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    You know what is the most frustrating about 2-party politics. The fact that because I didn't vote Trump, I must support AntiFa, or that they represent me. And that if you didn't support Hillary, then you're a KKK sympathizer. To further complicate the matter we have left and right wing bias in the media, so if I didn't vote Trump, and CNN say X about people, then that is what I believe. Or if I didn't support Hillary and Fox News says Y about people that I believe that too. How about I'm a person who's political beliefs are not binary. I have my own voice. No news outlet or politician speaks directly for me. AntiFa and the KKK and any other hate groups that resort to violence are making an already polarized political system even more so. These hate groups need to be banished to history. I also couldn't care less whether they were originally left or right leaning, or if their ideals were based on left or right ideas. Scum is scum, a terrorist is a terrorist, a racist is a racist, labels are irrelevant. Saying things like "yea but AntiFa did/said this.." is not an excuse or free-pass for anything anyone else did. Saying "But the KKK were originally founded by the dems..." does not excuse them for anything they have done or will do. These are hate groups and that is the only label that matters. Hate should be condemned by everyone.
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    I just read a quote (unattributed to anyone) which struck a chord with me and gave me perspective to things like "White Lives Matter" and a lot of the anti-immigration and anti-LGBT movements on the right. "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like discrimination." There isn't a demographic more privileged in the West than that of the White Heterosexual Christian Male. You'll find that those causes that seek to reduce the rights or privileges of minority group are predominantly made up of White Hetero Christian Males. Not to say that all WHCM are the same, not by a long shot - most do not participate in such things, but those anti-* movements on the right are mostly white men seeking to further their own race and gender, or at least prevent others from being treated as one. The causes on the far left are perpetuated by a far more mixed group of people probably more representative of the national population as a whole, but far more extreme than your average Joe. It was interesting and disturbing watching the clashes in Virginia. It was like a rainbow clashing with whitewash. And for the record "rainbow" sounds beautiful but I am no more fond of radical, violent activists on the left than those on the right. Extremes are not conducive to a positive and successful society. But they are inevitable.
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    I see it differently to you. I don't see this at all as standing up to N. Korea or pushing back. I see this as an embarrassing p***ing competition and a war of words. If either leader decided to use their nukes that would be earth shatteringly terrible for potentially millions of innocent civilians. I personally think they need to de-escalate the situation, not poke the bear. This is a dangerous game of chicken and I think the vast majority of citizens want both leaders to simmer down.
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    This weekend I had the chance to meet Amir Heydari. He was the doctor held without cause in Chicago after visiting his mother in Iran. His was a pretty remarkable story. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and I just can't imagine him being treated like a terrorist. He's not even religious, so you can't claim that he's some radicalized Muslim or anything. But the most striking thing he talked about was how he originally left Iran after the '79 Revolution because he wanted freedom and didn't support what the new regime stood for. But now when he visits Iran he sees their citizens getting more freedoms, while the freedoms of US citizens (like himself) are being cut back in the name of security. It's one thing to read stories about random people who are targeted by these new xenophobic laws and maybe you can tell yourself they might deserve it in some way or at least we aren't getting the whole story about why they were singled out. But meeting someone like that first hand really changes your perspective and you realize just how stupidly random the "screening process" is, and how significantly it can impact someone's life though no fault of their own.
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    For those mentioning Scaramucci and Queen
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    Scaramucci out a mere 10 days after taking the White House Comms director job. Between that, healthcare, Preibus, and Spicer, I've never seen an administration in such shambles. Total trainwreck.
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    Saying some committing suicide who was a druggie and doesn't deserve a tear is the same oversimplification as saying soldiers fallen in war don't deserve compassion since that's their job and they are all murderers anyhow. I have known people that became drug additics, I have known people that attempted suicide. Both are symptoms of what they went through in life, not the cause for getting there. But then again it would take time to look at someones life to understand how they got to the point where they are and why should we waste our time for someone else if judging them based on a single fact is so much faster, right?
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    You said one side was doing it. Article said both sides. You said bottles, Article said cans. You said poor innocent people. Article said nope, you lying. Fake news.
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    You gotta teach this stuff and start young. My daughter had one of her first blowouts in a MN Wild onesie, I've never loved her more.
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    I'm starting to think Jim Jefferies is the master of analogies (at the end of this video):
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    ... upstanding citizens part two (because it is so hard to find assholes on both sides...): https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasneemnashrulla/racist-incidents-after-trumps-victory?utm_term=.qlKKNrPVz#.exJx0M2Ln https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/04/us/politics/donald-trump-supporters.html http://time.com/4569129/racist-anti-semitic-incidents-donald-trump/ ... I really wish it would not have been wasted time to post this, but I doubt 24h will go by without the next post by grizzly attack the conspirative, manipulating, fashist left...
