 2nd amendment rights in the name of safety. EDIT: I'm sorry, I thought this was in the political talk thread. I guess we should move this discussion over there if we're going to debate gun control.
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    No strict gun control law
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    There is no way, that this Avs defence is worst then last year. Yes, there will be rookies mistakes that'll lead directly to goals but there's heart, there's speed and the rookies have no guarantees of spending in the entire year with the big club, therefore they need to be their best every shift, every period and every game... or they will be replaced. Last year, it felt like we started every game down 2-0. It's incredibly hard to constantly need to score to catch up. If we can start scoring the first goal of the game 50% more than we did last year, the entire season will be VERY different. I do predict that the Avs will not make the playoffs but will finish with 80-85 points.
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    its how the NFL works. never before did i realize i didn't know what a catch was until the NFL. But I'm glad I haven't seen a game in almost 3 years. I can't stand the nfl and how they run their league.
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    The battle continues for sure. All have been impressive (aside from Cowen). As HockeyAvs23 mentioned in a separate post, Cowen might only be around to keep us within preseason rules. At the beginning of the season, I though it would be Lindholm, Mironov and Siemens getting the last 3 spots. Now that Lindholm has yet to play a game and guys like Warsofsky and Timmons playing so well, it can still be anyone's spot. And as Dater mentioned in one of their last poscasts, it also depends on what Bednar is looking for. Does he want more puck moving, offensive strong defenseman or stay at home, big body types to round out the D this year. At this point, I still think it'll be: Mironov and Lindholm with spots 5&6. 7th spot I think is down to Warsofsky and Siemens and I think Warsofsky has a slight edge. Timmons is just getting more experience before going back to Juniors. Good for him. He's deserved all the ice time he's had this year. Bigras to me is the big unknown. I think he's a perfect call-up in the event of injury but I don't know if we need more of that type of player. We already have Barrie and Barbario, and to some extent, Johnson. I would personally feel better having either Warsofsky or Siemens.
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    It is possible if he plays poorly. The better he plays the sooner he will be traded. There will be teams that will be willing to let go of more as December approaches. Right now, all the teams have on rose covered glasses for the season ahead. But after a month or two, reality will set in and some teams will have big decisions to make.
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    We need to give them chances. Both had bad years last year. (who didn't?) Both had really good years the year before. They both deserve a chance to redeem themselves. If we had the Soda from 2 seasons ago, I would be thrilled! 82GP 12Goals, 39Assists for 51points. He was strong defensively as well that year. If we got him back, he would be worth every penny. And same for Blake Comeau, 81GP 12 Goals, 24 Assists, and 36 points. He too was defensively responsible that season. Not quite sure what happened to him either. Last year was bad and those two both need to hit this season strong right from the beginning. I say we give them a chance before we run them out of town.