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    Again, just because there's a law enabling ICE from doing what they're doing, doesn't make it any less inhumane. And that's why many Senators, even Senator Cruz, are trying to write up a new law stopping this barbaric act. http://time.com/5315604/ted-cruz-family-separation-border-crisis/ And come on, the "crime" you speak of is a misdemeanor, not a felony. Tell me ANY other case where children are separated from their families for a misdemeanor. How does this not break the 8th amendment?
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    The biggest political topics of 2018 are regarding the shooting of children and separating children from their families. It's disgusting. I've never been more disappointed and ashamed to be a US citizen.
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    The only thing that meme shows how things can be twisted is in how it deliberately lies and tries to claim Trump did nothing wrong, when he and his propaganda channels are the ones who are once again lying. There was never a need to separate kids from those seeking asylum. Or from those illegally crossing the border in the "normal" fashion either. It's sad when the administration is even less truthful than OccupyDemocrats.
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    https://globalnews.ca/news/4283470/donald-trump-canadians-smuggling-shoes-tariffs/ “People living in Canada are coming to the United States and smuggling things back into Canada because the tariffs are so massive,” Trump said Tuesday. “The tariffs to get common items back into Canada are so high, that they have to smuggle them in. “They buy shoes and then they wear them. They scuff them up. They make them sound old or look old,” the president said. 😂😂😂 I'm sorry folks, but this is getting more ridiculous every week.
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    No one has disagreed people have broken the law. But show me the law that says a family of illegal immigrants should be split up and put in cages like rabid dogs.
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    Here's a snippet of an article by Tom Reed of The Athletic Columbus. The article is titled, "Defenseman Ian Cole represents a tough loss for Blue Jackets on several levels"
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    Show me another misdemeanor where your children are taken away.
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    Sorry to say, but that's utter bullcrap and makes me believe you do not understand even the basics of what a trade deficit is or what it affects. If you think trade deficits are inherently bad, you should probably stop going to your grocery store, which I guarantee you have a serious trade deficit with. That is, unless you happen to be one of their distributors, in which case your grocery store should stop trading with you. The inevitable result of the current tariffs, were they to remain, is that not only will a large portion of our manufacturing affected by counter-tariffs move abroad, but we also artificially enable our international competitors to steal our customers by being able to offer a much better deal, as they are unaffected by the tariffs as long as they stay outside of the U.S. market. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely issues with "Free Trade," especially when it comes to exploitation of people and the environment, but unlike what many on the far left try to claim, our consumption habits are actually pulling a ton of people out of severe poverty around the world, and that's a good thing. We have the power to affect bad habits in other countries as consumers, but those very countries are likely to do so on their own as well as they're building a real middle class. China may be a terrible nation in many ways, but they do have a burgeoning middle class that's come to understand how terrible air pollution has been getting because of the complete lack of regulation they used to have. As a result, they've now spent some serious capital in cleaning things up around their nation.
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    There's no way it's worth it in the long term. In the long term this will lead to recession, and then depression. We're NOT a self-reliant manufacturing nation anymore, nor should we strive to be. This anti-globalism crap is so inherently stupid and goes against literally hundreds of years of economic research. This was one of the BIG issues the GOP understood that a large portion of Democrats didn't.
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    Attempt to change the subject: Canada became the 2nd country to legalize recreational marijuana use. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44543286
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    Great. Good for you. Aside from the uppityness of this, were you ever stripped from your parents and involuntarily put in a cage in some random warehouse? You're right, perspective is an issue.
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    Disagree. The US can choose how to handle the families and the children. They are choosing to split the families up. They are not forced to do so. Other countries manage not to, regardless of whether their border policies are better or worse, the UN has condemed it (rightly so), Republicans and Democrats have condemed it (rightly so). But you know what, they are all criminals and deserve what they get. Right? America's hand is forced right? Nothing else could be done? Right? I have complete contempt for the administration for this. Utter scumbags using children as a pawn in their border war. For what? What good is this doing? History will judge this administration for their actions.
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    The difference between a US citizen who has kids committing a crime and a non-US citizen who has kids committing a crime, is that when a US citizen is arrested the authorities attempt to find a family member, a close family friend or at worst put the child in the custody of the state after the arrest. At no point are they put in a prison or holding cell like a criminal. Mexicans? The kids get taken from their parents and put in large cages. There is no law which states families should be separated. Sessions and the Trump Administration are using this tactic as a deterrent to discourage people from bringing their kids across the border. It is quite frankly disgusting. And people "aren't mad at the parents for putting their families at risk" likely because they are choosing the lesser of two evils - stay behind and keep their families in risk, or try cross the border and potentially put their family at risk. Would you leave you kid(s) behind? Of course you wouldn't. People don't just cross the border for fun, or for a vacation. They are doing it because they are desperate in some way and the risk of being caught in the US must be far lower to them than staying in South or Central America. Sessions and co want to make them think twice (which is fair) by being unnecessarily cruel to innocent young children (completely unfair). Immoral. Inhumane. Disgusting.
