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  1. ...that's not an option as it isn't about discussing things for him, but about provoking those with contradicting opinions. Posting here his attacks against the left gets him more attention then in the other thread that is probably ignored by most.
  2. I don't believe it one bit that they really would have taken Varly and Fleury. Not with Varly's situation that gives him no trade value at this point.
  3. Well lets hope for Varly to recover and bounce back. My guess McPhee played Sakic well.
  4. They might just take Pickard to force the Avs into a trade or to trade him. In any case he is probably the most valuable asset on the unprotected roster at this point.
  5. I really dislike the C on the top of the shoulder and I miss the foote, but once again the Avs have my favorite jersey in this league. Honestly the only jersey I disliked was the previous blue 3rd that came before last season. Nice to see them going back to the old design, though I really liked the clean one we had in the meantime.
  6. Honestly I don't care anymore who gets taken or not by Vegas. It might happen or not. Meh. This team is beyond any acceptable level of disapointment. I don't even care anymore about any single name in that lockerroom. The thing that would get me upset is that there is no reason to protect Varlamov over Pickard. It is just the next ballant mistake (at least in my opinion). Why even take the risk of losing one of the few players with any value left? Varlamov is older, has had a bad season, a history of injuries and is coming from a surgery while on a big cap hit. At this point going into summer he is a big gamble to take. No one in his right mind would pick him up with the competition available. But here the Avs are testing their luck if someone would go for Pickard.
  7. That memorial is great I really have to re-watch the series again sometime soon. It's now nearly 30 years since I saw it the last time :/
  8. The Avs should have only bought him if he didn't waive his NMC before Vegas. Buyouts aren't a huge cap relief, this pathetic team doesn't have even enough for a top 6 d, not to mention that at least Beauchemin was a leader for this bunch of wrecks. You could still have traded him while keeping a big cunk of his contract (which is defecto a buyout with a possible return). And I don't see players in the Avs D that could really make this a addition by substraction. Best cases are unproven rookies. Sorry, but buyouts for the last year of a contract are nothing that gets me excited. At least I am certain that Beauchemin is happy with that leaving this mess behind. Now he can choose to play or go into retirement.
  9. Holy bad news, Batman! That was a huge part of why Batman was my favorite superhero as a child.
  10. Söderberg's contract didn't look bloated in previous seasons. I call it the Avs effect. I would rather bet Söderberg having a bigger rise in points than the Avs next season... except if he stays in Colorado, but probably even then...
  11. I hoped for Alzner for several years now... time to end his career and sign him! woop woop... I am interested to see if we can get any quality FA after that embarassesment from last season.
  12. ...yup...
  13. I didn't expect it anyways. It makes far more sense to convince him to waive it than to buy him out. In any case I agree with the prediction Hinote13 made at the beginning of the thread. We don't need even 8 guys protected as of now.
  14. Sounds like most of your industry including oil did, too. Lotta love from politicians all around the world for Trump. A lot of respect too. Bigly first trip abroad.
  15. yup