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    Alternate headline: Self-hating Males Voluntarily Work For Less Than Market Value in Attempt to Impress Female Coworkers
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    Only if you don't count OTL as a loss. If you do, then there are quite a bit more: WPG (11-16) DAL (11-14) COL (9-11) MIN (9-14) ANA (10-14) CHI (10-13) EDM (11-13) VAN (11-14) ARI (6-20) It's just that western teams are better at getting a loser point on the road. Yet another reason why this stupid 3-point game thing should be eliminated.
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    Florida sheriff after school mass shooting: "If you're an elected official, and you want to keep things the way they are...if you want to keep gun laws as they are now, you will not get reelected in Broward County"
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    Yeah, I mean I was definitely in "devil's advocate mode" there. There are plenty of good ideas to curtail gun violence. You'll never prevent it entirely, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Hopefully ojb doesn't take it like I was shooting down everything he said. But it is worth being critical of any ideas because you don't want to overreact to something that's relatively unlikely (you're still more likely to drown in your bathtub than you are to be involved in a mass shooting or terrorist attack). It's tough to get past the emotional response when something big happens. I find myself caught between sympathy for the victims, but I've also got this unshakable feeling in the back of my head like "this is what happens when there are too many people". So a part of me is pro death, even though it's extremely unfair who lives and who dies, we just can't keep having so many people on this planet. There's not enough natural selection so that we've got a whole lot of "inferior" people. And I know this is starting to sound like a eugenics argument, but honestly if was some mechanism in nature where only the best and brightest people survived to adulthood, none of this would be a problem. My ideas would all have to do with de-stigmatizing mental health and actually helping people before they reach this desperate point. Nobody gets bullied once and then grabs a gun. It's years and years of pain (and possibly mixed with some psychoses) that add up to a mass murderer. There's plenty of time to address these things if we'd just stop treating people with depression/anxiety/social disorder/etc. like they are invisible and so they must suffer in silence. Talk to people. Hell, with all the social media and inter-connectivity in our modern lives that should be easier than ever, but some people still feel so isolated and alone and desperate that they actually believe they need to do something extreme. It's almost always a cry for help. Families, friends, coworkers, peers, etc. need to start actually caring about each other rather than pretending to care by hitting "like" on their posts. A lot of the root problems are built into our culture. Like you said, we'll never be Japan (which incidentally has a very high suicide rate, so not exactly something to aspire to). It's the types of TV and movies we watch where violence is usually the answer. It's the American iconography like the cowboy who uses his gun to solve all his problems. It's the way our schools are this desperate popularity contest that teach kids that being mean is the only way to be cool. Our society is so broken on so many levels, it's hard to know where to start.
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    Felcia? lol On the first part. I'm not arguing. We are discussing. If someone IS arguing...I don't want to talk to them. This isn't a topic you can "win." I will point out the following. When someone says we should do "X" and we already do "X" should my answer be "Oh fantastic idea! That will solve everything." Lets follow that with being honest about this situation. There isn't anybody getting their mind changed in this. I personally have slid towards an Australia style gun ban over the last few years just because it won't affect me personally and I've really noticed how there are people that just don't have that much sense and probably shouldn't operate a car, vote, or much less have a gun. Will it help? Statistics for the Australia say yes, but statistics in the US say probably not. Areas that have local gun bans have more crime. There are several variables other than gun or no-gun though. It might be worth a try. But, asking for a law that already exists...that's not much of a try. If you don't know the process now, it's really hard to suggest changes. If I have offended people or pushed them away by pointing out factual errors. I'm sorry. We'll make it much harder to obtain guns. Since I have been default assigned the pro-gun stance vice the I know the process and am trying to tell you what you are asking for already exists or wouldn't change anything, I'll offer partial solutions that may or may not help anything but are at least actual changes. 