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    Yeah, in some countries an unsuccessful rebellion would result in those names being purged of the history books and any sympathizers being rounded up and executed. We went for the opposite approach (at least in the south) to glorify the leaders by building statues and naming streets and buildings after them. Explain how that makes sense.
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    I'm always a day behind (because GoT takes priority) but I absolutely adore John Oliver.
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    That is my internet persona. In real life I like to murder puppies and slap pensioners. I also have an irrational hatred of people with the letter F in their name. Even worse is if they have a 'PH' which sounds like an 'F'. I'm looking at you Christopher! I severely dislike litmus paper for a tenuously similar reason. If this board had more people like me then I wouldn't be special anymore and everyone would be all 'Ugh, not another OJB, that dude replicates quicker than red blood cells." Thank you for your kind words, I shall remove you from the list of people I wish to send a virus to, which opens your CD drive when you least suspect it.
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    Why are you calling out the left? Why not just call out the individuals? You are lumping many of us into the same general term. I think we can all agree that there are extremes in the left, the right, colored, white, male, female Christian, Muslim you name it, there's an extreme. Call out anyone you want but don't generalize it as just the 'left'. You condemned the person who drove the car into the crowd. It was a terrible act by a terrible person. That's the only real fact that matters to which I agree with you. But anytime someone of the left ideology does something you disagree with, you just straight up call out all of the left. Again, if you don't want others to generalize you with the same brush as those of the Alt-right, neo nazi extremists, don't generalize left thinking individuals with the leftist extremists.
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    And what does that have to do with how you are calling out many here and left thinking individuals hateful? I'm talking to you right now, not the media, left, or right. Why are you treating many of us here with disrespect? You may not be calling us out individually but it still comes across as disrespectful they way you throw derogatory statements at the left the way you do. Just like you take offense to the way others label the right as Anti semites or pro KKK. Lead by example, don't play the, "well the left started it" crap.
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    It goes both ways. You are doing the same with the "left" as others are pigeon holing the right as pro Nazi. You have been throwing around the left is just a bunch of hate mongers who spew lies and hate and that the right are some innocent group of purists that are minding their own business and doing everything correct. Honestly, I'm continually offended by your constant left/right right/wrong statements. You don't mind the opinion of others as long as it's not a leftist opinion. It's always the left said this, the left did that, and as you have said, "the pure hate and filth coming from the left". If you don't want others to label all republicans as pro Nazi extremists, that stop labeling all left as hate filled, filth spewing, terrible people. Dispute the topics at hand and stop trying to turn this into a war of Left vs Right. I lean left on a lot of topics and the way you are describing those with left views is essentially calling me a hateful person who lies and bullies others.
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    I think perhaps Trump secretly believes in global warming and plans to secretly combat it with nuclear winter. That's the kind of logic I can imagine coming out of his mouth.
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    Trump hasn't publicly denied the Holocaust, but he calls Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. Like I said, both are just tools to score cheap political points from xenophobic idiots. And he's being investigated for what role he and his people played in Russia's election meddling (from which he definitely benefited). Not exactly the same, but certainly in the same ballpark. He hasn't threatened to nuke Mexico, but he has threatened to go after the families of terrorists (a direct violation of the Geneva Convention). And he's hinted several times that we might use nukes on North Korea. Again, not the same as Ahmadinejad, but in the same ballpark. He hasn't used the military to quell political unrest, but he's used the INS to deport countless people he doesn't like and has held US citizens without cause (like Amir who I mentioned yesterday). Again, it's in the same ballpark of suppressing the rights of citizens. But while Iran is generally improving and heading in the right direction, I really can't say the same about the US. Pretty much since 9/11 we've been giving up our rights in the name of security. Iran doesn't have a NSA listening to everyone's phone calls, reading their emails and profiling them. Iran isn't saber-rattling with their allies, telling NATO they need to pay more for protection and treating the international community like a mob boss would. There are plenty of ways that Trump is worse. So don't bring this BS outrage attitude as if we have some moral high ground here. We're an embarrassment on the global stage, and we look like a bunch of hypocrites when we try to claim any amount of superiority. If you can't see the slippery slope we're heading down, then good luck burying your head in the sand and hoping everything ends up okay.
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    Not seeing a difference in Nazis and BLM is quite an achievement... I won't even bother to watch that video. For the first time ever on any bord I am considering using the 'ignore' option...
