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  1. When Ginsburg sides with Trump it becomes obvious the 9th circurt needs to be broken up as they're playing politics and not doing their job of being by the law, America just keeps Winning!
  2. Feel the Bern, We have another private college that had to close because of corruption at the highest levels, just so happens that a Socialists wife(one would assume she is as well but with out her saying as much its assumed) took on to much debit for the college while running it(while making millions themselves) and royally screwing over students.
  3. What they should do is just change it so once 30 seconds of play passes you can't challange. this way we're not replaying the last 5 minutes of the game. Yea the losing culture has taken him over. he seems to have quit on 2 teams this year
  4. If we're not brining Smith back for a stopgap back up and having Martin go to the show I'd love to bring him in to be in the AHL with Caanta/Pajpach
  5. Cool(lack of better words) Its interesting to get a true insiders view that from the outside doesn't seem to have a bias like those who were put on camera when the riots were happening did. I'm sure its much like Chicago and Detroit in how its leadership is since it seems to be the same style with the same results more or less. eithe way - stay safe over there, if the numbers of police continue to drop
  6. speaking of criminal matters(kinda sorta from above to investigation now) Sounds like we have another investigation going on now- only this time into Loretta lynch for obstruction of justice. Looks like we might get that indictment that so many have wanted - just on someone who actually committed a crime. But being that Lynch worked for Obama, wonder if this is jsut the start - could it go to the top?
  7. are you in the city? or more the suburbs? and yea the article says forced 12 hour shifts and cacnecling of time off - that can't be good for moral and wont help keep officers if it goes on much to long. out of curiousity - surrounding cities/towns do they have the same issues? with crime and police staffing? And hows the attitude towards cops there? I remember i guess it was the old mayor who basically went on that witch hunt against the cops, and it seemed from an outsiders view very anti cop, has the city leadership changed that much? what about the citizens? sorry if it feels like an interrogation just general curiousness
  8. didn't even notice you were from there. Care to give use the insdiders view? is the FOP correct? is the city leadership really that bad? I remember back with the riots when the Mayor basically said the Rioters need space to riot. has she run off cops like the article implies? I remember the views of the rioters attacking Oriels fans after a game where they had to lock people in the sadlium for their safty.
  9. Excatly, and I'm always wary of Draft picks, very few are "sure things" and its more like a lotto you don't know what your going to get until a few years down the line. and they really don't have a few years left
  10. Its official. as a rangers fan not sure how i feel about this. losing a legit top 6, after Lingberg was taken leaves a hole. and Raanta is why Hank was kept fresh and able to play out of his slumps with out sinking the season. not sure they have someone ready to step up yet
  11. If you have plans to go to Baltimore any time soon you might want to reconsider.. it seems its probably not the safest place to be.
  12. yea thats not a good way to keep your job. Although I hope the "full tape comes out" since him saying "“I wish he was (obscenity) dead,” clearly means did didn't wish anyone dead, regardless of context.
  13. Came up on my feed today... remember how dumb Western Civilization can be? dumping ice water over your head will cure ALs. or this gem Thanks Michelle Obama for that trendy hash tag, turns out nothing has changed. Or the Kony craze a few years back? Yep that too did nothing. maybe made the guy alittle uncomfortable for a year, but otherwise did nothing. Maybe if our generation of do nothing snowflakes realized that posting on facebook is the same as bitching and moaning on your moms couch and instead did something these fads would be more then fads. but my guess is that wont happen any time soon. So whats the next "feel good do nothing" fad?
  14. because if it did Tippett would have been picked up before Roy decided to have his trantrum and walk out.
  15. Shocking! Gwyneth Paltrow is a snakeoil sales person. who woulda thought?