1) Actually enforce all current laws. a) Start putting people in jail on the first offense for felony possesion of a firearm. b ) Start putting people in jail on the first offense for "straw-man" purchases. c) Enforce Lautenberg Act 100% of the time. 2) Remove private sales of all weapons. All sales will go through a FFL with requisite requirements. (Backgrounds, etc.) 3) Don't care about waiting periods. All statistics point to people just planning better and buying them earlier. Those are fine as is. 4) Require a medical screening for mental health as part of a background check. (This will require changes in HIPPA rules and your personal medical information will be much more available.) 5) Change storage laws for guns in population centers. Require that all weapons except one pistol or revolver be stored at a range facility or shooting club vice in the home. Since almost all mass shootings are in cities this might help to keep rifles (AR-15 style) out of peoples hands in places like schools and malls. They would be restricted to the range or for transport. Current law doesn't let you mail guns, but FEDEX can legally carry them from one FFL to another, so in order to move your gun from one facility to another that or a bonded carrier my be required. Serious infringement on current rights, but... 6) Complete, nation wide, gun registry required. Established over a 3 year period. After that, any person found in possession of a firearm not on the registry or reported stolen will be in felony possession of a firearm. Included will be a single round fired from each gun for ballistics match purposes. All persons in the US will have to submit a DNA sample to the Federal Gov. for crime solving purposes. All not just gun owners. This is mostly a deterrent knowing that you will get caught in short order. This probably won't change mass shootings in the slightest because they don't care. It would be immensly helpful in other crimes like the afforementioned murder hot-spots of Baltimore and Chicago. 7) Ammunition limit. Purchase of ammunition will be limited to 20 rounds of pistol ammo at a time and in those areas that require storage of weapons all ammo will be stored at the facility. No limit on ammo at a facility. Limited ammo may be take off facility for hunting with the weapon. Say again 10 to 20 rounds. This won't stop shootings, but will limit how many rounds they have. 8) No person on a list (watch list, terror list, etc.) can purchase a weapon UNTIL they have been legally removed from that list via a court. As a law and order guy, people can only be put on the list for 90 days without a court order. That gives the FBI 90 days to figure some stuff out. Most of these would only limit mass shootings or make them less deadly, BUT they would be very effective at reducing all of the other gun crimes that everyone forgets about even though they are a couple of orders of magnitude more than mass shootings. Now...poo poo away. I won't be offended.
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    My thoughts on what to do: - All sales of firearms require background checks - even private sales. All sales also preferably subjected to a wait time depending on the weapon class and the background check. - If you've committed a violent crime, and you're a registered gun owner you get your guns taken from you. - If you're suspected of criminal intent with a weapon (like the Florida kid was posting online) you get interviewed by local gun law enforcement agency [Not sure who that is] and have regular check-ins - Purchases of weapons only within your state - if you move states you need to re-register all your weapons with the new state - Gun purchase age increased to 21 for all guns, not just handguns - Gun safety lessons taught in school (not sure if they are?) - Ban on weapon modifications which can increase the rate of fire (bump stocks for example) - Gun and ammunition tax to help fund additional resources for enforcing current and new regulations - Comprehensive studies and research into gun crime, preferably federally funded - stop the NRA putting a stop to this as they have done and continue to do so. - Mental health assessments for those deemed at-risk from background checks and/or interviews. - Potentially a cap on the number of weapons a registered owner can have. Although I'm sure this would see a lot of hate but why would anyone need 30+ guns? - Potentially a cap on the amount of ammunition purchasable during a set time period (not sure what) - For all registered guns in the system, a 12-monthly check in to confirm the registered owner still has possession of the weapon and it hasn't been 'lost' or 'stolen' - Gun amnesty for those in currently possession of "illegally acquired weapons" to turn them in to law enforcement without fear of incrimination or repercussions - potentially in exchange for $$$ or something else. Anyway, food for thought.
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    Same reason I don't read any junk produced by Fox. Everything is still somehow Obama's fault or what about Hillary's emails. I literally hate the politically-biased, fact-optional media in this country. It's why I still obtain most of my news from the BBC back home. Whilst they are not fully impartial, they are in comparison to others and they are very highly regarded around the world. There are not many outlets more highly regarded for their trustworthiness.
