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  1. Okay so You pick option 2. The status Quo and being a Fringe playoff team....
  2. Thats how trades work - to get something you have to give something. Trading MacK and Lando? Lots of draft capital, another top liner and more draft capital . But hey your right - what we're doing is going great - we just need a new coach again... taht seems to solve our problems.
  3. Except if he players here on out, I'd expect him to play next season too, and the draft is the year after next.... And to be clear - I'm not advocating for a fire sale and rebuild - mearly its one of the 3 options and the FO has to decide what they're doing - and go all in you can't half way and be successful. And I agree being a Fringe playoff team is the worse thing for any team long term - thats why we can't be status quote with one little move here or there. its gotta be whole sale go for it - and give up the future, or whole sale fire sale and build for the future. a 7-10 seed is the worse thing that can happen to a team
  4. How many years has it been since we'be been a real contender again? How do you get draft capital agian? But hey your right the status quo is working perfectly... getting a new coach every 2-4 years. never worked better.
  5. Yep, same with wasting away their prime so their a shell of themselves by the time you build up your team. take alook at the late 90's rangers for why having past your prime all stars doesn't work.
  6. first and formost we have to decide what kind of team we are. Are we a team that is 1 player away from a deep playoff run? If so do we have the draft capital to trade picks for that player? and are we willing to give up say a 1st rnder for that marquee player. Are we a meddling team happy with a first round bounce - then we're set, maybe trade a wilson for an 2nd/3rd. Or are we in a rebuild because we don't have the player capital for big trades, or the draft capital. In which case we need to go full in - you can't half way a rebuild. that means, that top line minus maybe Rantann is gone - by the time we are true fire contenders MacK and Lando will be past their prime - so time to trade them for big returns.
  7. Again your looking at single seasons your not looking at his career as a whole.. but hey, hey surely looked elite lthis last stretch...
  8. and it is all he's had, he's an average goalie at best, with flashes of being great, but as a whole is average. his numbers show that, and his eye test shows it.
  9. Seasons and careers are different.... But hey I get it - you ahve little exp with the game other then whats on tv. if you played, coached and scouted the position it would make more sense.
  10. out out his best- and this year(not complete) and he's right about where his averages are.... Career average GAA would be 2.68 - he's slightly worse right now at 2.83 ( i generally give .25 goals as being "slightly" for any goalie) his SV% is roughly .915 - again he's slightly worse. but not far off given the small sample size. (i generally give .01% as slightly again)
  11. Fixed it for you - his numbers are slightly worse then his career average, but take away his 1 career year and they're in line....
  12. I think you might have some goalie mislabeled - Lundqvist and Brodeure being 2 - Varly another(although he can fit in the top group, he also is in the 2nd, - just does not have the consistency over a career) I do agree with you on Grubauer sadly though - I was hoping he could take that step because he has every level until the NHL - so its not a mental thing, which in many cases what separates the top from the bottom groups.
  13. Very true, although while his offense has struggled, from the 10ish games (parts of) that i've seen of him this year, his defensive mindset and ability has grown tremendously. I have seen much more of late- and a few in person - his unit is not playing well at all - and there have been times he was not given any options was screwed - a few other, but the minority of them - he's tried to do to much. But that is stuff you wouldn't nessicarly see on a TV screen, or notice if you ahvent played
  14. The crappy thing is, we knew what we were getting with Varly. Its Grubauer. He was primed to take that next step to be a #1 - he took it from holtby last year (before the playoffs) and looked ready to take that step into high pressure games as well. instead he got in his head, and has regressed majorly.
  15. Never said it was - but why is he to tired? is it because he's stuck out there because bad clearings of other players? Are they not excuting away from the puck as well to give him options to get rid of the puck rather then trying to clear through someone? Is he supporting the others when they have it to give lanes to clear the puck? Is the coach putting him out tired because the other 2 or 3 on his unit have sat while he was at the tail of a shift when the penalty was called? Or is he being overly aggressive in his quad? Is he having to cover a larger Quad on the PK because the rest of his unit is over agressive pulling the box towards their quad? ect ect. Its all things that those who have played the game at anything over a rec league can see, but for your average fan is very hard as they just don't have the "playing IQ"