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  1. This new system the NHL has in place is completely terrible. No way should a team move more than 1 spot down period.
  2. It was said Lombardi got a little too close to the players and that is how bad contracts ending up happening. As for Sutter I would love to have him as a coach because he seems very much like the no nonsense type of coach.
  3. Will Butcher first defenseman to win Hobey Baker Award since 2009
  4. Poor kid. Bringing him in this year I guess is for experience, but the atmosphere has to be total crud for him
  5. Well I think he's 17 atm and I know Nico something is higher than him. So maybe trade down
  6. Timothy Liljegren a dman
  7. Terrible development and simply not giving players a chance in the big leagues. We instead trade for garbage 6-7 dmen instead of giving a player a chance to prove his worth
  8. PIT, EDM, VAN, SJ, LA, DET in on one of them (Aston-Reese); BUF, DAL, NJ, COL in on the other (Bayreuther). As noted in story, two prominent UFAs - forward Aston-Reese (NU) and defenceman Bayreuther (SLU) - likely to sign in next 24-48 hours. - Bob McKenzie on twitter
  9. Overall I am disappointed again with the Avalanche. I understand teams not wanting our players and not getting fleeced on what should be a great return, but still something is going to have to change to move forward or we will just be kicking ourselves year in and year out for awhile. I am so not a fan of the Iggy trade at all. Seems like Sakic did him a huge favor by letting the Kings get him for free if things don't work out.
  10. The deal makes it seem like we gave Iggy away for nothing potentially.
  11. Not going to lie I want them to get a Cup for Ovie. I feel he's become worthy of it.
  12. Shattenkirk on his way to Washington. Shattenkirk trade has other details but main parts I believe: 1st RD pick in 2017, 2nd RD pick in 2018 and Zach Sanford going to St. Louis
  13. Minnesota must really think he's the piece to get them over the Hawk playoff hump
  14. ARIZ is receiving a first-rounder, a second-rounder and a conditional pick that can become a second. MIN is all-in Holy crap our asking price for Duchene, Landeskog doesn't seem so bad now
  15. Tampa Bay have acquired Peter Budaj, Erik Cernak, & a 2017 seventh-round pick from the Kings in exchange for Ben Bishop Tampa have also received a conditional pick in the 2017 draft, and have sent a fifth-round pick in 2017 to LA. Tampa retains 20% of Bishop's contract hit