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    What did we expect? We've seen him charge ahead of his own wife time after time. The Queen should have hauled off and whacked him with her handbag. That would have been incredible. 😂
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    Why are you still so obsessed with Obama and Clinton? Every conversation criticizing Trump comes back to 'yea but the left, but obama, but clinton'. None of that makes Trumps international diplomacy tactics any better. Nothing Trump does is simple - he pushes away allies and calls them foes, and embraces and celebrates leaders of 'enemy' nations. Had Obama done the same with N. Korea and Putin that Trump has, you'd be up in arms. I think you know you would too, because he is Obama.
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    You are super confusing. Is Russia bad or not? It seems when Trump snuggles up to Putin all is great, but when Germany agrees to buy natural resources from Russia it is bad. Same with North Korea - before the Trump-summit they should be treated as enemies and crushed, then Trump visits and we should bring them under our wing.
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    I think Bednar has more offensive upside than Calvert.
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    1 year tops...All indication say that this kid could probably play in the NHL at some point this year. I hope they follow Rantanen's route with him and allow him 1 year to tear up the AHL. He'd be more than ready at that point.
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    I'm not even sure how to respond to this the later part of this post, Sonne. On one hand you're not happy that the Avs didn't add more salary in the first week of free agency (so as not to waste valuable years of our core players), and then on the other hand, and you're saying that the core guys we do have to sign next year might command too much money....so....if we add more salary now in the off-season, won't that make negotiations even harder with less available space? Are you not, in a round about way, contradicting yourself? In response the idea that we didn't add secondary scoring, (since you're asking); In the first place, I'm not even sure I agree with your notion that it's necessary to do so right away. As far as free agency goes, sure there were guys available (your list here), but off of that list, you have to rule out.....guys that don't want to play here, guys that flat want to play elsewhere, guys that wouldn't necessarily fit the locker room or the guys that wouldn't necessarily fit the system, guys that want too much term or guys that want outrageous money, and guys that just might fit all your criteria, so you make an offer, and even then...sometimes you don't get them. And then, you're mad at the Avs on the first day that free agency opens because they can't just pick names off the list like it's fantasy. I apologize, I don't understand. In my opinion, today's hockey has generated such parity in the league, that it's soo difficult to predict how a roster will be on ice, as it seems that the right mix of players is just as important as the talent you have in the core. So, St. Louis and Dallas look better...on paper....after the first day of free agency, and you never know how roster shuffling is going to play out. As far as the Avs go, I honestly have little doubt, that this team, as is, can start the season competitively (and they don't have to be at the top of the standings to stay in the playoff race...I don't expect them to anyway). But, I fully believe that the staff has the luxury of waiting to evaluate the kids where they're at, going into the second season. Really, after the success they just had, there isn't a singe person on that roster that deserves to get demoted right away, anyhow. Let Kerfoot and Jost man the second line. Let Compher see if he can take the tough matchups on Soderberg's line...he's even better at getting under guys skin than Comeau, imo, haha. Let Kamanev or Toninato secure regular spots on the roster. Now then, as they're getting 6 weeks or a couple months into the season, you've at least got a better idea if MacK, Lando, Rants are going to be able to sustain their dominance, and there's more clarity as to where guys are projecting to be in the line-up. I know you're not going to agree, but similar to the Duchene situation last year, I'm gonna suggest we continue to trust in Joe; and not get up in arms about not acquiring so-and-so in free agency. Personally, I agree the second line looks like it needs a boost, I'm actually not arguing with that (just that we're not in any hurry to do so). I think Jost and Kerfoot are going to be regulars there, but I'm not sure I see an ideal 3rd winger....Ghetto, Wilson, Compher, Calvert? It would be great to see the Avs add solid 2nd line forward to help those two kids. Skinner or Silfverberg, both rumored to be available. It would be easy to see NY Rags making Mats Zuccarello availableat some point early next year, or if Marcus Johansson become available in NJ should they falter early, both would be similar outstanding targets for us. (Panarin, ehhh, a little scared to pay what he would cost in a trade....1st liner prices for sure). If the right move become available over the summer, by all means, take the opportunity. But, in my opinion, there's really no reason to rush into a transaction just because it's the free agency frenzy. Just my 2 cents.