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    The American figure skater Mirai Nagasu who landed the triple axel last night, was actually a former Avalanche Ice Girl for the 2015-2016 season. That's kinda cool.
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    The way the waters are rising, we might HAVE to
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    For those that didn't see it, the video starting 1 minute before launch:
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    That's wrong. It's not the biggest rocket ever, not by a long shot. The Saturn V that went to the moon was the largest ever. The Falcon Heavy is barely half that size. Even most of the proposed future Falcon vehicles will not surpass the Saturn. I seriously doubt the Falcon XX will ever fly. It's still just a vague concept on some drawing board somewhere. NASA's proposed SLS rocket would be bigger than the Saturn V, but again, that's still on the drawing board.
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    I think you've missed one off. You have 4.
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    One part of me thinks that Trump is the ultimate troller. But then the other part of me thinks he just wants people to talk about him and that he genuinely thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe both are true in which case he is the perfect storm, an egotist who loves to troll people so they talk about him - in some sort of vicious cycle.
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    You know exactly what you did your sensationalist hyperbole BS with this comment " we get MS-13 type gangsters that our Dems want to protect, and we get the advanced degrees that our President wants to give higher priority to " Where have the Dems ever said they want to protect ms13 gangsters? This comment is infuriating as it is so easy to make and yet full of so much ignorance, malice, and sensationalism. Straight out of Fox news.
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    Good stats. Thank you. I appreciate you going out of your way to find these. A couple of things I would mention: 1) A group which only accounts for 7.93% of the population accounts for 17.8% of serious crime - yes, that does read badly. However, 2) I would hazard a guess that the 7.93% are not well off people, in all likelihood they are poor people, potentially undereducated (by Western standards at least), very little social mobility, very few job prospects, maybe they even struggle with the language and culture. Now none of that excuses committing crime, however it may explain it. I know you said these people get benefits etc, but if those benefits are not enough to survive on then they may be faced with few prospects. I do not condone crime by any means, but I can understand it at times. Its not something I, as a privileged person, have experienced first hand. But I do recognize that people will do what they deem necessary to survive - and that in and of itself is a subjective analysis. I, or you, may look at a young kid robbing a store for some alcohol or cigarettes, or even food, as not necessary - but if that is what they think they need to survive and get through another day then their motivations are different to what we would perceive them to be. It sucks that people resort to that but sometimes its the only choice they think they have. On the other hand, some people are just jerks and are self-entitled. As is usually the case, this is likely a mix of both.
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    I don't think this is dem/liberal logic failing, this is the DNC being out of touch and run by people who chose the worst candidate possible and are feeling the effects of it. So long as the DNC keep pitching candidates like Hillary Clinton they are going to struggle to fundraise, except from die-hard democrats. Now I am a democrat, but I won't be giving them any money if they keep up their BS that led to them short changing candidates (Bernie) and forcing their own preferences (Clinton) on the electorate. If I am voting, it better be a fair race.
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    This is reaching a bit. It may be true for this tiny statistic, but minorities are not responsible for the vast majority of crime. This stat is from 2015, so yes its a bit dated but demographics rarely change quickly; A report by Statistics Denmark released in December 2015 found that 83% of crimes are committed by individuals of Danish origin (88.4% of the total population), 3% by those of non-Danish Western descent and 14% by individuals of non-Western descent. This is likely why A03 probably took exception to your comment and felt you were searching for statistics to back up your personal opinions.
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    I would say the Republicans are trying to protect their base, Trump is trying to protect his ego, and the Democrats were using the only leverage they had after DACA discussions were thrown out to protect the lives and livelihoods of people who were brought here illegally. These people do the jobs that Americans are too proud to do themselves, for lower wages and longer hours, fewer benefits and no job security.
