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    How about we go with the Republican gun plan. Give every country nukes. That way the "good ones" can help police the "bad ones". What could possibly go wrong? At this point, I'm basically cheering for global thermonuclear war. Humans as a species are overrated. Let's wipe the slate and start over.
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    ...how surprising. After several attempts by right wing activist to forge false stories on this topic here we go again and he falls for it like its the first time. Might be just me and I know that its all about destroying the trust in the 'false news networks', but would it really matter if even all but a single Roy Moore story would be false? Sure it is better that just one kid got molested instead of several by your future senator - but is it really good enough? On the other hand republicans, the defenders of Christian values party, got the 'grab them by the *****'-guy as president (who totally didn't say it, something that he only remember a year after the scandal broke loose). I guess the biggest low are still those hyprocrits on the left and as long as you can avoid them and reduce the 1%'s taxes everything is fine.... oh, and as long as there is no black guy in office - that would be such a dark stain on the picture...
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    Ironically, people who don't believe accusers (like grizz) are one of the biggest reasons why those accusers don't come forward sooner. It's a vicious cycle of abuse and denial, which allows the abuse to continue. Is it so hard to believe that someone in a position of power (celebrity, politician, etc.) would have an easy time "getting away with" sexual abuse, even moreso than an average person? I don't understand how people are standing up for Roy Moore (he was banned from the mall for creeping on underage girls...how much of a pervert do you have to be to get banned from a mall?) and Donald Trump (dozens of accusers across decades of his life...how could they possibly be coordinating that just to make a political point?). Partisan politics have become so polarizing that people can't even sympathize with people (who are someone's daughter/wife/sister/etc) and instead they think someone would make up a story of sexual abuse. Disgusting, what have we become as a society when that's the case? EDIT: bauhaus, that is terrible to hear what happened to you when you were younger. I appreciate the courage that it takes to talk about that now. It's good that you were able to get therapy and confront that part of your life, and don't feel the need to hide it and feel like you were somehow to blame. A lot of people aren't that lucky, and they live in fear and shame for their whole lives.
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    How do you prove rape? I was abused as a child. My Mother's husband bit my cheeks (sounds weird, I know.) I remember my Mother coming home and asking what happened to my face which I was terrified to say. She asked her Husband (at the time) and he looked at me like he was shocked and deeply concerned. "Oh my gosh, how did this happen, I didn't even notice". I never told her. I've told a therapist. My mother and that man got divorced after he went to jail for selling drugs. All of this was back when I was around 4 maybe. I can't prove it. How does one prove it? If you are raped and there are no witnesses, and no video, and no pictures, how do you prove it? Maybe the women were terrified to come forward like I was. There's no evidence now. I don't know what the solution is. I understand that you shouldn't be found guilty before proven innocent, but you should also take accusations seriously and not just dismiss them as wild made up stories. Ignorance doesn't make the problem go away.
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    We fell back to Earth. The trade high of Ghetto is gone. I could say that about almost every single player sans MacK and Varly in his homestand (Lando doesn't count). Girard is proving his age, EJ is flopping about, Barrie passes to skates instate of sticks, a lot of players just didn't do anything on this homestand. Rantanen doesn't look like a 20+ goal scorer, Wilson doesn't do anything, Nieto makes stupid passes (like Girard did on the touch-up BUF goal). Yak vanished. Jost shouldn't be in the NHL right now. Kerfoot got some points of it but it was ALL MacK (Barrie got some pity points as well). Z has been making some bad defensive plays and that usually leads to being unlucky (the 2-3 goal bounced off of him and settled straight for Kane). So yeah, I have a few suggestions: Stop playing one of the worse faceoff-man (Soda) at the end of the game, trailing by one, needing to score. Too bad we just traded our best faceoff-guy ... And the players REALLY need to practice passing (looking at you Barrie) - he passed it into skates left AND right last night. When the pass was made, we simply couldnt' hit the net (SO many missed shots). And our on-ice awereness is simply not good. If the puck goes around the net and up the half-wall (in the offensive zone), where does the defending player try and chip the puck? Up the wall. So it's either the opposing wing (or prefarebly a D-man) who needs to get over there (in a HURRY) to keep the puck in. We are so bad at exactly that play because the players aren't in position to keep the puck in. It's an easy clear for the other team if they get to the puck first (we don't always hustle). We, on the other hand, can't clear the puck up the wall, because, guess what, the other team already have a guy waiting there. IF it goes (cleanly) by him, it's usually icing. Lose-lose. And for the love of everything, STOP with the spinning, Girard. The others know!
