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  1. Agreed. If it was exclusively fighting - there'd be no concussion issues in the lower leagues where fighting doesn't exist. Being an enforcer in today's game as well as in the past means so much more than fighting. That being said, I don't think the league has historically cared for its players and concussion issues enough - Boogaard is always given as a local example since he was prescribed so many drugs by so many doctors in an almost unchecked way. It's strange that Bettman blows off concussions as nothing since Crosby has had so many.
  2. The local news ran a piece tonight about the NHL and concussions.
  3. I teach human evolution and climate change. I yell at brick walls for a living...
  4. Because that comment was disgusting. It's simple. I cannot ignore someone implying it would be better if Africans died of malaria. I've ignored the rest of his condescension but that was too far. My apologies. Although why am I being chastised...especially considering his equally disgusting post above in response to you and I???
  5. You're right. Let's let them die of malaria then...trust you to write a snarky response to something wonderful and hopeful.
  6. Malaria vaccine being tested in Kenya, Malawi, and Ghana!!! Best news I've heard in a while. Go Science!
  7. Anyone watching the Handmaid's Tale? Or read the book?
  8. Yup I've received them as a TA and as the instructor. For grades, illnesses, absences, and once to yell at me for advising a student about their major (she was pre-med, failing gen bio and hated the idea of being a doctor).
  9. You're a little late to the party! Seriously, I'm surprised this is the first time it has happened to you. My first was at CU Boulder while teaching Gen Bio labs in 2006!
  10. Wait, you aren't suggesting we be open-minded and consider that people may have different opinions are you?? That's almost like suggesting we be empathetic of people who may have different histories or understandings of the world - or even acknowledge that not everyone is the same. What kind of optimistic world do you want to live in?!
  11. Being allergic to the sun is as silly as being allergic to water - which my SIL is - she has to take Zyrtec or something so she can shower!!! You should get some fly fishing gear - that's what we wear in Africa. It'd give you more SPF and be cooler.
  12. Why does that surprise you? Men, of varying degrees of competency in understanding or even empathy towards women, have been deciding the rights of women for centuries (current examples include women's reproductive rights in the US). This isn't new, or even a departure in trends...
  13. You are more than welcome to come and rake or do any yard work here whenever you want!!! But I agree about rocks - we don't have a driveway but the city has alleys so our garage is in the back. We have rock rather than pavement next to the garage to park on (because the '54 and the hockey gear get the two car garage). I hate that damn rock - it gets everywhere. The neighbors are talking about getting concrete for their parking spot and we've discussed doing it together since it's such a small total area (~3 car parking spots) and then we'd only need one truck and all that...we'll see! We were going to build a container garden for the vegetables...a raised bed. Mostly that was because a fertilizer plant dumped junk nearby pre-EPA and our soil has arsenic in it - which isn't dangerous unless you are eating things that grow in it (specifically things that uptake lots of water like peppers or lettuces). We've had our yard replaced once by the city (yes, they literally came with a backhoe and dug three feet of soil out of our backyard), but they still detect too much arsenic for me to be comfortable growing my kid's food in the ground! Usually I just plant things and put mulch around so the weeding is minimal...
  14. At least I'm consistent. It doesn't help that the evolution of true grasses was a major part of my PhD research...
  15. If my husband would let me, I'd dig up all of our grass and plant a rain garden or put in plants and mulch. I hate grass. Stupidest plant ever - why grow something to never let it flower but constantly have to maintain it? Seems illogical to me. Every year, the garden gets bigger and bigger...we're putting in a new tree and I'll have to plant stuff underneath it so some grass will disappear this year. The city has a weekend rain garden seminar each spring - they have a plant sale that goes with it, and you get so many plants per square foot of rain garden free from the city for building one. That might be worth doing some yard work! My SIL has a huge vegetable garden - they spend hours planning it each year, and buying the right mixtures of compost and soils for their plants. And she easily spends 20 hours a week maintaining it. This spring they are putting in an even higher fence to try and keep bunnies and deer out of it. Seems like a lost cause to me since they are out in the country enough that they are fighting with nature.