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  1. Drafting + contracts + trading... yes, health and injuries play a roll, but out of 29 other teams no one has had as much success in the last 15 years. Luck only gets you so far... or Chicago has all the luck of this league combined.
  2. You don't win 3 out of 6 cups just because of luck. Look at Toews career. There is more than just luck. Sure it has impact, but you don't have that consistancy this franchise had when its build on luck.
  3. Even if Chicago gets finally caught up, which I doubt since so far they never had more than a single down year in a row with this team, it was well worth it. Also keep in mind a couple of years at the bottom will just fill their system refuel the next rebuild. I doubt they will be out for long and had several great runs and titles too.
  4. Until the age of 6 I grew up billingual (Croatian, Italian). Last year before going to school I had a handful lessons of German at home before going to a kindergarten in Germany. At the age of 7 I started to go to school in Austria and about a year later I spoke 3 languages fluently. I don't think that's a bad thing for children to do. BUT I understand the worry about classes were there is a high majority of foreign children. Its not a bad thing perse, but if the local languages aren't learned properly it becomes an issue. Most of the times this becomes an issue because the integration is failing on a bigger level and ghetto communities are formed. The thing right wing politicians don't understand is that integration is a two-way street and immigrants don't have to be 'thankful' instead just follow the same rules as the locals. If you treat them as outsiders they won't be begging at your door to become like the very same people that look down on them. As someone who has often called a example of fully integrated foreigner in Austria I guess I have some first hand experience why it worked. It were individual families of Austrians doing their part to accept my parents and me although we spoke bad German at that time, not just our willingness to adopt to the small differences in culture. Without this outreach we would have kept to ourselves, I would never have learned the language properly nor had many Austrian friends, but instead kept to people from Yugoslavia - the same thing we see so often where you can find ghetto communities. Yet it wasn't the countries successful integration politics, but individual families. So I was lucky. These days I wouldn't return to live there permanently. I personally would actually love for my child to grow up surrounded by as many languages/cultures as possible. You never learn it as easily as a child and it only helps in life. I would be far more inclinded to keep my children away from people blindly sticking to their local traditions and not willing to learn from other cultures.
  5. Honestly I don't understand why people stay in a country they don't like. Especially in the EU its as easy as it gets to move to a different one. My life made me move to new countries twice so far and I don't regret it at all. Not talking at all about the social benefits or anything like that, just the experience of living in a different culture is invaluable and makes up for all the hustle that comes with it.
  6. Let's hope so... a man has only so much time on the toilett to write diplomatic posts...
  7. You can't compare police in a country without violent crime and no black/hispanic gangs to the USA... guns play absolutely no role in this. Its more about once you cross the big pond you turn yourself into a violent murderous monster that forces everybody around you to pick up a gun and since you are in a murderous mood you get yourself one too to protect yourself... I think it has something to do with the climate... or the blacks. At least those who were in office at the whitehouse.
  8. You made me think that I am missing out on something worth reading to understand the full story
  9. Guess since this isn't the politic's thread people can just opinion about their fantasies here... A03 - you made me think it is worth reading those posts. This one is on you
  10. I really have to stop reading when people quote grizzly in their posts... I've learned not to open the for me hidden posts, but curiosity sometime gets the better of me. Still it never pays off to do it...
  11. I still don't understand why the USA are waisting time and resources on fake media stories and witch hunts against Trump and Moore, when there is still no clear result about WHATDIDHILLARYDO in Benghazi?! So many heairngs and tons of meetings and investigations and she is still not in jail!!!!!!!!!! #whereismywitchhunt
  12. Why? Because at the end of the day at least he isn't a democrate. That would have to be a really awful person. Comparing to that, dating a minor is just a minor thing...
  13. surprising. After several attempts by right wing activist to forge false stories on this topic here we go again and he falls for it like its the first time. Might be just me and I know that its all about destroying the trust in the 'false news networks', but would it really matter if even all but a single Roy Moore story would be false? Sure it is better that just one kid got molested instead of several by your future senator - but is it really good enough? On the other hand republicans, the defenders of Christian values party, got the 'grab them by the *****'-guy as president (who totally didn't say it, something that he only remember a year after the scandal broke loose). I guess the biggest low are still those hyprocrits on the left and as long as you can avoid them and reduce the 1%'s taxes everything is fine.... oh, and as long as there is no black guy in office - that would be such a dark stain on the picture...
  14. No, no, no. That's such a BS generalization. If these women are accusing democrates we have to believe them.
  15. I've played a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands since the beta, actually probably more than any other game in the last couple of years. Still I don't think it is a great game, but a really good one playing coop with people sharing your playstyle. Singleplayer is badly lacking due a completely useless ai squad, which is a shame for a tactical shooter. I think it is funny how many reviews complained about the story showing Americans fixing everything. Actually it had a huge amount of critique that most people missed, since the characters were poorly designed and people didn't pay too much attention at the sacrasam and irony the writers put it. Things like the Americans celebrating freeing a mine from the cartel grip, just to get a news alert on the radio about how the workers will be questioned, tortured and since the mine is shut down, they also will loose their jobs now that the gringos moved on. But most people get hooked up on the Clancey-title 'hoorrraahh' and didn't pay attention at how complex the story was portraited, not noticing that the whole game is also critique of the US policy in Mexico and South America.