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    Who says YOU have to be the policeman all the time? And I'm fairly sure the US have some nukes laying around that can reach the NK as well.
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    John Oliver's last show of the year is a good one.
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    No, Canada-people are nice to eachother
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    Maybe it's because I am not a gambler, but it seems like such a huge risk. Why not, as I said in my message, wait for the dust to settle. Because even if you 'think' he is innocent, there is always a chance he isn't. If these accusations turn out to be right then those throwing their campaign money and support behind him are going to come off pretty badly for supporting a pedophile. As for Nancy supporting Franken, as I said I am sure this happens everywhere. I just can't understand it. I don't care if they are democrats, republicans, actors, actresses, banking executives, teachers, step-parents, whatever. Those who use their power, privilege, fame, money, or other means, to sexually abuse, exploit, harass or otherwise someone else need to be punished. I am happy right now to see people dragged through the mud for having done this stuff. This is a very powerful movement right now.
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    What Roy Moore (allegedly) did isn't bad because, well, others have done other stuff too. Right?! How about every single man and woman who has used their position of power, or fame to make sexual advances on a boy, girl, man or woman is a piece of dirt who needs to face the consequences. The thing that really boggles my mind is those people who are doubling down on their support for alleged offenders. Seriously, if someone has been accused of something like this by several people, they are innocent until proven guilty, but why would you campaign for someone and tell everyone how great a person they are. Let the dust settle and see what comes of it. If this Roy Moore stuff turns out to be true which I'm pretty convinced it will be Trump and all the Republicans who are rallying behind him are going to look pretty awful. Why would you take that risk? And I'm sure the same is happening on the left and in the movie industry and banking industry and every other corner of this and other countries. Sexual exploitation and abuse is rampant and I'm glad finally light is being shed on the predators.
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    https://sports.yahoo.com/meet-amazing-incredible-nigerian-womens-bobsled-team-215859980.html Cool story for the olympics coming up.
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    Trump and Moore say they didn't do anything. And we are to believe them until proven guilty. These women have claimed they were sexually abused/assaulted and we are to believe they are liars until proven truthful? Yikes
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    Or maybe he's just dizzy from all that spinning around
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    I didn't know about the senate's opinion on this, but it doesn't make it better. If the whole international community complains about the action, it might be because they don't care about how the voters in the USA perceive it, but how it will affect the region. So the US senate acting like the snakes they are, doesn't make Trump smarter.
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    Neither - is that an option?
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    It's an FBI investigation. It doesn't matter what his voters or the Republican party thinks. If they find enough evidence, they will move forward with charges.
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    I don't mind Landeskog getting 4. He has gone overboard often enough. But there is no excuse for Kane. He looked at the guy, it wasn't a fast situation, he just deliberatly decided to crosscheck the other guy in the face. DOPS is a freaking joke.
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    Perhaps someone said "change" to Kane and he just lost it ....
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    Yes. The more you drive, the more you are responsible for the deterioration of the highways.
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    " He is playing with poise, he is making it easy on me. Joe did a heckova job. By himself, he would have been worth it" EJ on Girard
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    Well when you are a repeat offender like Gudas was, then you're going to get the longer suspension. Landy needs to watch out because the next infraction like that may end up being 10 games.
