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  1. You know the Hawks are regretting that Seabrook deal big time. Teams still have to play it smart waiting for Seattle to arrive and once again rip teams apart roster wise. Hell might have another lockout too. Overall goaltending is a huge ???? for the team. Defense I feel is decent and judging by the signings would assume we aren't dipping our feet into that pool. I feel where the team truly needs help is secondary scoring. As you had pointed out teams could stack up against MacKinnon line and caused the Avs some trouble then relying on less of a threat. We need a solid scoring winger/center who isn't past his prime. Only names I can truly think of are Tavares and Kessel if any of that drama is real. I do think the Avs will try to get Tavares, but I'm not holding my breath on him signing.
  2. Well since he's like 27 I would think he could sign a 3yr deal for decent money and make a run for a Stanley Cup and yes he could go elsewhere for that type of money, but maybe he would buy in to it. He would still get a huge contract at 30 anyways. If he wants to chase money then it's his loss because the teams that would most likely throw the 10+ wouldn't help his odds out I feel. But my idea still stands and it was a long shot one. And before we bring it up I'm greatly against any idea of getting Thornton on the team. I'm perfectly fine with building our team and getting some role players to fill a gap or 2.
  3. The only player I would want the Avs to pursue would be Tavares for around 8.5mil for 3-5yrs. He would fill that 2nd line scoring depth as a real threat, but obviously getting him for that price isn't completely logical but if he buys into the winning a Cup chance it would be nice
  4. I can't see them trading Holtby after he's literally saved their playoff chances. Washington would still be in a win now and I don't think they feel it with Grubauer in the near future. I'm expect Grubauer to get around 3 to 3.5mil per year. So it would only save like 1.5mil from Holtby.
  5. And the Caps just signed Ilya Samsonov to a 3yr emtry level contract. So that would put Grubauer on the market I would assume.
  6. Ya the info is probably wrong. I simply searched his name in Google and this is what info came up. Pavel Francouz is a Czech ice hockey goaltender who is currently playing for Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League. He has previously played for Traktor Chelyabinsk of the KHL. Wikipedia Born: June 3, 1990 (age 27 years), Pilsen, Czech Republic Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 154 lbs Current team: Colorado Avalanche (Goaltender) National team: Czech Republic KHL team Former teams: Traktor Chelyabinsk; HC Plzeň; HC Oceláři Třinec; HC Litvínov
  7. He's listed as 6' and 154 lbs. I don't see him as the future. Bernier probably gonna get overpaid in the free agent market by probably Buffalo. Even though Grubauer had a shaky playoff I would still want the Avs to acquire his RFAness if it's done semi cheap. Judging by Holtby's play in the playoffs it would seem it could happen.
  8. Same here... But hell ya we got Mark Alt..... Plan the parade we going all the way!
  9. I meant it more like who do you want to see us get as his successor going forward. Like I would love a combo of Raanta and Bernier or Grubauer and Bernier next year.
  10. But who do we get for our starter after the season? Raanta? Grubauer? Bernier?
  11. If we are in the hunt close to deadline time and Varlamov is injured then I would like to trade a 3rd-4th for a goalie that will be a free agent end of the season. If Varly stays healthy then I think we should just stay put while in the hunt for a playoff spot. There is no point in rushing things. If the wheels fall off the wagon then I say trade some of the depth type players who will be UFAs and get hopefully a decent 2nd to 4th rounder
  12. When Elliott arrived here we were a trainwreck of a team that simply didn't care. It also showed in his play much like when Anderson didn't get his contract he wanted so he dogged his gameplay too. There is zero reason to rush Varly back since his groin is so sensitive. Maybe we could try to get Raanta from Arizona since he's a UFA end of the year if Varly's outlook doesn't look good.
  13. shtroumf---- The pick will be a 2018 first-round pick that may turn into a 2019 first-round pick should Ottawa finish in the bottom 10 in the league. All of this will be determined before the Draft Lottery.
  14. Duchene was worthless to us start of last year and up to the trade. He wanted out and it showed. The longer we kept hanging on to him the worse the locker room got. Johnson and Landeskog made it clear they wanted people who want to be here. They took the jab at Mr Quitter. We traded a cancer for quantity of hope.