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  1. Bednar should probably be gone after this season i would think, and if that happens Sakic is 0-2 on coaching hires. I would say his mext coaching hire will determine how long he stays in Colorado.
  2. Yes but that does nothing to make us a serious contender. An already thin scoring forward group just got a lot thinner. We are thin with an elite center. You take that away and it's going to be a lot worse downgrading him.
  3. Seems to me that in the next couple years the AVS might have a luxury of having 4-5 really excellent players and just need fill ins, which is pretty opposite of the typical, a good well rounded team with no All Stars. I also think with where the Avs are right now, there really isn't anyone you can get for a MacKinnon/or Rant or Lando trade that is going to elevate them to a contender. An elite goalie isn't going to be enough to elevate to a contender if you lose MacKinnon's offensive ability. I know I've gone back and forth with this, just real frustrated with this organization right now.
  4. Let's just hope MacKinnon can make that run in Colorado. It would be really hard to watch him do that for another organization.
  5. How cool was it to see Ray Bourque come to Colorado and get the cup? I do know Boston fans were very happy for him.
  6. I don't know and I would hate to speak for Mack, but it was pretty cool watching Ovechkin win the cup. It was like you could see all the weight of his legacy completely lifted off his back.
  7. Is there anyone else?
  8. Just want to throw some concerns out there and see if anyone has opinions on them. 1. There's been locker-room "rumors" (all season) of a rift between the upper tier players on the Avs roster and the lower tier players on the roster, which makes me think depth and lower line quality is a main issue (secondary scoring). I have a loose opinion that possibly guys like the first line and some of the better defense-man have possibly carried over some tension from having to carry the lower level guys last year and the continued lack of secondary scoring probably doesn't help that situation. Is Colorado lack of depth a reflection of what happened with the attrition with the AHL team a couple years ago and rumors of how unhappy some of those players and deflected? Or is it simply poor drafting and developing? How have teams like Winnipeg and Nashville become so young and deep at the same time? 2. If you look at analytics, the real problem is the goal-tending, and that despite secondary scoring Avs really aren't this bad of a team. How does 2 goalies that have been productive just seem to all of a sudden lose it at the same time? Bad coaching? Circumstantial? It just seems a little absurd to think both pretty good goalies could all of a sudden lose their confidence at the same time. 3. Any chance the state of the organization throws guys like Ranatana, MacKinnon, Lando, etc. into being frustrated and actually wanting to move on to a contender? Lando has really gone through downs and some ups and seems committed to sticking it through, but I would be concerned that if things for the Avs don't turn around sooner rather than later he will want to move on to a contender. Would Rantanan not want to sign with Colorado because there has been so much instability and lack of success?
  9. Another mismanaged roster situation by Sakic. What else is new?
  10. I would be curious to hear what you guys feel is the most important issue going on with the team right now, secondary scoring, defensive play in the defensive zone, or goaltending? Secondary scoring has been a big issue, but Colorado has I think one of the worst goaltending team save percentages in the NHL, and I am not really sure how much of that is on the goalies or how much of that is on the defense?
  11. A lot of talk here about a guy who hasn't sniffed the playoffs since Roy's first year with the Avs. All things considered, it may have been a somewhat equal trade as is even with Z still trying to find his way.
  12. He hurt his foot in the last game but don't think it's too serious.
  13. Are there any really solid players we can compare to Jost that were selected around #10, who played up early, were sent back down in their third year for struggling, and then pulled it together to be a really solid player? Or is the fact that Jost was sent down in his 3rd year just not really a good sign for him or the organization?
  14. It's a great assessment Hinote, but I think people are really just looking at this year for the continued steps forward. I know that in a couple weeks after the All Star break if the Avs continue on their slide and their season is all but done, I'm not interested in really watching the rest of a wasted season already at the end of February and I certainly am not going to feel good about going into next year regardless of who we have and what is going on. The hope train is suddenly coming to a halt again and I know I won't be excited and promising on the organization until they are actually show a good 3 quarters of a competitive season and that they are fighting for more than just the playoffs, and who really knows when that will be.
  15. I saw Francouz is going to miss the AHL all star game due to injury, so I'm assuming he is having a good year? Is his injury serious and maybe he will get a call up.