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  1. What's the point of making this thread? OBVIOUSLY, most people would only trade MacKinnon and Landeskog for a king's ransom (if at all). You're just being a d*ck calling out grizz for some petty argument you had in another thread. Quit embarrassing yourself by making every argument so personal.
  2. Because he was always a decent player, and now he's getting even bigger minutes in more scoring situations (averaging 20:47 per game this year). Anyone's stats would get better playing that much time (especially on the PP - he's playing over 3:00 per game on the PP, mostly with Tarasenko).
  3. First, it's a very classless move to make an entire thread just to continue your argument from another thread and call out another person. At least link to the original discussion so people could have context. Second, EVERYONE is available for the right price. If Buffalo lost their mind and wanted to trade us Eichel and Dahlin for MacKinnon, would you say no? I'm not saying it's likely, but I will say it's short-sighted to say "no" before you even hear a trade offer.
  4. Girard at least looks competent at doing his job. No, he's not producing offensively as much as some people hoped, but he's learning the defensive game (which is more challenging for him because he lacks size), and I think he's making progress. Once he's more comfortable defensively, maybe he can start jumping in more on the offensive side. But even if he's only a 20-30 point/year guy, that's fine as long as he can hold his own defensively.
  5. (Disclaimer: I hope you don't read this like I'm accusing you of anything. I'm speaking in generalities about how fans react.) Most fans have unrealistic expectations of what their team is capable of. They get very upset at the players if (for example) their goalies don't make highlight reel saves routinely, if their forwards aren't shooting 50% and controlling the puck 90% of the time, etc. I suggest trying to watch from a neutral perspective (or even as if you're cheering for the other team), just to sanity-check your expectations. Many of the saves you might expect your goalie to make, if you were watching from the other team's perspective you would expect your guy to score on. In those cases, one of the team's fans are going to be disappointed. And it's just human nature to focus more on negatives than on positives, so your overall impression is more likely to be negative. The last thing I'll point out is PDO...basically a measure of luck. Early in the year we were near the top of the NHL in PDO (i.e. we were unnaturally lucky). During our recent slump that has adjusted back to be almost exactly 1.00 (which represents league average). We actually over-corrected slightly to .997, so we're due for a little better luck to start coming our way. That's no guarantee, but at least we're closer to where we're "supposed to be". Our team save% is now 16th in the NHL (91.8%) and our shooting percentage is 19th (7.91%)...so if anything we should be blaming our lack of scoring more than we should be blaming our goaltending.
  6. Well first, I want to clarify that just because I don't see Grubauer as a "game stealing" goalie, he can still be a very good #1 goalie. The two types of goalies I mentioned can both equally be #1 goalies depending on how good they are at their particular skill set. There are advantages and drawbacks to each type of goalie, depending on what type of team they're playing behind. Grubauer could be almost as good as Rinne (only limited by his lack of size) if he were playing behind a great defensive team. He's positionally sound, reads the play pretty well, and is pretty reliable from game to game (certainly not a "head case" like many of the game-stealing goalies can be). As for team defense, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's wrong because I can't go review game film easily (and I don't have the time to do it anyway). It could be something like our forwards not coming back deep enough in the D zone, which leaves a cross-ice pass open. Something like that which other teams are learning to exploit as the season goes on. I'm still unsure exactly how those advance stats classify a "high danger" chance. Is it solely based on where the puck is located when it's shot? I'd argue that a screened shot from the point is often more dangerous than a point blank chance. I don't think advance stats takes that kind of thing into account yet (although in the future with player and puck tracking, and better data processing, it might be a better indicator). Based on what I'm seeing when the Avs get scored on, we're having defensive breakdowns. We're not checking the stick of the shooter, we're allowing quick passes around our D zone, we're struggling with puck retrieval, and other things. It's never clear whether this is a broken system, or players simply being lazy, or something else. But I'm just not seeing a lot of goals against where I can say "our goalie really should have stopped that". That is really the only metric I use to determine how much I'm blaming our goaltenders.