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    So much of this discussion is correlation vs causation. We can certainly correlate that without Barrie our record has been better, but is that caused by Barrie being out of the lineup? In all likelihood probably not. We got beaten by a pathetic Arizona team on home ice - that must have been embarrassing and infuriating for the team and spurred them on. Varly has been out too. Andrighetto also. Compher was out for most of the run. We played all but 1 of our wins in Pepsi Center. There are lots of changing factors going on that it seems hard at this point to pin the improvement in play on Barrie being out. Maybe the team finally worked out how to play as a team in Bednar's system? Maybe Barrie comes back and we step it up even more. Maybe not. We will find out, but I don't think its fair to say 22/23 guys played better because 1 guy was out. That seems unrealistic. Its not like Barrie is causing lockeroom issues the way that it was reported Duchene was.
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    Do you honestly think anyone going through the legal process would be cheering this action? Thinking "Yea, you sure showed him, USA, good job. Now I feel like I am doing this the right way". It tells Mexicans you do not value them. That they are not humans. That they are an annoyance and you will send them packing at your whim even if they have families. Do you think this deters "the next illegal who jumps the border"? I don't think you fully comprehend how desperate these people are to make a better life for themselves. They would rather be an illegal alien in another country than face their lives at home. They don't come here for fun, they come here to survive and to live. This is a country of laws, that disproportionately punishes ethnic minorities and poor people over rich white folk. If Mexicans had been responsible for the massive mortgage fraud that resulted in $12.8 TRILLION dollars of loss and countless lives affected in 2008 you can bet that more people would be in prison for it. The US doesn't care about white collar crime because its easier to pick on the weak. What does that tell those who are in line waiting to come here?
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    https://twitter.com/i/moments/964970459929497600 Love this. I hope more and more schools, teachers, students, etc., decide to do the same. I mean honestly, what's the point of going anymore? None of the students feel safe. The younger generation that has to grow up with the constant threat of being shot in schools, concerts, clubs, theaters, stadiums, subways, anywhere and everywhere, will be the ones that's force gun policies. The future can't get here soon enough.
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    Or live on a floating pontoon where tires have no use, apart from strapping to the side of your boat to prevent damage when docking at piers.
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    Yeah I figured you were in devil's advocate mode, but that's a good thing. This problem is so complex and has so many variables that there is no simple answer. Heck, even several complex answers wouldn't provide a significant improvement. That bold part is a thought I've had more than a few times. Only in close circle do we talk about it. I'm not hoping anyone dies or gets hurt, but the thinking is there is no problem this Earth has that wouldn't be made significantly easier to deal with if there were about 5 billion less people. Energy and food shortages, violence, climate change, etc. I dread that we are going hit 10 billion people on the planet in my life time. Seems incredibly unsustainable. In my opinion you're not wrong. I mean tide-pod challenge. Those are people that for sure got picked off by predators 10,000 years ago. Eugenics carries with it that 1940's-60's connotation. It's kind of strange that everything else that can be bred, including plants, can be bred for maximum improvement, but if humans did it, OMG. You do get that Gattaca or Star Trek--Space Seed, kind of feeling with it though. Other times when you think about the idea it's more like the beginning of Idiocracy. How dumb can we get? Agree on health care, but it seems more stigmatized than ever. The more people talk about it the way they are now, the more it feels worse than ever. I know jack about psychology other than the couple of classes that they make you take and dealing with some work issues, but there is so much attached to it now. I will explain this poorly so try to get my general meaning. It seems like what the media puts out has regular people who have problems and might benefit for some psychological care to get help through a rough patch, may get labeled as something more and then hosed by the system. I have no idea on what makes a person shoot up something for attention or whatever reason. My brain just doesn't get it. I do hear a lot of professionals say that even though we are connected via the web to way more people we tend to be more isolated. I don't know though. When you're chained to a computer for 8 hours a day, it doesn't matter if you're in a cubicle, an office, or your home. It's still kind of isolating. I feel like in-depth conversation is gone in large part. I hate chit-chat like anything about a Kardashian. I want to talk to somebody and come away feeling like I learned something, even if it's just how they feel about something and why. What I glean from social media is that "friend" is at the same eatery, at the same time, eating the same meal and here's a picture of it. Kind of loose interest. One of the largest problems with our culture is much of it isn't real. It's based on embellishment and fabrication. There were very few gunfights relative to population. Many of the stories are told completely one sided too. Japan is such a great example of a contrast for the US in a lot of things. They also have this amazing stat. of 97% of people that get caught by the police just confess and take their punishment. It's a really neat cultural thing. It makes the words "I didn't do it." much more meaningful. It would be really cool if we could just be more like that. On the other side, last I was there, groping women on public transportation was just starting to reach the level where it wasn't OK. Don't really think I want that part of their culture. (Trying to sound like I know something.) There have been several studies (more like statistical evaluations) that show a huge rise in crime and civil problems when the US started the mass release from sanitariums. The UK has documented similar problems. There are several articles about it over the last few years. It basically follows that there were a lot of people that weren't really criminals, but they also couldn't really function in society. The articles all pontificate that many of these mass shooters and such would have been in that position before they started shooting. The articles make a compelling case for modernizing and expanding those types of facilities today. I don't know though. On the other side, I know it feels completely disingenuous when celebrities run someone over because they were on drugs then go to "Passages Malibu" for two weeks and everything is better.
