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  1. Blows my mind knowing we didn't protect Soderberg in the draft. Understandable considering how horrible Carl was that season. But knowing today what we know, Vegas would have taken him in a heartbeat. Maybe it was Carl's evil genius plan the whole time.
  2. I wish. It'll probably be 3 based on the sad history of discipline in this league.
  3. I said defensive problems, not the primary problems of the team. I think the primary problems of the team are goaltending and secondary scoring. I actually think our defense is doing fairly well considering the struggles they are going through. We are so far average in stats throughout the league in shots against, corsi, fenwick, etc, that it really doesn't seem like defense is a large problem. Had our goalies stopped anything, we wouldn't be losing as much. Fun stat - we are .222 in 1 goal games this year. We struggle to win 1 in every 4 games that are decided by 1 goal. That's not the problem of defense, that the problem of a: not scoring goals, and b: not stopping goals. Our PK sucks, the only line that can score is 9296, and our goalies can't stop a beachball right now.
  4. There isn't a player on the team right now that's capable of being "that guy". Even Johnson isn't able to do it which is why I think it's putting more pressure on Girard to be "that guy". If EJ was the same player he was last season, I think Girard would be free to be more himself. I think the defensive problems are starting from EJ and trickling down the depths. And also Big Z. He was better last season than he's been this season and it's set us back some. He's a big body type that should be able to play a strong shut down type game. Good along the boards and tough on guys trying to muscle in to the net. I think the goal with Z was to have him step into EJ's place when EJ slowed down. Well that time is now and he's not ready.
  5. I doubt it. Follow up question because I don't know. If we brought him up and used him for the remainder of the season, would we have to protect him in the upcoming expansion draft?
  6. But he's not doing that either anymore. He was benched for a while the other night. It's like trying to make Jost a power forward. He's just not that kind of player. We are trying to mash a circle player into a square hole. And please don't think I'm against making him the best defensive player he can be. It's vital that he plays a smart defensive game but the game he's playing right now is just not him imo. It looks to me like he's lost his identity. And I guess it's all part of growing. Mackinnon certainly struggled some in his earlier years and look at him now. Just a worry but unlike Jost, yes he does seem to be a competent player. Jost is just completely lost.
  7. We have to make the playoffs again. And if we can't solve the secondary scoring problem without him, we can't risk it. Missing the playoffs this year is just not an option. IMO, it would hurt us more to miss the playoffs than to lose Wilson for nothing. However, if we can start to produce more secondary scoring, and if Wilson is somehow replaceable, I'm all for trying to get something in return for him.
  8. Trade Wilson for what? Believe it or not, we actually need him. Without him, we are forced to bring Jost back or suffer through more of AJ Greer or some useless AHL scrub like Logan O'Conner. And if we want to not use Bourque anymore, we have to quit getting rid of our forwards until we have a solution to replace them, which we don't. The ONLY position where we have a chance in hell at trading is defense, which isn't very much either. So I think we need to curb the idea of trading right now. As for free agency, I do agree with you and hope we try and pick someone up. It might cost us some money but we do have some flexibility.
  9. I look at Girard and worry we are doing the same with him. He's 20 as well and he's playing top line minutes. That's way too much way too soon. But we have no one else so here we are.
  10. I agree as well. I hope we don't rush Makar and Timmins either. They need to develop properly. But obviously that doesn't solve our current needs.
  11. I don't see Mack heading down the same path as Duchene. Maybe he'll want out or maybe he's like Landy and wants to make it work here.
  12. My followup questions is; is this the Avalanche's mistake for bringing him straight into the NHL so soon? They probably should have started with him in the AHL for a while. He's only played 5 games in the minors and that was after an injury to regain strength. But i'm with you, I'm worried this might be the end of Jost. Or, we are about to trade him and another team is already planning on utilitzing/developing him in the minors some more.
  13. There you go Sonne. Jost is going to the Eagles. And this also means Bourque is back in the lineup*. Not that I mind but I know many here can't stand Bourque. Yet with him out of the lineup the last 6 games, we are 2-4-0. *assuming we don't make any trades*
  14. And Pratt was SO good with Cleveland when they won the Calder. They had one of the best defensive teams in the league. I realize that being successful in the AHL doesn't mean success in the NHL but you can't do that well and be clueless. It's his PK that's really hurting us. But that doesn't forgive Bennett. What started off hot has become ice cold when looking at the PP. We can't even gain zone entry, let alone score pp goals anymore. It's so bad now.