  7. I don't really see anything for Grubauer to "turn around". This is the goalie he's always been. With the Caps, he didn't have to win games, he just had to not lose games. That's the two major categories of goalies: One one hand, you have your game-stealing goalies like Fleury, Gibson, Varly, Anderson, etc. They regularly win games when the team in front of them deserved to lose (i.e. when being out-shot by a wide margin). That's a special talent, but often times it doesn't translate well to playing behind a strong defense and only facing 20-some low quality shots per night. They have a tendency to get bored or unfocused if they aren't staying busy. They also can get tired and then fall off a statistical cliff. On the other hand you have "game managing" goalies. The ones who look like a brick wall behind strong defenses, but if they're forced to move a lot they start to look easier to beat. Guys like Rinne, Lundqvist, Brodeur, Osgood, etc. When the team in front of them is crap, don't expect these guys to steal a game very often. But they also rarely lose a game by giving up a soft or untimely goal. Grubauer falls more into the latter group. Same as Holtby who he backed up in DC. Lately the Avs have been a bit of an anomaly in that they aren't giving up a lot of shots, but the ones they do give up are often very good scoring chances. It's not like the goalies are letting in a bunch of "soft" goals. Maybe that's a downside of our heavy reliance on shot blocking (currently 4th in the league with 723 blocked shots)...when a shot does get through it's more likely that our own defense is screening the goalie. We also tend to allow more cross-ice passes which is harder for goalies because they're constantly working to stay square to the shooters. I know it's tempting to see a terrible save% and automatically blame the goalies, but I'm not convinced that's the problem. I think something may be fundamentally broken with our defensive system and teams are figuring out how to exploit it.
  8. I would imagine that many (if not most) of the players understand that if the whole line looks good then that will make them look good too. I don't think it's a selfish as that leading question makes it out to be.
  9. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1696683/mackinnon-calls-outburst-directed-at-hc-bednar-unacceptable MacKinnon knows he was in the wrong, apparently arguing about why we didn't pull a goalie, down 2 goals with only seconds remaining. Bednar said "To me (the outburst) didn't bother me at all. That's what I love about Nathan and about certain guys on our team is the fire and passion and emotion they play with, they have. That's what you need in this game... that’s what makes him so good, so I never want to curb that." Hopefully that puts to rest the stupid Dater-fueled speculation about a rift between MacKinnon and Bednar.
  10. To clarify, it's because of ongoing concussion symptoms and the risk of further brain injuries, according to his agent.
  11. When looking for 2nd line production, you really should omit PP points and only look at how they play at even strength: Kerfoot: 5G, 10A, -4 in 38 games Compher: 7G, 4A, +3 in 26 games Jost: 2G, 7A, -4 in 38 games Compher (on pace for 22G +13A at even strength over 82 games) is the only one who comes close to decent 2nd line production. 2 of those goals were shorthanded, but at least it's not inflated by playing with MacKinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog and Barrie on the 1st PP unit. Granted, all those guys are still young and could develop, but I think time is running out on Jost and Kerfoot. They need to figure out how to make smart decisions with the puck (in most cases, just shoot rather than looking for the perfect pass), or they'll never be productive enough to justify keeping. And just for the sake of fairness, let's look at Soderberg's even strength production: Soderberg: 9G, 6A, -6 in 42 games Not good enough given his salary, but I accept that his role has been limited to mostly shutdown duty since our other forward lines haven't been good enough defensively. His stats would look slightly better if he faced weaker competition or had fewer defensive zone starts.
  12. It didn't say whether they were seeking forward help though, or more maybe they're looking for some punch from the blueline. I'd gladly swap Barrie+. That would be a huge upgrade for us, and before Barrie's career goes the way of Liles (sharp decline into retirement and broadcasting).
  13. Reviving this thread to float the idea of getting Dougie Hamilton: https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1694189/report-hurricanes-open-to-trading-hamilton He's a big, young, versatile, right-handed shot. Signed at a reasonable cap hit until 2021. Carolina is sitting 7 points out of the playoffs despite being on a 4-game win streak, so they probably aren't going to be in "win now" mode. Would they accept some promising young forwards in exchange? Maybe give them Jost, plus a couple picks (or just our 1st rounder this year since we have Ottawa's that will be better anyway)?
  14. Oh, yeah I have the all teams deal I guess, because I can watch any game. My girlfriend is a big Caps fan so I could never get away with an Avs only deal. I didn't even realize they offered only one team deal. What happens in the playoffs? Do you get to watch all games or if your team missed the playoffs you just get short changed?
  15. Congrats ojb. For the record, I think full season NHL.tv is around $150, but you'll still be saving quite a bit of money each year. Now if only internet wasn't so expensive. I think I'm paying CenturyLink around $70 per month for 150 Mbps fiber. It would be about twice that much per month for gigabit internet, but I don't need that much speed.