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    The irony here. and the holier then thou attitude - its to much
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    Mixed curling is pretty interesting. The power play is still a bit of a mystery, but I do like that they place the first two stones to speed up the game.
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    Thats what happens when you have a state sponsored cheating scandle. I'll watch the ceremony tonight - I needed the sleep this morning- was up until 1am watching Curling, the Team figure skating, and the downhill and Luge training runs. Other then hockey (I'll watch every USA mens and womens game and try to catch others) I try to watch every event. I love curling and the speed skating along with the track events(Bobsled, Luge and Skelton) and snowboarding. But I have every medal round/ Final run programmed to record if I miss them. As for the Events - mixed curling. Matt Hamilton - need to pull his head out. in the 3 losses in the round robin he's throwing something like 17% accuracy. He needs to be up around 80-90% to be competitive. USA! USA! USA! USA!
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    Well, that's why you are building the wall
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    I've gotta deal with McCain and Flake. Both useless morons.
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    That was incredible. SCIENCE
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    Ah yes. Not something I used to see much of back home, but here I see so many people texting or talking on their phones. Madness. It makes me wish I could throw a local EMP strike through their window.
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    Dude. Be real. How could they even catch me? Think about it. In my neck of the woods the police drive Ford Explorers. They cannot even remotely complete with 8 seater Kia Sedona. And if they could, we would all disperse in different directions and they would never catch us all. Power in numbers.
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    you forgot Constantine as well. And I'm a big fan of Rome as a whole - love that time period - I'm just starting book 8 of Cesar commentaries of the Gallic wars. really good insight into the Roman view of that period - i'm excited for the Civil war commentaries as well
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    yep, and then when they find something - they have to ban it for the "greatter good" like big gulps - I'm sorry some fat ass in New york can't control themselves - the Big gulp didn't make them fat - they did. and no its not okay to be fat, and have a good "body imagie" if your fat - your not healthy, and because I was(thank god trump and the GOP repealed the mandate) forced to pay for insurance that covered your fat ass and all the extra costs for your bad health - I had to pay more for insurance. the Left really is anti personal responsibility. thats the issue.
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    Apparently I was the only person ok with ties. All games worth 2 points no matter what. Get rid of the shootout.
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    Just because you're Mexican without a medical degree doesn't mean you're an MS-13 gangster
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    This fiscal stuff is what bothers me most about the Rs these days. Days of fiscal conservatives are long gone.
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    one thing your missing with the freedom caucus one - that was part of the budget- protecting illegals and giving them legal status is not. The Republicans (and Trump)have also come out and said they want to work on immigration reform - Trump has even said he'd be willing to work to help the Dreamers gain legal status if he gets movement towards the wall, ending chain migration, and the lotto system. Which i think all sides can agree on - securing our border goes along with immigration reform. And you can look at those who are rebelling against Schumer for the shut down in his own party.
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