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  1. Same here... But hell ya we got Mark Alt..... Plan the parade we going all the way!
  2. I meant it more like who do you want to see us get as his successor going forward. Like I would love a combo of Raanta and Bernier or Grubauer and Bernier next year.
  3. But who do we get for our starter after the season? Raanta? Grubauer? Bernier?
  4. If we are in the hunt close to deadline time and Varlamov is injured then I would like to trade a 3rd-4th for a goalie that will be a free agent end of the season. If Varly stays healthy then I think we should just stay put while in the hunt for a playoff spot. There is no point in rushing things. If the wheels fall off the wagon then I say trade some of the depth type players who will be UFAs and get hopefully a decent 2nd to 4th rounder
  5. When Elliott arrived here we were a trainwreck of a team that simply didn't care. It also showed in his play much like when Anderson didn't get his contract he wanted so he dogged his gameplay too. There is zero reason to rush Varly back since his groin is so sensitive. Maybe we could try to get Raanta from Arizona since he's a UFA end of the year if Varly's outlook doesn't look good.
  6. shtroumf---- The pick will be a 2018 first-round pick that may turn into a 2019 first-round pick should Ottawa finish in the bottom 10 in the league. All of this will be determined before the Draft Lottery.
  7. Duchene was worthless to us start of last year and up to the trade. He wanted out and it showed. The longer we kept hanging on to him the worse the locker room got. Johnson and Landeskog made it clear they wanted people who want to be here. They took the jab at Mr Quitter. We traded a cancer for quantity of hope.
  8. Yeah I was gonna say in 2 more seasons Barrie would be expendable
  9. I'd have given it all up for Chabot
  10. Yeah I watched a show with Dreger and them talking about it. Also showed Duchene at the Nuggets vs Raptors game and said can a guy look any sadder being at a game.
  11. This all boils down to the not signing him before Calgary gave him that offer sheet. It literally jumped his value up way too high so the inflation started early. He'd be great around the 6-7mil for all he does. Plus Duchene might not be in the shape he was in. They were amazing on a line together
  12. Yeah I saw that and once again the refs/system get us in the end.
  13. That to me was a slap in the face back then. He should have gotten the same contract as Duchene. Think he wanted a lengthy 7yr deal that paid like 5-6mil per.
  14. I was referring to his contract dispute before he signed that Offer Sheet. The one where we paid Duchene insane money because he was a 1st round pick but O'Reilly put up similar numbers and got treated like a 2nd round pick who barely did anything. That was the beginning of the downfall in the relationship between the Avs and O'Reilly. We should not make the same mistake again or once again we will be taking another step backwards instead of moving forward.