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  1. I want in an auto no less. put me in there with a stick and hot damn
  2. Lol your right, But then again, Its easier to assume Obama was wrong. Russia isn't our friend ISIS wasn't the JV team Its not smart to broadcast our Troop movements a 1.5% GDP growth isn't our "new normal" you couldn't "keep your plan if you liked it" any others?
  3. Crazy how big its gotten - quite literally
  4. 13 Russian "agents" being charged. Zero Americans Edit* Zero new Americans. still the 4 from prior. But the interesting thing is the indictment states all this started in 2014. when it was known HRC would be running but well before Trump announced
  5. $51 Billion Surplus for January 2018
  6. yea the cheap printers are pretty crap, but you can get ones now for right around $1k that can work with different metals that can make them good enough for bad purposes.
  7. Shocking enough the Government laws in place and oversight and protocols should have stopped this. but they weren't - but of course the answer is MORE government oversight and regulations right? Of course the answer is always more government, even when they cant' do what they are suppose to now.
  8. anyone with roughly $1k can make guns with new 3d printers now.
  9. Also look at how high prices for anything tends to grow a black market.
  10. I was thinking like the Obama Admin and HRC/Dems with paying people to make up a report to then use to push off on the gullible as a real "fact" to get people emotional and try and get change made based on emotions then facts
  11. someone can't jsut "causually decide to buy a gun" with required background checks and waiting periods in place already the issue is also treatment/evaluation have to be accepted unless court ordered. Many times over a cop will bring someone in for an evaluation and they're out in an hour because they refuse treatment.
  12. Kids can own guns- I have one for my kid right now, that he'll get when I feel he's old enough anbd mature enough. - The governemtn can't restrict his rights, but I sure can. and what to do? I don't know have parents and guardians be involved? have people report red flags? this kid in Fla said what he was going to do and people shrugged it off. Cops can investigate threats. that is allowed. but instead we have people so scared to speak up because they'll be some kind of -ist or -phobe. When someone commits a crime stop trying to look for reasons they did it to help them get off and prosecute them so if its found they'er guilty they then can't legally own a gun. unless your saying a mental health check will stop illegally purchased guns from falling into criminal hands? But your right - you won't get everyone - even someone brought in for a mental health hold by police can refuse treatment and be out in an hour if they haven't committed a crime- that is part of hte ugly side of innocent until proven guilty.
  13. good point, and hopefully understand why everyone swept his problems (3 expulsions plus others) under the rug.
  14. and don't forget how every rifle is a AR-15 and that means Assault rifle #15 one thing I love was I was talking with someone who was so emotional and offended that her argument was "its illegal to hunt with an AR-15 in Colorado, so clearly they're more dangerous" she didn't realize its illegal to hunt big game larger then a coyote with an standard AR-15 because the bullet is to small.
  15. Because your violating the US constitution and that is a very slippery slope. Are you willing to require mental health checks to use the internet to post something? What bout to practice a religion? To prevent warrentless search and seizures? What about to vote?