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  1. I'm not sure why she's troubled. He's a private citizen, who isn't running for office let him make all he can as long as he is legally. Now if he was taking donations for time in front of say a POTUS or SecState or something that be different. But as far as I can tell Obama is out of politics officially for not at least.
  2. Booo!! comcast had an outage from 2 minutes into the Rangers game until atleast 9pm in my town last night so i missed all of the rangers game and whatever one was after. watching after the fact just doesn't make it fun...
  3. Allow players to grab and hold going into the boards, you can bring back the "old rules" and still call it tight in open ice. They didn't chage them after all just told the stripes to get more strict in enforcing them. (phoenix - go ahead and quote the 2 above, curious what A03s thoughts are)
  4. Add into the equation of the players. playing at a high level most of the players in any league know the tests since they're tested after almost every head shot now and can recite the answers and perform the physical tests by memory/muscle memory. Just listening to sports radio in denver Al Wilson has admitted to doing it multiple times in the NFL as have other retired players they've had on from the NBA and NHL. And thats why you have the perception that the league cares about the stars more as well with Crosby and how they kept him out for his safty but a player like say wide man(comes to mind because the ref is sueing) was able to play. If your fighting for a roster spot your going to do everything you can to stay on the ice/field to keep that paycheck coming for your family. Another great example is Joe Thomas: And why is he okay with dealing with memory loss already?"To be able to live the lifestyle and provide for my family the way that football has been able to do, to me it's a trade-off that I'm willing to accept."" And I think that is true for most athletes to play the game they love, and espically for pros with millions on the table for their family. after all making 4 million might sound like alot to us, but consider its expected to cost a millon bucks to send my kid to college for a 4 year degree at a half decent school. and it shows is kids and grand kids really arent "set for life"
  5. Eh sports is entertainment. if fans aren't please and don't show up the team folds(unlikely) or moves, need an example? look at the NFL the last 2 years. NHL isn't a charity, the teams need to show a profit some how(either by taking a tax write off loss and show profits somewhere else - like the arena if the ownership is the same)
  6. No i get it, and what you said makes sense. I guess I'd want Sakic to not get so defensive about his "plan" when asked about it, if it were me I'd acknowledge the fans that are sticking with us, thank them and continue to stay positive. I guess for me the issue is how he kinda hides, players are out front, coaches are out front (and i get that they are the ones people pay to see) but to catch him in a presser or answering questions towards the end of the season was like seeing big foot. but back when things were going good the first year he was in pressers almost every other week. I also wouldn't want to work for a boss that when things get tough they hide out and let me take the crap and apologize like the players have done. its a fine line he has to walk i'll admit that.
  7. Its more of a hey heres how i feel as a fan, and the sums it up well IMO of how I've felt about the front office. very defensive, seem to not really care about fans who shell their hard earned money to go to a game which ultimately keeps them employed. We all know its a rebuilding process, but having seen that with the Rangers and Islanders when i lived in New York, both those front offices when it was happening were open about it, didn't get defensive, and sympathized with fans and really showed apperication. .
  8. I think this guy hits it on the head.
  9. Trying another topic here.... Regardless of how you feel on "the wall" how is building a wall and securing the borders of a nation a "hostile act"? and does anyone ask why Mexico seems to be so anti american border security? would it be okay then for the US to criticize Canada on its border controls? Would we be good in saying they should have less border agents to allow our nationals to travel into their country faster and easier? What about say Germany and their border controls both in official ports of entry and non official?
  10. close enough, Reports are fractured femur. Already went through surgery.
  11. Whats disgusting? saying that a champion for climate change made the statement? and it wasn't just him but 2 or 3(can't remember) on his panel that said it. only that he has multi able times. or the part where I say its a good thing modern medicine is saving lives and I hope those people can be moved into the 2nd or even 1st world? but its cool you can claim i want to kill off people, I especially like the part that its because their from Africa. I don't why the racism has to be put in there - what does where they're from have to do with being happy more people can live? And implying that I said that is nothing but a flat out lie and disingenuous.
  12. Wow. Another typically liberal group that needs credit this time. Its a little late, an I'm hoping they go further then a press release, maybe a lawsuit or helping the Republican group that is sueing the school, but non the less I'm impressed they went this far.
  13. I wouldn't be right if your not being snarky,,, Bill Nye would be right - you know the guy who promtes viginas having a voice....I'm just wondering what the answer is. Why are pro climate change people going for punishing people to limit the population, but at the same time wanting to keep it growing? I for one think its great, that we're saving peoples lives with modern medicine like a vaccine. I do tend to put humans above all else. I also hope those people can one day own a car, live with electricity and running water, and maybe even air conditioning. and thats cool hows the safe space? Studies show when you insulate yourself against opposing views its actually quite bad for you. But, what was inflammatory about giving credit to a liberal? or about correcting the hysteria about a carrier group?
  14. Wait, so we want more people on earth? didn't Bill Nye the Science guy just get done saying that there were to many people and everyones "extra kids" were killing the earth and creating more climate change?
  15. and with the above one we have this.. No an aircraft carrier is not built to shoot down ICBMs and other missles. those are what Destroyers and frigates are for. and no the other ships in the "armada" are not aegis capable. However the USS curtis Wilber based out of Toyko is. the John S. McCain out of Yokosua, Japan is, as well as 5 other destroyers based out of Japan are, and of which I was able to google that 3 of which are on deployment with in the region of korea (Yellow, Japan, East China and Philippines Seas) and are able to get to the region of where the USS Carl Vinison will be with in a 2 days at 10% under what is reported as top speed)