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  1. These days video games are so broad that coding is just a part of it. Keep in mind Ubisoft Montreal has 3200 employees (just the Montreal studio). Game artist and coding are the biggest part of a studio, but like any other corporation it has also all of the typical infrastructure / HR / marketing /... departments. Add things like sound engineering, story telling,..whatever else a project might need and so you get a big mix of people and skillsets. I love how different the industry is, but at the same time it requires quite a bit of sacrifices since you seldom have several companies in a single city, except to very few hubs like Montreal or Stockholm. I am also certain that for the same amount of effort you can get far more money in other industries (and have a better job security). Yeah, especially when you don't need to get a degree, just taking specific lessons for something, you have a lot of freedom where to get the lectures from. It could be just the game industry, since degrees are only interesting for visa-purposes, but for us the course landscape is really great. I mean we easily get classes with senior/lead artists from the biggest games out there.
  2. Croatian, Italian, German and English all fluent... yet not a chance to learn anything beyond kitos and vitu in Finnish (second one I actually learned while getting tattooed in Vienna talking about Finnland with the guys there)... I guess with the 4 languages I speak I cover the basics to learn the languages of roughly 20+ European countries, but Hungarian and Finnish are just f.... up... at least nobody speaks them anywhere so no point in learning them anyhow @grizzly My girlfriend is producer/project manager for (mobile) video games, I myself took online courses for game art, so for me it wasn't based on being in Finland - so I have not experienced their school/university system. It would have been interesting to get more insight into their educational systems, but without kids we didn't really have a reason/chance to experience it :/
  3. My girlfriend was offered a job in Helsinki and I took the year off to do some courses. It looks right now as if we will be moving soon enough depending on where her or my next job will be since this wasn't meant to be a long term solution for us. Interesting experience, really nice town and country, but that language is a nightmare. Thank the gods for skandinavian English skills
  4. Several reasons came together... the Avs' last season pretty much killed my motivation for hockey, now also living in Finnland through the last year I couldn't use the subscription anymore and I wasn't willing to get a TV + expensive subscription to deal with a Finish channel to watch hockey so I rather cut the expenses on this.
  5. I have not been following this season, but in my personal opinion getting playoff time under their belts should be very important at this point. Don't get me wrong, the success for this season has been there, but the 'vets' on this team are not experienced playoff-players, who will just start rolling once they reach the post season again. And while they should be feeling good about what they have accomplished, I am not certain they will if they once again miss the playoffs after all that effort. With playoffs the real game starts - the pressure, the different way of playing,... they need to dip in and get their feet wet. It doesn't have to be a long run, even losing in the first round would be more than OK at this point, but they need to start building this experience as soon as possible. They have 82 games next season to learn to fight through adversity and be consistent scorers as the teams top line, to be ready for the real playoff run, but now its a handful games left to get a new experience that will give them a taste of what that run will demand of them.
  6. The girls embarassment is nothing compared to the gained safety. I can't come up with any better idea to fix school shootings then regulating the kids items and clothing. Especially since only schools are places with gun violence... A lot of things have to change to stop those shootings, but definitely nothing related to guns.
  7. 1) Ok, in which European country does it work less well than in the US? You are welcome to add Canada and Australia to the list. Or Japan (even though it is not a European country, in many ways it is similar enough to be compared to the US). 2) You really want me to quote and translate dozen of pages and put them im perspective with the other laws and social situation in a country for your amusement? And you expect me to take you seriously? All I am saying is that if you would really want to get gun violence down its not an impossible act like you are making it out to be. Countries have made the step. I admit, none has had the problem of dealing with that crazy amount of firearms in civilians hands and in no country the pro-gun lobby was as powerful, but if you are honestly looking for regulations to start reducing the problem, you just have to look what other countries have been doing and stop acting like you have to re-invent the wheel because you are so special. None of this is going to be solved in a forum like this one, so spare me your attidute like you are the only one here who is seriously discussing the issue. 3) BS. Complete BS. You want to read it that way, fine, but you are completely wrong. If you read my stuff in this light then I am gladly going to skip your post from now on. I said that the US is just another average western country - so how is that worse? Just because I don't praise you I hate you? My, my, what a delicate soul. 4) I have no sense of humor because I don't share yours?... Wow, I thought the left were the snowflakes here... 5) I have not followed the details on the assault weapons ban, so I see no point in arguing about it. Just as a base line - a country that has more civilian deaths to gun violance each year than casualties in the last decade of war has to do something. Even if it isn't perfect, even if it is just a first step. Regulations don't have to be perfect, like amendments, you can change and improve them over time. I would dare say your status quo is a pretty clear disaster and failure. I am really glad you are here to listen and discuss. But hey, its fine. We are both just wasting time here let's end it here agreeing to disagree and not seeing eye to eye at all. Edit: Oh, and I love the that part - I hate the US because the US thinks everyone is equal Yeah - equality is the first thing that comes to mind thinking about the US... guess the a darker skinned part of your society might not agree 100% with that statement or the LGBT community... and sorry to disappoint you, but 'everyone is equal' isn't something unique to the USA, especially compared to other western democracies.
