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  1. We have chickens on our block too but they are far enough away that I only hear them if actively try.
  2. I'm not a victim of anything unless you were personally attacking me. I'm just wanting to keep this thread going and know many are hoping to keep it politics free.
  3. Or you could keep your political opinions/posts/links/nonsense to the politics thread. Yea, that's definitely not okay. Unless the wasps were throwing you a party and you simply did not understand their intentions... Three of my neighbors (within one block) have honeybee hives. So I'm almost immune to seeing honeybees at this point because so many of the flowers/plants in my yard attract bees. But I hardly see any wasps. I wonder if there is a competition thing and honeybees keep out wasps. Damnit, now I'm going to have to do some research on that one. In the end, even if the honeybees don't keep out the wasps, I love having them in the neighborhood (I get free honey).
  4. So many questions. Did you know there were bees in your attic? Did your landlord? Did the hvac guy? How did you end up with this karma?
  5. I ran over nails all the time in my last apartment in Colorado. No clue why or where they were coming from. But I never forget the damage insurance now. Hopefully you have it - then it's only a hassle and not an expensive one.
  6. Nice! New tires are fun and exciting.
  7. My mom always says that, so now I'll probably read your posts and hear her voice in my head! And should I know what happyslapping is? I'm afraid to google it.
  8. Record sea ice extents (in the Antarctic) are a major piece of evidence of global warming.
  9. Thank you for this! I was talking about humans and our having spread to essentially all habitable and inhabitable ecosystems on the planet and used Phoenix and being too hot for airplanes as an example!! It made my morning.
  10. Yes. And really...just disgusting. But even the idea of cotton candy makes my teeth hurt. Plain sugar has never been my weakness. Chocolate on the other hand...except for white chocolate. It's not chocolate if there isn't any cacao! White chocolate is just butter/fat. Again, not my weakness.
  11. Thank you!!! So do I. If I ever move again, it will be further north.
  12. My parents had a 3 hour power outage in Tucson over the weekend. It's about 10F cooler than Phoenix but still to hot for life to exist. They have two dogs - so my mom took them to the pet store to hang out with her while she adopted out other dogs (she volunteers for a pet adoption service). Best Saturday of their life!!! Or so I was told.
  13. I should probably just get them on Amazon - admittedly I never thought to look there for digital copies and I knew I didn't want the DVDs. Is this happening - Amazon is buying Whole Foods??
  14. It's fun to go back and watch the old sitcoms. My husband and I talked about watching Bewitched since we caught an episode a few weeks ago. I went to dinner with one of my PhD advisors and his son on Wednesday. He's watching all the Star Trek with him - which kind of made me want to go back and watch some. His son loved TNG which was adorable. His favorite Star Wars was #3 though, so maybe his opinions aren't that solid yet. My advisor also just watched Serenity for the first time. He also recommended I was it and Firefly. Now I'm even more annoyed it's not on Netflix anymore.
  15. There was a bat signal lit in LA to honor Adam West!!! https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/jun/16/bat-signal-lights-up-the-sky-over-los-angeles-in-a-tribute-to-adam-west