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    The draft picks were not the main part of the trade. They were a nice throw-in. Plenty of quality players have been selected in the late 1st round. Plus, the more picks we have, the more chances we have to find a winner. It's better than our previous policy of throwing in draft picks just to make a bad trade happen.
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    Ideally they miss the playoffs and get the 11th pick
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    Roy going was probably the biggest step towards a better team
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    Hey smurf, long time no see. What brings you back to these boards? Is it that the Avs don't totally suck this year? BTW, you're absolutely right about getting caught up in the idea of a player. Same thing happened to me with Stastny and O'Reilly. It's easily to believe that we'd be lost without those players. But it's the nature of the league these days. Hardly any players stick around one team for their whole career.
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    Sometimes I think a team can get caught in the "idea" of a player. I'm going to miss Duchene but in the end I've seen young faces of Franchises move away to the betterment of both their careers and the franchise. I know I had never fully bought into the Duchene train, but I too have memories of the HOPE that came with the 09 draft. Sad to see we couldn't take the Sens but petty me was glad we kept them Duchene off the board at least.
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    Thank you, a lot of clickbaity article titles but it's a conditioning stint, they don't have to make the distinction because Jost is waiver exempt
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    Bednar mentioned as much. He thinks he'll be back in a week or so. It's smart imo, let him get his legs there and come back when he's ready.
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    LMAO. A 20 pack huh? That's optimistic. Most people would be satisfied with 5 or 10. I wish I heard about this earlier. But I am happy that they easily sold out on day 1. Can't wait to see what other things they have planned.
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    Thor: Ragnarok was outstanding!!! That is all.
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    I love John Oliver. He's going to be hilarious as Zazu in the new Lion King movie.
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    I heard his favorite song it What About Us by P!nk
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    To be fair, the whole team was crap on defense. The forwards weren't doing anything right. They looked absolutely terrified that Karlsson was going to make them look bad. Puck retrieval was abysmal and when we got it we gave it away too quickly. Sure, Barberio took some bad penalties and made bad plays, but he can't be the only one blamed.
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    This is tough man...I'll never forget that summer day in 2009 thinking we had our first building block to turning it around and becoming a contender. I printed out a picture of Matty putting on the Avs jersey and pinned it on the front door (not really sure why). Insane that it's almost 10 year now since that moment. In hindsight there's still a lot of soreness with how all of this went down. The fact we spun in circles for too long frustrating a player who really wanted to win and never got a proper full-blown rebuild going. The fact our management has no idea what constitutes the foundation of a hockey team and blew so much money and time unable to assess what value is in the NHL these days. The fact that Matty asked for a trade and quit on this team at least a year ago. It all sucks. Anyways, what's done is done. Girard really looks like the kind of Dman you want to build around these days. I really hope it works out. There's been way too much disappointment drowning this team for way too long. And it'll be all for naught if management keeps misinterpreting value and filling the lineup with labels like 'character, grit, leadership'. That's great and all but it's skill that's going to elevate this team to where it needs to be. Girard on the back-end is a good first step. Watching this Avs/Sens game is gonna hurt...
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    I think there's a huge difference between taking political sides like Fox and Breitbart, and being incredibly click-baity like CNN to get more ad revenue. CNN blows things out of proportion and is very pro-corporatism (which isn't a surprise, given their ownership), the others more and more emulate state-run media in places like Turkey, Russia, and Venezuela. I think the fact that some people are calling CNN partisan or liberal is a great sign of how far to the right the American political spectrum has drifted. Then again, that's a completely different topic.
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    Sure, but to me FOX is still the number one. Going after every single sexual offense in Hollywood and involving dems while their own boss and one of their major stars had several settlements because of sexual absuses. And its not just about sexual offenses, its everything. They contradict themselves every day to the point that calling them a news station is an insult. Its basically 24/7 GOP-promotion.