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  1. forgot which team's jersey MacKinnon was wearing.
  2. yeah, i am quite certain that will happen...
  3. ... I hate this franchise... after a decade of spending on subscriptions to watch failure, they start to play exciting hockey the day I cancel it?
  4. Though the purpose of a constituion is to protect its citizen - from each other as much as from the state. Also constitutions are changing all over the world. They were never set in stone. Sometimes its the interpretation that changes, sometime the constituions themselves. Don't know why Americans hold so dearly to the constitution and the founding fathers as if they were the only unfailable people in this world. Its absolutely ok to check it every couple hundreds of years if it matches the reality of the world we are living.
  5. I am not going into how an amendment can't be changed... if something is the reasons for thousands of people dying because of it each year its a poor excuse. The one thing that becomes absolutely clear you didn't watch the videos in this thread. The 18 slides about guns pretty much address every single of your arguments and prove them wrong. You again come up with absolute numbers that don't hold up when looked up closer. The wikipedia page shows amount of guns per same number of people (100k I think) and same for the deaths. And they correlate proving that people are pretty much the same all over the world, with the number of guns being the main difference and directly affecting the number of gun deaths, not so much social, racial or financial backgrounds. And yet, in all other countries it was achieveable to take the guns away. In the USA its most probably more difficult by the completely ridicolous amount and the crazy support the NRA has ensured. Also the argument 'its too hard, lets leave it' (and make weapons even easier to purchase since it is in the constitution) is like deeping a cut instead of bandaging it. The amount of illegal guns is related to the easy access to weapons - or why don't other developed countries have the same issues even remotely? The country with the second most weapons per habitant (Serbia) is a country that inherited one of the worlds bigger armies' armories before going through several civil wars (Serbian's gather most of Yugoslavia's arms over the years as they provided the bulk of the offcier and soldier corps). I said it before, but in Austria you can't even sell your legally obtained weapon to someone else without seeing his license and BOTH reporting the purchase to the police (both having to report also the license number of seller AND buyer) where all weapons are registered. That is typical for European laws. Can you say the same about your weapon deals? Which law situation is more suited to get arms into the hands of criminals or just the black market?
  6. ...that's why you have to get a driving license. Not just a background check. You need a license. And I dare say there is a slightly higher need in social mobility than having the ability to shoot kids wearing hoods. But you are also penalized for just starting the engine of a car drunk, even if you are not driving with it - they take your driving license away and you are not allowed to use it anymore. We also have additional insurance regulations and laws, mandatory car tests, taxes,.. all to offset the costs that negatives that come with using cars. You still didn't say what the social benefit is in having guns in civilian's hands. ...and yet again, the statistics confirm that the correlation is independed of social background and other things. And once again you fail to recognize that the correlation in Europe, Canda and Australia is the same as in the USA and just the higher number of weapons in the USA makes them spike in the statistics - as has been pointed out several times. With that in mind single states varying on this correlation is just normal outliner behaivor in staticts and by sheer numbers not enough to unprove something that repeats itself through the whole of the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.
  7. OK, so how comes Europe, Austrila and Canada have about 1/5 of the gun violence per inhabitants to the USA? Even if Switzerland wouldn't fit into the same stats (although they clearly do) they could be a staticial anomally (which they are not). If its not the weapon amount (which studies have proven over and over again and the same correlation can be observed in those other countries as well) what else is it? Are you saying Americans themselves are the issue? If so - shouldn't they be prevented from having weapons? At the end of the day, all those weapons prevent exactly nothing. Neither crime (not really having a lower crime rate, do you?) nor tyrannies. Good luck facing the US' troops. My money is on tanks, drones and among the best trained soliders in the world and not some civilians with ridicolously large arms collections... so what are all these weapons for? What is worth the lifes of thousands of men, women and children each year?
  8. Since the felt temperature is affected by so many things - like sun or shadow, wind, humidity (for example it is a lot less cold here in Helsinki due to the low humidity compared to Vienna, although Vienna is above freezing degrees and Helsinki below),... that I don't really see the point in having a value compared to human comfort. At the end of the day its up to the individual what she/he experiences as warm and that isn't that hard to memorize even on a celius scale. I doubt Fahrenheit doesn't have the same issue.
  9. I would really wish for Duchene and Yak getting some strong chemistry and becoming part of the mid to long term future of this team. I doubt Duchene has an issue with this team beyond the lack of success. So if the team gets a solid shot at the playoffs and he gets his own stable line with Yak and Kerfoot, I don't see him wanting out and I don't really see a reason for the Avs to make a trade as a lot of young defensmen are coming up that need icetime to be properly evaluted and developed. Still it is a long way to go. Avs had a couple of seasons that started solid and then took a turn for the clusterf....
  10. ... I see you still expect them to lose 25%? Ever thought about outlier? Might be the one loss actually isn't representative for the season or just the Devils having the Avs' number this year because of Butcher? 80 wins is absolutely possible since the Avs lost only to NJ while winning against all other teams through the regular season so far. #optimism #statsdon'tlie
  11. I am looking forward to see the teams reaction after a 2-3 games losing streak. If they don't fall apart like they are used to I might even start watching them again.
  12. Do you have even a statistic that proves that? Based on the stats on wikipedia i quoted Switzerland has only Montenegro, Serbia and Finland ahead in numbers of gun deaths in Europe and is 9th in guns per habitants in Europe. For the other part, I won't even go there. Actually before continuning this pointess waste of time with you I am leaving.
  13. Tony Sly - Sad Bear
  14. True. This season is CUP or BUST! WOOP WOOP!!
  15. Duchene has been seeing a sport psychologist, which is often a sign of rather emotional people (not judging here at all). He has had very high ups and downs through his career and based on his own statements in interviews those affect him a lot - again a sign of a rather emotional and not rational person. He has been giving hometown discounts for the Avs, showed far more excitment at the idea to play for Montreal (both teams he idolized as a child), which in both cases isn't rational (both times understandable, but rationally speaking not really the best decision)... its pretty hard to not see it actually. Also his agent was pushing for a trade to Nashvile this summer and his whole demenor since last season (especially in interviews) showed no interest at all to be in Denver. You can say I lack solid proof, but you won't be able to provide any proof of Duchene wanting to stay with the Avs after last season either.