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    It's a sad state of affairs when you have to side with the group who believes magnets are magic. Wait....does Trump understand how magnets work? Oh god...are we living in a 21st century world where most people see basic science as being the same as witchcraft? I think I'm going to make myself cry.
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    That was pretty good. And actually pretty accurate. I feel like an old man complaining about what the kids are listening to these days.
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    I know it's the evil, left, fake, bullying and simultaneously a victim, snowflake NY Times, but I'm not the only one who doesn't think there is a moral equivalency between the alt-left and the alt-right. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/08/15/us/politics/trump-alt-left-fact-check.html?referer=http://m.facebook.com Comparing Antifa to Mr. Fields’s [the Ohio driver who killed Heyer in Charlottesville] act is like “comparing a propeller plane to a C-130 transport,” said Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “Using the fact that some counterprotesters were, in fact, violent, creates a structural and moral false equivalency that is seriously undermining the legitimacy of this president,” Professor Levin said. Antifa and black bloc — the far left of today — engaging in street brawls and property damage, while reprehensible, is “not domestic terrorism,” said J. J. MacNab, a fellow in the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Similar episodes of extreme violence certainly exist on the left: the recent congressional baseball shooting in Virginia, or the bombing of the North Carolina Republican Party headquarters. But overall, far-right extremist plots have been far more deadly than far-left plots (and Islamist plots eclipsed both) in the past 25 years, according to a breakdown of two terrorism databases by Alex Nowrasteh, an analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute. White nationalists; militia movements; anti-Muslim attackers; I.R.S. building and abortion clinic bombers; and other right-wing groups were responsible for 12 times as many fatalities and 36 times as many injuries as communists; socialists; animal rights and environmental activists; anti-white- and Black Lives Matter-inspired attackers; and other left-wing groups. Of the nearly 1,500 individuals in a University of Maryland study of radicalization from 1948 to 2013, 43 percent espoused far-right ideologies, compared to 21 percent for the far left. Far-right individuals were more likely to commit violence against people, while those on the far left were more likely to commit property damage.
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    They have too many musical genres now - I can't keep up...
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    Do you have a cat? Because if you had a cat you'd know. Cat owners know.
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    dont be coming in here blabbing your mouth about fake news... who you think you are, Trump? Me? So, go search the intrawebs for hours and hours and find me this proof. Be gone I say. Search. Take your time. Hours. And Hours. Seriously, please take your time. I wont believe the first link. I needs more.
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    He only cares about that poor Challenger. I wonder if his insurance covers carnage.
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    Give her 2 days. She needs to collect all the facts.
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    Honestly, the only reason I knew was because I researched Grizz's nonsense post from them and GD over a year ago. I knew I remembered having this conversation. At the time, I knew the real national academy of pediatricians wouldn't hold the opinions he was posting.
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    The fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics (64000 members) follows the guidelines of the America Psychiatric Association on the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Dysphoria doesn't make anyone homophobic, bigoted, or a child abuser. The American College of Pediatricians (500 members), which you cited, is ultra socially conservative and recognized hate group however. Oh and we had this exact conversation on 5/16/2016 in the random discussion thread!!! You are offfically being redundant and repetitive.
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    Wait - I must have misunderstood this part - are you asking me personally if I would condem the Antifa or the other extremists? Because if this was the question then no surprise we have your groundhog day happening here. Pretty much every single 'lefty' on this board spoke out against those extremists since these incredibly boring and repetitive and first and foremost pointless discussions started months ago. For the celebration of those acts - what else did you need than the crowd at the conventions? Do they need an extra convention to celebrate those repeated acts before one is allowed to point out that it was/is an tolerated behavior at those rallies? I have yet to see someone there jumping in or condeming anything even when people where physically attacked there. Am I or anyone else here using this to paint all republicans as racist bigots? Only in your imagination. I do believe that the people on these rallies are by far more extreme on average than regular Trump voters - like at any rally for any cause (I mean you have at the very least to stand up and walk there and that is already far more committment than most people show for anything). I mainly don't understand why on earth this redundant topic is brought up again and again. Who the hell here did every sympathize with any extremist that we deserve to be dragged into this conversation over and over again? I also don't see daily post by single 'lefties' here about extreme right wing acts. Might be because they are so seldom that a 2 sec google search would make it impossible to sort through them or it might be that the fashist here don't expect you to excuse and condem every moron that happens to be on the right wing as we know by now that you don't support extremist...
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    Taking down Confederate monuments is not erasing or sanitizing history - it's declaring that some parts of history belong in a museum, not on a pedestal.
