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  1. @grizzly: ... there goes groundhog day again... really? Again I have to denounce violent people? You really have a hard time processing information from non-right sources, do you? ... Yes, Stalin and Mao had more people killed than the Nazis. Might be that an alliance crushing the Nazis didn't gave them a fair shot a the price for the most efficient douchebags in history... Naturally looking at the 'left' and 'right' classifications tells a lot more about those movements than admitting that all 3 of them were just fashist regimes that used mass murder to keep their leaders in power and the political ideology beyond that was completely meaningless, except to mask their powergrabs. In any case, this is my last answer to you grizzly. I am done. This wasn't neither fun nor informative nor gave it the discussions a different point of view.
  2. Not seeing a difference in Nazis and BLM is quite an achievement... I won't even bother to watch that video. For the first time ever on any bord I am considering using the 'ignore' option...
  3. See, you are happy about something - its all about perspectives
  4. Well, after the last couple of years and especially last season, I doubt there is enough passion left to challenge that statement in the Pepsi Center Actually this kind of pep talks often does help. You show people rock bottom, they get a chance to understand and get used to it and then they enjoy every so small improvement... thing with the Avs is, they still seem to be finding some stairwells to clumsy fall even further down each time you start to get comfortable with the situation...
  5. It felt like you needed a pep to get you going
  6. ... even if he signs, this season has a bigger chance of crushing your soul than being a welcome distraction to the world around you
  7. The main thing with Butcher is that the system is already depleated and the Avs can't actually afford to lose prospects for nothing. Maybe he will turn out as a bust, but with the Avs' track record its not like they can afford to miss chances. Also those 5'10" d-men are the only one they can develop. In any case the development system needs to be fixed badly. ...and again, thanks Roy. Your eye for talent was remarkable during your tenure as coach.
  8. Wait - I must have misunderstood this part - are you asking me personally if I would condem the Antifa or the other extremists? Because if this was the question then no surprise we have your groundhog day happening here. Pretty much every single 'lefty' on this board spoke out against those extremists since these incredibly boring and repetitive and first and foremost pointless discussions started months ago. For the celebration of those acts - what else did you need than the crowd at the conventions? Do they need an extra convention to celebrate those repeated acts before one is allowed to point out that it was/is an tolerated behavior at those rallies? I have yet to see someone there jumping in or condeming anything even when people where physically attacked there. Am I or anyone else here using this to paint all republicans as racist bigots? Only in your imagination. I do believe that the people on these rallies are by far more extreme on average than regular Trump voters - like at any rally for any cause (I mean you have at the very least to stand up and walk there and that is already far more committment than most people show for anything). I mainly don't understand why on earth this redundant topic is brought up again and again. Who the hell here did every sympathize with any extremist that we deserve to be dragged into this conversation over and over again? I also don't see daily post by single 'lefties' here about extreme right wing acts. Might be because they are so seldom that a 2 sec google search would make it impossible to sort through them or it might be that the fashist here don't expect you to excuse and condem every moron that happens to be on the right wing as we know by now that you don't support extremist...
  9. ... upstanding citizens part two (because it is so hard to find assholes on both sides...): ... I really wish it would not have been wasted time to post this, but I doubt 24h will go by without the next post by grizzly attack the conspirative, manipulating, fashist left...
  10. Yeah, when did ever de-escalation work when it comes to nucelar wars?!... Let's not kid overselves. Our nukes will hit them before their hit us! I call that a win...
  11. Guam has never been saver. Everybody is now scared as The Man has threatened his enemies and they know he means business! Bigly!
  12. Meh. It easy to say they should have kept him, but as long as slavery isn't a thing I guess Foote had some saying in that and his family might be more important to him than an organization...
  13. That would be the rational conclusion, but in that situation (and to me Duchene seems a lot like someone prone to depressions) people don't always act rational.
  14. Its about what ojb wrote. Ignoring this mental part is ignoring human nature. But I also don't think Duchene is thinking about his next contract. He isn't the money guy and he is too emotional. I guess he was(is) desperate for success at this point and just wanted (wants) something to happen instead of wasting his prime going nowhere.
  15. Don't know. I don't care about the work people put into a futile effort like all the games after December. I have an issue with people not delivering when it makes sense. Duchene can't be blamed for that last season, Landeskog and a lot of others can. Starting to show up when its to late is like painters rushing into your house to paint the walls while the house is on fire... nice effort, but honestly who gives a...? Last season was so bad that I don't care about what people did in the second half. The first hald was the issue. People that didn't their job through the first 40 games set up the stage for the rest of the year and made it entirely pointless. Players only risked getting injured for showing effort - and except for prospects who needed playtime there was nothing to get out of it. See Zadorov and Nietto (or who broke his leg? I don't know anymore and honestly I can't say I care about who it was).