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  1. yup
  2. I really don't get it why people bother having these discussions with Grizzly. He is the main reason I stopped reading this thread. Always the same game over and over again. If at least it would be difficult to find BS actions from Republicans and conservativies to come up with the same boneheaded arguements the other way around - but guess what? They are all over the news. Sorry, but if someone denies climate change against the opinion of the vast majority of experts in that field, what kind of arguement do you think will he accept on another topic to even just consider it? Its utterly pointless. You can go and yell at your TV while having FOX and Friends on it - its pretty much the same thing, but at least you will be getting the same situation update as the president (who needs security clearance anyway when the felt facts are on TV!).
  3. I would dare to say the place where the Avs are is still pretty lonely... let's not mention that the Sabers have nearly 2x as many points as we did this season.
  4. So many years looking for an identity and in the end it always was there right in front of us...
  5. Congrats to the winners and thanks to PosiJoel for all the effort!
  6. Definitely no longer... But it started 'long' ago and got its highlight in the playoffs after our young core got there... and actually our downfall began with Cooke's dirty hit on Barrie... That injury was when we suddenly started losing and never recovered and kept getting worse... up to the point where we are now - a point where there is too little emotion left for any kind of rivalry...
  7. I despise the Wild, but Yeo was the architect that beat the Avs for 3 seasons with them... so no I don't adore St. Lousis that actually should have been our rivals if we haven't become the laughing stock of this league and got into a rivaly with that pathetic Minny franchise.
  8. Naturally. That's the least I can do to punish you for not having seen it yet. Go and feel bad. Now! ...or just watch the show as any decent person has to do
  9. Cheering for St Louis and Yeo to beat the Wild is such a perfect symbol of the perversion this season has been... Fantastic stuff from Calvert by the way... great moves!
  10. Firefly's cast is hard to beat. Still Dark Matter becomes more and more interesting as it goes on as a lot of minor things get picked up and come together later on and there are several changes coming up in the series. I doubt they will ever be as likeable as Firefly, especially since that series was well written and had suffered a painful end making them only more dear to us, but Dark Matter has its own charms and lot of the cliches don't make it through the first season (definitely not through the second).
  11. How about going in tone with this Avs season? Last year the season was crowned with Pittsburgh winning, so as this one was even worse it is about time for Minny! Go Wild! Kill the last bit of interest I have for this league! Woop Woop!
  12. lol
  13. I didn't like Battlestar Gallactica because of how it was shot. Too much drama and tension in every scene to the point where it actually lost any dramaturgy for my taste. This part threw me that much off that I never got enough interest to bother following the story. The Expanse is the best looking scifi series ever. Can be easily compared to hollywood blockbusters from season 2 on. And so far the story and acting are good and promising for more. The quality of this series is off the charts for a series. Basically what Game of Thrones was for fantasy (though I stopped watching it after the third season hoping for Martin to finally finish the next book... dumb ass... him and me both...)
  14. FIREFLY!!!!! Besides 'The Expanse' the only terrific SciFi series out there. Though I see enough potential in 'Dark Matter' to become a 'Firefly'-light version...
  15. ... yeah, living from unemployment benefits is a luxurious life. Once you bought food and whatever else, paying the minimal amount of money for rent - all of which is pretty much completely spent in locally therefore going directly back into the system paying consumtion taxes and peoples wages - you are left with a big bag of cash that you then distribute on your caribic island accounts and on expansive trips around the world - wasting all that sweet danish cashs around the globe... I guess I am going to take a longer break from this place...