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  1. That to me was a slap in the face back then. He should have gotten the same contract as Duchene. Think he wanted a lengthy 7yr deal that paid like 5-6mil per.
  2. I was referring to his contract dispute before he signed that Offer Sheet. The one where we paid Duchene insane money because he was a 1st round pick but O'Reilly put up similar numbers and got treated like a 2nd round pick who barely did anything. That was the beginning of the downfall in the relationship between the Avs and O'Reilly. We should not make the same mistake again or once again we will be taking another step backwards instead of moving forward.
  3. This is literally Ryan O'Reilly situation 2.0 here. A small amount on difference for quality that is young. Pay the damn kid and let's feel better about security on defense.
  4. Minnesota signed Alex Stalock as a free agent. Kuemper is with the LA Kings now.
  5. I'm certain we signed Kerfoot because we told him that he was gonna get NHL time so I would assume he gets the nod. Before the season ends I would be happy if we shipped both Duchene and Soderberg away for defense/picks/prospects combo type stuff.
  6. I so agree with that. Lets get less of those threatening with going to the KHL and more staying in the NHL type players.
  7. I'm happy we finally got some good news where someone wanted to come to our team.
  8. Chicago stays viable because talent wants to play for them. As for Edmonton I'm sure RNH will get traded sometime before the next season after this one starts. Teams always magically help the cap strapped teams. If teams stuck it to these cap strapped teams the league would be in a better place competitively.
  9. Oh I know and the loop needs closed for all teams. Wasting picks for other teams to simply take them is a slap in the face. Nashville felt it and many others before that.
  10. One thing is certain with the Butcher and previous incidents. The NHL needs to simply close this loophole as more and more talent is coming out of college than before. Rights shouldn't be lost because they went 4 yrs of college or reach a certain age. Or at least put in a stipulation where if they get a certain sized contract that is results in loss of a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round draft pick.
  11. Ya especially if the team isn't going anywhere he could simply reject contracts til they either trade him or he becomes a UFA possibly getting an even bigger deal down the road. I just have a hard time believing talent wants to play for us willingly.
  12. Yakupov is gonna be our Grigs 2.0.
  13. I hope we simply let Grigorenko walk. Kid has talent but we just don't see it enough. I have a feeling this year we are gonna be using a lot of new faces.
  14. With all our draft picks of college people I really hope this upcoming CBA closes that loophole that allows a player to walk.
  15. His value, his heart, his effort have all dropped. Sakic is probably now overvaluing him. GMs last year said the price was too high and again it seems too high this off-season. I personally feel Duchene loses value the more we hold on to him unless he magically goes insane this year, but it's not gonna happen.