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    If a terrorist is just a terrorist, why were people so upset Obama and Clinton never said "Islamic extremists"??? Hypocrisy abounds from the right.
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    1 dead after violent lefties incite a riot in Virginia. Oh wait.. In all seriousness, horrible situation there and needless, senseless violence from all involved. Driving a car at a crowd makes that person no better than any terrorist doing the same for their cause. How do people get this angry and violent about their beliefs? If someone disagreed with me, which happens often, I would never consider getting physically violent. Utterly worthless exercise. People are forever disappointing me. People are the worst.
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    You're clearly not living by the theme song. They don't want to wait, for their lives to be over.... but you seem to be procrastinating.
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    I wonder how the number of death threats compare before and after this decision. I'd go out on a limb and guess he's getting even more threats now from the disappointed pro-trophy hunting people, but it would be interesting to find out for sure.
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    Why does everyone who dislikes or disagrees with Trump's policies obviously hate Trump? Is it because you hate everything you perceive as Liberal and project that onto others? Or can you really not have a friendly disagreement but only have a like/hatred dichotomy? It's possible to vehemently disagree with someone's ideas and definitely not hate the person. Why make the personal attack at the end of your comment - granted all the spelling and grammar errors make it hard to take your posts seriously sometimes - but you took what was an interesting back-and-forth and turned it personal and condescending. What was the point of that? Do you really think there is merit in the "you think our guy is bad, your guy is worse" argument?
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    Yes I am in the minority - and probably have a relatively unique perspective on Africa although not the most or the best and I recognize that. I was in Kenya not as a tourist or religious activist but rather to attempt to understand various aspects of things not necessarily relevant here. I worked with locals. I employed them and was employed by them. I've stayed at tourist hotels (high and low end), camped on private lands, and stayed in family homes. I also spent a lot of time listening - I interacted with the proprietor of a high end resort and its employees (including former employees), I interacted with people working for, and also those running, a conservation NGO, I interacted with people working at the museums. I can say for certainty that the people chosen to work with tourists are chosen for visibility and optics reasons (i.e., they present to tourists the Africa tourists expect and want) and yes, it is extremely difficult to see everyday Africa as a tourist. If you were trying to obtain tags for a hunt but were only able to go on a safari, you saw Africa through that lens - and perhaps explains your willingness to defend trophy hunting under the guise of attacking my opinions and the knowledge I have gained though my work. However yours is a very different perspective than mine. And my perspective and vision has changed over the past decade of me traveling there, which is maybe just as relevant. As for the rest of your comment, the arm waving and name calling isn't worth a reply.
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    You've been to East Africa and seen what wealthy tourists actually do to local economies then? Because the hotels they stay at are not locally owned. Often they aren't even owned by Africans. Neither are the restaurants. The guides are profiting off of illegal hunting activities (such as luring animals off of preserves). Wealthy safari tourists and religious activists do not help the locals. Wealthy tourists don't even have to interact with locals if they don't want...and often they don't want because they don't want to see the real Africa. I've seen it on my 5 trips to Africa. Both the good and and bad.
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    PAF (I'm just answering your question, not saying I agree/disagree with the argument...although I've always wondered about people who enjoy killing animals) - Jeffries argues that big game hunting isn't a sport. The logical extension to fishing is the same - it also wouldn't be a sport by his definition. The next argument is for food use - big game hunting isn't necessary to feed your family since the US overproduces food anyway. Again, the logical extension to fishing stands. And perhaps it's even worse for fishing since most people have to practice catch-and-release fishing, so they cannot argue they are doing so for food. The same logical extension for hunting being a hobby would extend to fishing - enjoying killing a mammal or bird is no more or less uncomfortable to some than enjoying killing a fish. That all being said, not everyone considers mammals, birds, and fish to be equal when discussing all of these things...
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    Two things made me giggle. First Seth Meyers "If Scaramucci was viagra it wouldn't even be time to call your doctor yet." Second this image from Kate Hudson on instagram.
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    Grizz buddy, do some research on mental illnesses. And then go do some research on gender dysphoria.
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    Could also be an attempt to distract from his openly disparaging Jeff Sessions. Or it simply could be ignorance and bigotry. It's disgusting either way.
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    His 1st NHL goal against the Dead Things in a 3-2 game where he scored the GWG (as far as I remember). Saw it on TV and that's a rare thing here!
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    Nah, we already showed that cannot be the case because cats. See the RDC.
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    Too little, too late in my opinion. Where was he for the past few days?? Where were his forceful tweets condemning the violence and hatred? Not to mention his speech today severely lacked the ferocity of his fire and fury comments directed at North Korea...