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    Yep, we are bullying others from coming to the "greatest country in the world". I truly am grateful all of my family decedents came when they did. My mother's side were some of the first settlers of Oconto Falls Wisconsin. My Father's side were some of the first to settle in Cheyenne. All of my family are immigrants from Europe and Mexico. Fortunately they all came when immigration was welcome. And I read your article, the headline is wrong. "I would advise people to find another country to seek refuge ... because here the law is very tough. People don't have a heart," she said with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Your child is a treasure and to have them separated is very painful." Nowhere does it say anything about warning illegals, she's warning refugees.
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    And yeah, that Trump meme about separating kids is blatantly false. The U.S. has never before separated families at the border. That was something that came down from Jeff Sessions on April 6 this year. The kids they count during the Obama years are kids who arrive at the U.S. borders without their parents and the U.S. did nothing to separate them as they never came together in the first place. That's still happening and is not part of the current outrage. Nice job trying to spread more lies, though.
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    It's illegal to make formal offers, but it's completely fine to have informal discussions about what kind of contract he's looking for. Carlson's agent was taking calls from other teams before he re-upped with the Caps. That's just how the game is played. As for the Sharks, I've said before I think that's the best place Tavares could land. They are willing to pay (especially with Thornton coming off the books), and they have decent talent to support him at #1 center. Their style of play compliments his. Since this is all posted in Avs Talk, I'll say that I don't think the Avs are remotely close to the best fit. Firstly, we already have a #1 center, and moving MacKinnon to the wing or the #2 spot would be an insult after the year he just had. Secondly, our salary structure doesn't really support that massive single contract for a superstar. MacKinnon at $6.3M is a steal. There's no way we're going to sign somebody with roughly twice the cap hit of our best player (especially since Tavares isn't anywhere close to twice as good). If we start throwing around that kind of money, then all our contract negotiations are going to be biased by that.
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    Highway robbery part 2 from Sakic
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    As children are separated from their families, law enforcement agents reclassify them from members of family units to "unaccompanied alien children." Federal officials said Tuesday that since May, they have separated 2,342 children from their families, rendering them unaccompanied minors in the government's care. https://apnews.com/amp/dc0c9a5134d14862ba7c7ad9a811160e?__twitter_impression=true So not only are children separated from parents, they are separated from each other. Therefore brothers and sisters are separated. Boys go to one place. Girls to another, (Still unknown where at this time.) And children under 5 go to yet another location. They are completely ripping the families apart.
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    Let's hope we get something out of all of this.
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    Not to mention the US is deciding to charge all crossers with a crime, which is a distinct change, before Trump a lot were evaluated for asylum. Under international law it is illegal to criminalize seeking asylum, so the Trump admin is treating everyone as a criminal without due course and using that as a means to separate families to deter others.
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    https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/06/how-you-can-fight-family-separation-at-the-border.html?wpsrc=sh_all_dt_tw_ru For anyone else interested in helping out.
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    Convicted murderers in jail are being treated better than these poor innocent children.
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    You say that, but what GM will want to bring that potential problem into their organization? He's got 2 more years left at nearly $5.2M, so a buyout would be pretty tough to swallow. And Ottawa's front office isn't exactly known for competence.
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    Yeah, alienating the EU, calling them the enemy and going closer to Russia. Sound plan.
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    I'm not saying it isn't. I'm saying playing Ghetto with guys like Toninato and Wilson will be bad. You CAN agree on that, right? I.e wasted talent.
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    I guess since we have to make an introductory post to have access to the board here I am. Been a fan since moved to Colorado.
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    The strange part is Moser hasn't even locked the t.v. play by play job. They are going to test a few others too based on the article. I love Moser but I don't like what they did to Haynes. He's earned his place and to have them take it out from under him the way they did is a bit troubling.
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    I don't think I'd want Karlsson for the same reasons I didn't really want Tavares. 1. I don't think they would fit in with our system. Tavares isn't particularly fast, and Karlsson has lost a step since his surgery. That just doesn't fit well with our supposed up-tempo style. If we're going to make a blockbuster deal, it should be a perfect fit, not a compromise. 2. I don't like the idea of committing so much of our cap space to a single person. Too much can go wrong, particularly on the injury front. Or even if that player has a 10% decline in production, we're still handcuffed by a huge, long contract. Once again, I'd stress that we should only make that kind of deal if it was the ideal situation. I don't want a slightly-past-his-prime Karlsson for $10M+ until he's 36 years old (his likely next contract). That would be an anchor around our neck for the better part of a decade. Waaaay more restrictive than giving Cole $4.25M for 3 years, and that's a deal everyone has already complained about. Plus, from an organizational standpoint, these superstar deals are being built with stupid amounts of signing bonuses (i.e. guaranteed money) that we'd be on the hook for even if there is another lockout. Not very smart.
