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  1. The Eagles play tonight at home. Part of me wonders if they'll let Kaut play that game tonight and call him up after for Saturday. We've only got 12 forwards on the roster.
  2. The last time Girard scored an even strength point was November 30th. Since that even strength goal on November 30th, he has 1 point total, a PP assist. Patrik Nemeth has more points in that span.
  3. Well, I just think there's no chance we re-sign him, like at all. He's not a part of any long term plans here. Sell him for some draft capital at the deadline. Get something for an asset. He's not crucial enough to be the reason we end up making or missing the playoffs.
  4. I don't see anything really happening at the TDL either but I do think we'll move Wilson for something. I'd take almost anything to get Andrighetto off this roster too. The draft will be a better option for trading once we know how the picks shake out. Also, I do expect us to be heavily involved in higher end FA wingers whether it's Stone or someone else.
  5. Just gotta have some shake up. Maybe you send down Dries and bring up Kaut because you've got 9 free games of him to use, maybe a small trade though I assume Joe is/has been exploring this option, maybe an assistant coach gets the axe (who the hell runs our God awful special teams). Just something. Can't continue doing the same things and just hope something changes.
  6. To be clear, I am in no way advocating for firing Bednar.
  7. You just gotta do something man. Anything. I like bednar, I think he's a good coach. He's won championships at every level he's ever coached at. But sometimes coaches get fired and it's not their fault. Happens in every pro sport. But that would be how many coaches in the last 10 years that we've gone through?
  8. No longer in the top half of the overall NHL standings. Least amount of points gained in the league since December 1st. Yeah, even Ottawa has more.
  9. The PK and penalties is a serious issue for sure. The only penalties we're able to kill off are the ones in which we don't allow a single shot on net.
  10. I wouldn't rule it out. I haven't looked at pending RFAs to see who's out there.
  11. Knew it
  12. Varly in net tonight. Z will be back in the lineup, no word on who's coming out. I hope Barberio sits but I expect it to be Graves.
  13. Snoop Dogg color commentating hockey is somehow more enjoyable than Pierre McGuire:
  14. Zadorov also skated without the non contact jersey this morning too. Maybe he'll get in next game?
  15. Colin Wilson will be back in the lineup tonight.