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  1. Not incorrect at all. (.....and completely irrelevant to the previous discussion anyway....)
  2. Completely unable to comprehend.
  3. What the f does that have to do with anything I said? Just replying for the sake of replying?
  4. That's fine, but that's being a little overly pessimistic, imho. I'm actually watching a team grow into something really fun to watch. Yes, you can give stats showing trends within the season, but going into the season, this year was always going to be a year of development to identify where some of our deficiencies are, and no doubt I think we've found some. Doesn't mean that I don't really like where the team is going as a whole. And that includes our AHL affiliate, which I will give you no push-back in that it has been poor in the past. However, how can you look at it and say that Joe isn't taking it in the right direction now? Hence, my comment about Mikko...a very recent success.....(which was a very tongue and cheek comment anyways...so there's also a bit of insinuating on your part). Cutthroat's certainly weren't a bad team last year, a lot of that staff moved with them to the AHL, so in my opinion again, there seems to be, at least, some trending in the right direction there. Now, I'm certainly not convinced that this team can't go on a bit of a winning streak and pull back ahead of some of the other clubs who are on hot streaks right now. It happens every season; there's clubs sitting in playoff spots right now that wont be there at the end of the year (it could very well be Colorado....but I doubt it)....and that's just one of those things that keeps bringing us back to this NHL soap opera. I'm going to sit back and have fun watching what happens, and you know what, if we don't make the playoffs, it will certainly be a disappointment, but I still really like the core of this team right now, and we've got some young complimentary pieces to go with them. I honestly can't wait to see what happens going forward. So yeah, even through my thinnest rose color glasses, I can still say that this recent doom and gloom feels reactionary and premature, and that we are indeed still trending in the right direction overall!!!
  5. Sure, one could...or we could also agree that's it's probably a combination of both.
  6. And to be fair, Butcher is having a bit of a sophomore slump this year. His 5-on-5 time on ice has been decreasing lately because he's been struggling defensive. His point production, which was what got him into that line-up, has dropped to (almost) half of what it was last year. Give me "not-enough-offense" Girard any day of the week over Butcher!!
  7. I just had to look that up again to make sure I was looking at the right number, because it's mind boggling to me..... http://www.nhl.com/stats/team?report=teamgoalgames&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20182019&seasonTo=20182019&gameType=2&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=winPctg1GoalGame Our win% in 1-goal games is 0.222! Can't even win 1-in-4, at that point?
  8. Just to pile on with y'all....hah.... Our team is (T-last) in the league with only (1) shutout this year. Our team is (dead)last in the league for win% in 1-goal games.....(0.222)..... Imho, our goaltenders have been failing to make those timely saves all year long.
  9. Just slowing the roll a bit here... "sadly, once again, it looks like we are going to miss the playoff yet again"...It's game 45, not 75. "Another reason why it terrifies me when players go to our AHL affiliate to "develop"", Mikko says hi!
  10. Agreed! This was fantastic! Can't wait to hear more Snoop commentary...Dion..Dion...Dion.
  11. This was a great reply, bauhaus! I was just picking your brain, because it's funny how the eye test works. I'm frustrated and then elated with Barrie on a nightly basis (at one point last night, he had 3 bad passes on one PP possession), and I feel that Girard is only getting more comfortable. I don't think he's looked out of place next to Johnson at all....that's damn impressive for a 20 year old, imho. The only caveat I would make is that, while corsi is a fine stat, because it's based on shot attempts, it is somewhat biased towards the more offensive players. Corsi tells us that Karlsson (CF%~60) and Burns (CF%~57) are much better defensemen than Carlson (CF%-51) and Doughty (CF%-49). All 4 are favorites for the Norris this year. Looking at PDO (team shooting percentage + team save percentage), when it comes to evaluating defensemen, Barrie and Girard are basically neck and neck in that stat (....and Zadarov is leading this category by a decent chunk, too.) I will admit, though, that when looking at scoring chances, Barrie is generating more while allowing fewer, so let's give credit where credit is due. I'm not trying to diminish Barrie's contributions with this post, at all, moreso just advocating that Girard has been better than he's given credit for. What I'm basically getting at is, while being a good puck moving defensemen and generating a lot of points are certainly related, the two are not mutually exclusive. Barrie's offensive production has been top-10 in the league for several years now, so actually I don't remember a lot of folks expecting Girard to become as good or better than Barrie offensively, but there was certainly the expectation for him to be a better "all-around" puck-moving defenseman. Imo, he's getting close if not already passed Barrie in the "all-around" category. Furthermore, I'm not terribly worried about his production right now, he's T-95 for P/G (0.30), which is still averaging just outside of top-3 production. And also keep in mind, that because top-end scoring is up league-wide, it's skewing the perception of lesser point producing players down the line. 0.30ppg has always been a respectable number for a defenseman, in fact, that kind of production has been acceptable out of your 3rd (shutdown) and 4th line forwards. Cole (0.20ppg) and Nemeth (0.13ppg) are well behind him offensively. There's also no reason to expect that he won't continue to learn and get better. If he keeps playing the way he is, more points will follow. But, the fact that he is playing very sound defense and he is quite effective at getting the puck to his forwards is more important to me when it comes to my defensemen! Love this discussion, amigo!!
  12. ....And this was in a game time setting when everyone knows emotions are running high. (Now, if it had been a bunch of the players, you know, like in an uber-cab, or something....all bitching about the coach and making fun of other players, well then......)
  13. Agreed! If nothing else, his physical presence alone makes opposing forwards take the time, even if it's just a split second, to know where he is on the ice. The team hasn't necessarily had a lack of toughness during this last stretch, but they haven't been physically imposing either. Definitely makes you appreciate the 'intangibles' that different players can bring, and just how delicate that team chemistry is.
  14. Very much looking forward to Zadarov's return, which should push Nemeth to the bench, and set up a Zadarov - Graves 3rd pairing!!! That's 12'-10" of smash!!
  15. And speaking of bright spots, let's give props to Ryan Graves so far. He's been solid defensively and fun to watch, as well.