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    Well, that escalated quickly! Doesn't anyone think Joe Sakic has a plan? In the last two years, he set the ship back on course: getting rid of older players/contracts, setting up speed, youth, conditioning and skill as number 1 priorities. I believe our goalie tandem this year will be better than last year's. I think our Defence is better than last year's. I still have faith that secondary scoring is coming through patience with our young boys and possibly trades. We still have a ways to go to be regular Stanley Cup contenders but I believe were still heading in the right direction. A turn from a horribly bad team to Stanley Cup contender doesn't happen over the course of 1.5 years. I don't think we're wasting MacK's years by growing as a unit. Our young guys will only getting better and better. Let's not forget that it's July 3rd, still lots of possibilities ahead of Sakic and LOTS of CAP space. He's done amazing! In the last two years, I've questioned a lot of Sakic's moves but in hindsight, he knew exactly what he was doing. Best example, the Duchene situation! No move at the trade deadline. No move at the Draft. No move in the off-season and boom, Nov 5th happened! Is anyone unhappy with the Duchene trade? And we're not even a year after the trade yet... Patience everyone, patience!
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    IMO and I agree with the BSN guys, the only way the Cole signing looks bad is if we give Nemeth a long term deal. They have the same role but Cole's underlying numbers suggest he'll be a better player than Nemeth. He helps the depth a lot. Imagine, if instead of having to use warsofsky and Siemens in the playoffs last year because of injuries, we could put in Nemeth.
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    Girard and Makar Girard is better defensively than you give him credit for.
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    We're paying for insulation. Those 4 guys aren't all going to play 82 games....well, we can hope....but it's unlikely. We now have Nemeth/Barberio as our 6/7 instead of a Warsofsky or Lindholm as the first fill-in. Also, Cole may allow us to balance 3 lines a little better, and potentially help shelter Girard while he's still growing. Zads-EJ/Cole-Barrie/Girard-Barberio. Similar with Calvert's role, we have Borque, Kamanev and Toninato as our 11th/12th/13th forwards. Calvert bumps guys like that down and pushes the Nieto's and Compher's. I'm okay with both of these moves from a roster standpoint. I understand, both are high AAVs, but the cap went up 4 1/2 million this year, it's going to go up at least 4 1/2 million next year, and so these cap hits are going to be absorbed just fine, and I don't really think either of these guys will hinder the ability to sign any of our core guys going forward. 3 years is reasonable term for guys still in their late 20's.
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    I actually like both of these signings. Calvert is an energy guy, 3 years younger than Comeau. I think he will be well liked. Cole is a stable 2nd pairing guy, underrated in St. Louis, imo, but he was still adjusting his game to the NHL. I thought he was solid in Pittsburgh, help win them, what...2 cups? Only a 29 year old vet, and we only had to give him 3 years of term. Sure, we're giving him a higher AAV, but that's just the nature of UFA. The cap just went up by 4 1/2 million dollars and we've got plenty of space for the next few years; I don't see this as being a high risk signing, at all. ....how's this for funny...we now have back to back, St. Louis's, 1st round defenseman picks [Johnson (1st overall: 2006), Cole (18th overall: 2007)]
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    Thats if a private citizen buys it from the US and ships it. Its not if say Ford builds here here and ships it to a dealer there.. there's the difference.
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    Good an email yesterday that due to the Trump tax law, all full time employees at my company will be getting a $500 bonus check with the next pay day. So that's nice.
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    Based on absolutely nothing.
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    If there's one thing I can't stand, it's hypocrisy. So shame on Austin Watson. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1560155 "In 2017, Watson was a part of a public-awareness campaign along with his Predators teammates called "Unsilence the Violence," a project focused on bringing an end to violence against women."
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    All you have to look at are Epipens. The prices for them have gone up almost 500% over 7 years. What exactly changed over the years to warrant the steep increase? I took Lyrica for a while and it's around $300 a month and my insurance wouldn't cover any of it. robbery
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    And they are already sending children to Michigan and other parts of the US for temporary foster care. This is insane. https://www.michigan.gov/mdcr/0,4613,7-138--471110--,00.html However, under this new policy, children who are being separated from their parents at the border are now being transported to Michigan for temporary foster care placement. We have received reports and are very concerned that the children arriving here are much younger than those who have been transported here in the past. Some of the children are infants as young as three months of age and are completely unable to advocate for themselves