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  1. So does everyone remember the Womans right marchers after Trump was elected? Wonder where those marches are going to take place protesting the sexual abuse that appears to be rampant in Hollywood?
  2. Kinda blows up the idea that Trump is dragging his feet and making Americans suffer. Maybe the Mayor of San Juan would know if she showed up to meetings about recovery efforts instead of grabbing face time on CNN?
  3. True, but just don't see him with the potential of Picks, see him as a career 1B type, that can carry a full season or long stretchs - or atleast he hasn't shown it yet.
  4. Wonder if vegas is kicking themselves for letting Picks go now with Flurey out with a possible concussion.
  5. And yet the gun grabbers don't want to do that and go through the process the founding fathers set to actually amend the constitution. ....
  6. Maybe you can find the stat - but how much of gun violence is caused in Domestic issues? how much of it is Gang related or mass shootings. My guess is that most gun crime is not caused by legal gun owners.
  7. well - driving a car is not a right garenteed by the constitution. your right to bare arms is... so unless you want to get rid of other rights - right of press, right against search and seizure - right to not have to house the military ect you get to live with my right to bare arms. Gun ownership is also highly regulated, you can be a felon and drive a car for instance, you can be mentally unstable and drive a car (and then plow through a crowd in say Nice, France or London) Which are perfect examples of how "if they can't get a gun and want to do major harm, they'll find another way" and yes it makes good sense to see why certain states have higher gun violence then others, when you have cities that population is close to the population of entire European counties.
  8. Your more likely to be killed by a car then a gun. It is illegal to kill someone by a car - Vehicular homicide Its illegal to kill someone by a gun - Homicide If you want to take away guns because they can kill people(although not with out a human causing it) why not take away cars because they can be used to kill people(again not with out a human causing it) the fact remains killing someone is illegal. those who do it don't follow laws. so removing guns won't stop those who want to do harm - as they're already not following the law. Also Europe doesn't (until recently it appears with the immigration wave) have the gang and inner city violence of say a Chicago that we do. If you compare say Wyoming that has more guns per person then Illinois, then they fall back in line. but you have these liberal controlled pockets like Chicago, LA, Detroit that help(hurt?) to skew the numbers
  9. Well only liberal controlled Chicago looks like a battlefield...
  10. Nah, just those who want to(and can legally now - I am in favor of background checks everywhere a buy is bought or sold - just not the dems version that requires any "transfer" - IE letting your buddy shoot your gun at a range) its kine of like Vaccines with the herd effect - if there is the potential of 1,2 or 10 people that might shoot back rather then a 100% chance of noone for at least 3 minutes(average response time of PD here) you'd see less people walking into say a school or concert to commit mass shootings. Just like those vaccinated help keep those not healthy, those armed would reduce the risk of those not. I would also increase funding to PD departments and military and require both to hold bi weekly classes that would be required for all first time gun owners at free of charge as well as free to anyone buying an additional firearm or who may be using the firearm
  11. yea i did - let me find it again - able to search a bit less and can't bookmark like i use to with the new gig, but isn't that the point - criminals will continue to break laws while law abiding people follow them and would be limited by them. I mean after all its Illegal to use a gun to shoot someone anywhere in the country, but it still happens, and chicago continues to make it harder to get guns but yet they keep flowing into Chicago. and with the strictest laws you would think it would be one of the safest places right? And if you look at mass shootings, where do they happen? places where the shooter knows there will be guns and resistance? or places where they're victims will be unarmed, unable to fight back like gun free zones?
  12. Just upgraded to windows 10. not a huge fan yet, but do like that i can stream my xbox one to it and play the games via the laptop when the wife wants to watch her real housewives
  13. I finished the recent Clancy book - Gotta say I was disapointed, the guy they asked to write it just didn't keep in the series style, I was hoping it would but hopefully the go back to Mike Madden or Blackwood to write the next one. With that I'm now back and forth between Clancys Fight Wing about airforce leadership in the gulf war, and Milo Yiannopoulos's Dangerous - a really good read and highly suggested to both those on the left and right - the best part of the book is he cites every claim and gives the likes to the original posting he's referencing.
  14. Except you have places like Chicago where they have some of the strictest gun laws... and the most gun violence. and then you have places like Switzerland that require gun ownership has the lowest gun violence rate in the world. I keep hearing how great Europe is- why not follow the Swiss lead? You also have to look at where does gun violence happen? does it happen at Gun shows? NRA meetings? or "Gun Free" Zones?
  15. Fun fact. Since 1980 Gun ownership(number of guns out there not necessarily new owners) is up 55% Homicide rates is down 49%