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  1. I still don't understand why the USA are waisting time and resources on fake media stories and witch hunts against Trump and Moore, when there is still no clear result about WHATDIDHILLARYDO in Benghazi?! So many heairngs and tons of meetings and investigations and she is still not in jail!!!!!!!!!! #whereismywitchhunt
  2. Why? Because at the end of the day at least he isn't a democrate. That would have to be a really awful person. Comparing to that, dating a minor is just a minor thing...
  3. surprising. After several attempts by right wing activist to forge false stories on this topic here we go again and he falls for it like its the first time. Might be just me and I know that its all about destroying the trust in the 'false news networks', but would it really matter if even all but a single Roy Moore story would be false? Sure it is better that just one kid got molested instead of several by your future senator - but is it really good enough? On the other hand republicans, the defenders of Christian values party, got the 'grab them by the *****'-guy as president (who totally didn't say it, something that he only remember a year after the scandal broke loose). I guess the biggest low are still those hyprocrits on the left and as long as you can avoid them and reduce the 1%'s taxes everything is fine.... oh, and as long as there is no black guy in office - that would be such a dark stain on the picture...
  4. No, no, no. That's such a BS generalization. If these women are accusing democrates we have to believe them.
  5. I've played a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands since the beta, actually probably more than any other game in the last couple of years. Still I don't think it is a great game, but a really good one playing coop with people sharing your playstyle. Singleplayer is badly lacking due a completely useless ai squad, which is a shame for a tactical shooter. I think it is funny how many reviews complained about the story showing Americans fixing everything. Actually it had a huge amount of critique that most people missed, since the characters were poorly designed and people didn't pay too much attention at the sacrasam and irony the writers put it. Things like the Americans celebrating freeing a mine from the cartel grip, just to get a news alert on the radio about how the workers will be questioned, tortured and since the mine is shut down, they also will loose their jobs now that the gringos moved on. But most people get hooked up on the Clancey-title 'hoorrraahh' and didn't pay attention at how complex the story was portraited, not noticing that the whole game is also critique of the US policy in Mexico and South America.
  6. Yeah. For Franken we have pictures. For Trump we only have him saying how he did it. And we know that Trump always lies when he speaks. And Moore - who is going to believe some children, for christ sake. On a sidenote, since someone here keeps reminding me of it, the last South Park episode was absolutely brilliant.
  7. My biggest beef with the last two X-Coms is the simplicity of gear and weapons. Its basically all the same just more powerful on each tier. If you are fast in development, while taking your time with story progression you might even skip some of the mid-level upgrades. I must admit though, I was never someone to play Ironmodes. So I won't act like I am a pro at that game level.
  8. I didn't know about the senate's opinion on this, but it doesn't make it better. If the whole international community complains about the action, it might be because they don't care about how the voters in the USA perceive it, but how it will affect the region. So the US senate acting like the snakes they are, doesn't make Trump smarter.
  9. So the big orange moron decided to piss on everybody now and is going to declare Jerusalem Isreal's capital? Great. Irak / Afaghanistan / Syria / Nord Korea / and now all Muslim states in the middle east... so much winning. I am definitely tired of all that winning.
  10. There is still no proof that Trump himself was involved and as far as I understand it he can even pardon himself? Btw probably the craziest thing I've ever heard about a western 'democrazy'. Not to mention all the options to obstruct the investigation. Also add to it that it will take some time until we see a trial and all the things that come with it, I am pretty sure his tenure in the White House will last several more years... I don't know. Might be that this year with him has felt like an internity and I am so sick of this utterly disgusting moron and his supporters and even as a complete misanthrope I reached absolutely new lows on what I think about humanity, I just don't see this ending up the way his oppostion hopes for... and probably even if then we will see Pence and the ultra right just continiuning with his course, just without that horrible joke of DNA standing infront of the camera talking about 'so much winning, the best winning,...'. Biggest difference will be the lack of childish tweets...
  11. Trump? Do you really think his voters and the Republican party care about the investigation? WhatabouHillary?! As funny as it is to see Mueller take this whole thing apart, the reality is that it won't change much since the truth doesn't really matter that much these days.
  12. I don't mind Landeskog getting 4. He has gone overboard often enough. But there is no excuse for Kane. He looked at the guy, it wasn't a fast situation, he just deliberatly decided to crosscheck the other guy in the face. DOPS is a freaking joke.
  13. Roy going was probably the biggest step towards a better team
  14. Sure, but to me FOX is still the number one. Going after every single sexual offense in Hollywood and involving dems while their own boss and one of their major stars had several settlements because of sexual absuses. And its not just about sexual offenses, its everything. They contradict themselves every day to the point that calling them a news station is an insult. Its basically 24/7 GOP-promotion.
  15. ...and you are surprised because...? The only consistancy FOX News shows is right is good, left is bad. They have no other moral standards.