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  1. Stop now. I'm done arguing with you. I don't have to agree with you on anything. I don't have to admit you are right about anything either. I don't have to making any public condemnation of any group or party if I don't want to. I will not let someone - who likens white supremacists to the little kid getting bullied and justifies their violence by saying they simply hit back and were the last to make a punch - dictate to me about ANYTHING. You do not have the moral high ground nor do you have any right to tell me I need to do or say anything. Your statements crossed the line with me and I've lost all respect for you. I will not comment further on anything you post unless you continue to call me out personally. I will set the ignore function again and then you can go on spouting whatever ideology or rhetoric you want. But you HAVE to stop personally calling me out.
  2. Griz, please stop repeatedly calling me out. It's disrespectful and inappropriate.
  3. In most of the European bathrooms I went to (away from the beaten tourist traps), the bathrooms were almost always gender neutral. Usually just stalls (with dividers to the floor) and then common sinks. I remember it scaring my dad a bit at a restaurant in Copenhagen - we were all jet lagged and he and my husband had been tasting beer, so the look of horror was funny at seeing my mom and I at the sinks. But in reality, it shouldn't matter. I can imagine it makes taking your opposite gendered kid to the bathroom easier. It's getting better, but there are so many places where changing tables only exist in women's bathrooms - but when my husband is out alone with her, it's a bit silly for him to have to go to the car or something.
  4. Well now I have something in my eye... I'm impressed with your daughter's school - is it the public school system that is being inclusive? And here I though choosing a daycare was hard, but schools include so much more than just education.
  5. Umm, do you want the real answer to that? And then there is this...they had the permits! http://newsthump.com/2017/08/16/donald-trump-says-rebel-alliance-must-also-take-blame-for-violence-as-death-star-had-all-the-required-permits/
  6. Nah, we already showed that cannot be the case because cats. See the RDC.
  7. Is it like being a cafeteria Catholic? - one can be a cafeteria Scientist? Just pick and choose which scientific facts to acknowledge are true and disregard the rest as magic or hoaxes? Magnets: clearly magic. Climate change: hoax. Gravity: maybe, although maybe Jupiter is pushing us down. Rocket science: real, you know for bombs and stuff. Quantum entanglement: even the scientists don't know.
  8. I know it's the evil, left, fake, bullying and simultaneously a victim, snowflake NY Times, but I'm not the only one who doesn't think there is a moral equivalency between the alt-left and the alt-right. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/08/15/us/politics/trump-alt-left-fact-check.html?referer=http://m.facebook.com Comparing Antifa to Mr. Fields’s [the Ohio driver who killed Heyer in Charlottesville] act is like “comparing a propeller plane to a C-130 transport,” said Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. “Using the fact that some counterprotesters were, in fact, violent, creates a structural and moral false equivalency that is seriously undermining the legitimacy of this president,” Professor Levin said. Antifa and black bloc — the far left of today — engaging in street brawls and property damage, while reprehensible, is “not domestic terrorism,” said J. J. MacNab, a fellow in the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Similar episodes of extreme violence certainly exist on the left: the recent congressional baseball shooting in Virginia, or the bombing of the North Carolina Republican Party headquarters. But overall, far-right extremist plots have been far more deadly than far-left plots (and Islamist plots eclipsed both) in the past 25 years, according to a breakdown of two terrorism databases by Alex Nowrasteh, an analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute. White nationalists; militia movements; anti-Muslim attackers; I.R.S. building and abortion clinic bombers; and other right-wing groups were responsible for 12 times as many fatalities and 36 times as many injuries as communists; socialists; animal rights and environmental activists; anti-white- and Black Lives Matter-inspired attackers; and other left-wing groups. Of the nearly 1,500 individuals in a University of Maryland study of radicalization from 1948 to 2013, 43 percent espoused far-right ideologies, compared to 21 percent for the far left. Far-right individuals were more likely to commit violence against people, while those on the far left were more likely to commit property damage.
  9. Do you have a cat? Because if you had a cat you'd know. Cat owners know.
  10. I've never had chocolate liquor and I've never been a fan of Baileys either. But I don't like sweet drinks. Red wine goes really well with dark chocolate though - that may be a solution to Jen's day!
  11. They make chocolate flavored liquor.
  12. An overwhelming majority of the counter-protestors weren't antifa and had no violent tendencies or desires. They were simply there to out number and drown out the alt-right protest over the removal a conferedate memorial and the white supremacist ideologies being spouted. When the KKK rallies around a memorial and protests it's legal removal, maybe we need to think hard about why anyone would want to keep that Memorial around in the first place. These types of counter protests occur all the time. The occur at funerals where the westboro baptist church protests. They occur at planned parenthood all the time to protect clients from having to hear the protestors. These aren't extremists or the antifa counter protesting most of the time. But this time tensions spilled over and a white supremacist drove his car through the counter protestors. I agree with so many people - there aren't two sides in this case. There is the alt-right whatever and everyone else.
  13. I don't see the contradiction. The ACLU never actually mentions antifa as a group but only ever points out its members in red and black. Most of the counter protestors were not antifa. And on their twitter feed the ACLU repeatedly admonishes the protestors and praises the counter-protestors. Further, they point out and sometimes condemn violence (although repeatedly show the "non-violent counter protestors") and then state they are watching the police to make sure no one's rights are violated. There's no contradiction in anything they post on their twitter feed (the national ACLU or the ACLU of VA) for the past two days and Harris saying there weren't "two sides" in Charlottesville, but just one side, the alt-right/white supremacist/KKK. Incidentally Harris is by far not the only one who's said there is really only one side here - she just happens to be the only politician mentioned in the conservative bias nonsense article, which while posting real tweets, is making a case for the ACLU admonishing Harris and siding with Trump when they never do anything of the sort.
  14. Heather Heyer wasn't a member of antifa. But she was protesting the alt-right and white supremacists. This wasn't just two extremist groups throwing punches. Most of the counter-protestors were simply protesting the alt-right and their desire to keep momuments to a lost civil war. I have no problem saying I fully support all of the people that went to that counter-protest with the intention of non-violently protesting the alt-right, KKK, and white supremacists. The needed to be there and I hope they continue to show up around the country. And I stand by my earlier statement that it is becoming more and more apparent that claims that antifa and the counter-protests were violent are being shown to be faked. The same cannot be said for the violence and violent rhetoric of the alt-right that I am aware of.
  15. And then I promise to read a scripted letter denouncing them only to recant via twitter in less than 48 hours. Scouts honor.