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  1. #triggered, thats cool go to your safe space. But I'm suppose to call you out personally now? I never once said what the neo nazis did was right or justified it and i have in fact condemned them what now 100 times? And I will explain the bully situation again for the 5th time now - its that they hit harder and last, that does not make either party right in any circumstance. Literally everyone in this discussion has understood that but you. what is that? You have yet to condemn antifa and now by your admission you agree with them and their violence? why is it so hard for you to admit a group that prides it self on causing violence and damage is bad? Do we really need to worry about what you may or may not be teaching kids that you can't say any group regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum that commits violence is bad? good greif
  2. Can you condemn the violence of antifa? If not then I will continue to - it is not against any rule, and i have been asked to not make board "judgement" of the left or groups that are not here. You however will not condemn the violence of Antifa- you call out on others to condemn the neo nazis(and rightfully so) and they have been, however you can not seem to condemn the violence of antifa and other "counter protesters"
  3. Here we go again. Wonder if we can get the Mr. Cohen to condemn Antifa? Even his party leadership realizes these are wild goose chases that do nothing but cost tax payers money for some grandstanding.
  4. Well we hear that fighting nazis is rightous and antfia and the counter protestors were there to fight nazis and had no blame for violence. well Stalin fought the nazis too. so by that logic he was a good guy. Or maybe just maybe we can say all extremists groups, yes the Nazis, kkk ect, as well as BLM, antifa ect are bad and violent and should be condemned? And do you personally have to? well it'd be a good thing to say you don't agree with the violence of all these groups- something Niki as well can't seem to do. But you could also not go after our president for saying - all extremist and violent groups are bad and play a part when 2 of them get together and there is violence? But you are right, Nazis, the Commies, and Maoists all are of the extreme left policy. doesn't make any one better or worse - all are terrible groups who deserve no respect or defense in this country.
  5. Wonder how much that cost tax payers to have the new plumbing installed? and for elem age kids? that really is child abuse, wonder how many will have child services called? hopefully every one that is on any kind of puberty blocking meds. Not seeing the different in riots and riots is an achievement, can you denouce the violence of Antifa and BLM? You do realize that extreme leftest governements of Stalin and Mao killed more then the Nazis? why is it so hard for the left to denounce violence on their "own side" ?
  6. the big thing here is 67% of AMERICANS are against removing confederate statues. and per CBS a majority of republicans think Trump has his response right - but by looking at the media literally crying you'd think that number is close to 99% huh? But the 67% is key as the Dems will never support him - he could come out 100% saying Antifa is in the right and they'd still complain. and being he won the election still the republicans is what needs to be watched - esp by those in congress.
  7. of for each gender identity....
  8. On the Bright Side Joseph Stalin fought those Nazis as well!
  9. How dare the Bushes! to say that hate on all sides needs to be condemned! Those racists bastards!
  10. thats alot of words for :"i still do not condem the violence of antifa" you know historically antifa and the extreme left have murdered millions more then extreme right? If only fighting Nazis makes you a good person I guess the person who lead the fight under the USSR flag that antifa loves to fly - non other the Commrade Stalin was a great guy huh? why is it so hard for you to Condemn violence from the left? litteraly every person here has condemed the KKK, neo nazis ect. YOU can not condem antifa and their violence?
  11. How decisive! how dare he say everyone is equal and we need to come together!
  12. Heard a great quote jsut now on the radio - i highly suggest anyone who can check out Mandy Connell on 850 KOA pretty fair, calls out Trump just as much as she calls out the left leaders. but it was "The first amendment is not to encourage you to burn books, but rather to read and write books." something a few here could take to heart -
  13. Touche
  14.,amp.html Also might be triggering to a few LA times actually does a pretty good job of getting first hand accounts from a bunch of groups - from people aligned with the alt right groups, to people aligned with the alt left, to news groups like washpo and just UVA students. Sounds like everyone seems to agree both sides where involved in violence....