  8., that one is new. I am pretty sure you won't find that argument being brought up after the last mass shooting discussion on this board. Thanks, but I am done. Have a good one, you are deifnitely looking for solutions, so don't let me stop you
  9. Sorry to disapoint you, but yeah, I expected Cuba to have lower gun crime rates, even though you brought it up while I was talking about developed countries. I guess for me your standards of what countries you brought up was more besides the point than you naming a country that actually doesn't have that issue - because most not-failing countries in this world don't have these numbers like you guys do. And no. Do your own research. Pick up the laws of any EU country and you will find a gun regulation law that actually works better than yours. And guess what? Even though I have a law degree and worked 9 months at a crimial court I never had to bother learning it in detail because it was effective enough to have gun so scarsly spread that you would have an extreme hard time finding anyone with one at home besides hunters - and surprisingly no one is complaining about having too little access to guns. In those 9 months neither did I nor any of the other dozen+ trainees had a case with a single firearm involved. I never even heard a discussion questioning the local gun laws because they are not an issue to 99+% of the population. Finally - I don't hate the USA. Why the heck should I hate it? I don't hate countries, that would be just silly. Just because you have several severe (and to some extend absurd) issues for a country with these possibilities? You will find crazy things in all countries. Still compared to the 'big' western democracies you are a country where extremes are becoming regular - partially due to your two party system - and that is something that I definitely wouldn't want to have to deal with wherever I live. I simply don't put it on a pedastal and find it amusing that Americans do. The USA are just another western nation, with a lot of good things and as many bad things, but overall beyond its political power, quite average and morally definitely not superior.
  10. Yep. That's right bar. A nearly failed state and a state that you have been sanctioning for decades into submission. Stand tall and proud USA. You are definitely the pinacle of the modern developed world. How about that - name me a country with less regulated gun laws that has less gun related deaths per citizen? You know what. I honestly don't care. I am just incredibly glad that in none of the countries I lived or I have family I've been reading monthly reports about amok runs. Actually, even yearly. You are definitly doing something right with your gun laws if so many are willing to rather keep going than prevent yearly casualties that surpass your decade long wars.
  11. ... yeah, that's the perfect example. Besides big parts of the guns used by the cartels being from the US, I definitely couldn't think of any other country with stricter gun laws... just keep competing with such a high stand as Mexico when it comes to developed countries. Way to go. It's really impossible to see why there has been no development to be made in the USA to reduce gun violence.
  12. How have I won? It's pretty much the NRA's USA. You keep complaining around here that people don't have ideas how to solve the gun issue in the USA. Just look at all developed countries who have gun regulations. You don't even have to come up with something new. There are dozens of countries that have variations of gun laws and all of them don't have even remotely the number of gun deaths the USA bring up each week. Could it be that the only solution the you want to hear is the one where your right to bear arms isn't touched and therefore all other solutions are not viable? It's pathetic what of a situation you are stuck with - not the democrates, but all of you. Its not a party's problem but a country's that has an absurd rate of killings with guns and a completely isane access to firearms. But yeah, let's stay reasonable and for god's sake just not go too far with gun regulations, you have to fight of your tyranns...
  13. Fantastic. We had the same discussion a month ago, right before you came back. The USA are having this discussion for decades now - so I guess congratulations are in order? Make fun of the democrates for proposing things the rest of the world successfully implemented, while your death toll keeps rising, very convincing argument. But pretty much all I read so far from the pro gun side has been proven BS everywhere else around to world. Still we know who won the argument - your kids are thanking you.
  14. Gotta love the creativity. Sadly none to be found when it comes to gun laws to reach the standards of all other developed countries, but at least you can make us others laugh in face of your problems - might be that it is easier to laugh about it when you don't have to worry that your kids are going to be shot at school like several thousand others in the last decade, but hey, keep it up. I love dark humor and you guys keep feeding South Park to my delight
  15. Funny - do you also have one with childrens and schools?