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  1. meh, He wont be the reason we lose.
  2. I think it's this. In war death is a certainty. but when you introduce chemical weapons its another level.
  3. no its not. and thats why everyone said that he should have been penaltized. Now if Subban was purposefully trying to injur someone then it'd be dirty. the line is pretty clear cut IMO- injury is not something to cheer. and intent to injur is long sespension. regadless of if its my team or not. because being a decent human is more important then a sports team. Trash.. but that was the case for years from the Boston tv teams
  4. and he's 100% right, some goes for Comeu and how the Nash media is over blowing some of his cheap shots. are you really laughing at someone breaking their sternum? thats a serious injury..... have some class man.
  5. Tyson?
  6. Nothing on Vegas having a shot tonight to be the first team to punch their ticket into the second round?
  7. So quite here.. nothing on Syria? Michael Cohen? London wanting a knife ban? teacher walk outs?
  8. Thanks peeps, its been a crazy week and a half. but was able to join you a bit for the games, before i fell asleep ....
  9. Welp, Had my 2nd son Last sunday... back to work on tuesday- I'll poke ya'll then..
  10. Less is expected of him. he's not expected to be a big producer, and is expected to take dumb penalties and is a bit of a dirty player. the other 2 are expected to play better and are quality players - not really dirty
  11. yea I work in the electronic components and memory, along with mosfets, transistors, and other discrete techs are on huge allocation. the automotive industry is what is really causing it - Cryto miners are really a drop in the bucket. the big issue is aerospace and automotive. and its only going to get worse - the big suppliers are expecting the market to out grow supply by over 30% over th next 3-5 years.
  12. I have the Roller Coaster Tycoon series( I really like 1 and the expansions but get into 2 as well) and the Sierra city building games for that (Cesar 3 right now but will get into Pharaoh/Cleopatra, and Zeus/Poseidon as I work my way through the series mission by mission - currently on my 10th go round since 2013 define Bad PC- it does everything I need it to do, and is great at that - I didn't buy it to game. It plays the games I really enjoy that are PC exclusives - the rest, I play on a console. but I've had this PC since 2016ish?
  13. just not a priority right now. I got kids to pay for, a house, 2 cars ect.
  14. meh, it doesn't work on my pc so WoT on console is it...
  15. playing world of tanks?