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  1. I thought the biggest positive was the play of the 4th line. Toninato and especially Greer were great. The energy Greer brought reminded me a lot of Tom Wilson, which, taking away all the dumb stuff Wilson does, he's a very valuable energy player.
  2. Is Stepan so bad that by getting rid of him and acquiring a LW it upgrades their centers?
  3. Why on earth would Arizona downgrade so heavily in all areas to acquire Landeskog and an unsigned, streaky Varly? They're giving up their #1 goalie (with term where Varly has none), their #1 defenseman/captain and a top 6 forward.
  4. Weren't you just telling people to take off the fan colored glasses?
  5. Yeah I would've loved to have gone to Nassau. Barclays wasn't bad. The sound stystem is great and the view wasn't obstructed or bad unless you're on the end where that Honda is but the ticket sites all tell you where the bad views are. The fans weren't bad. I'm not sure if it was on TV but there was a whole section of fans who were all dressed as refs and were cheering everytime the refs made a call of any kind. Some of the Isles fans were telling me they didn't even mind the visiting teams fans because they were more annoyed by the ref fans haha.
  6. Foppa entering the agent game joining up with Claude Lemieux at 4 Sports.
  7. I was up in NYC this weekend for the Avs Isles game. It's amazing how much people pay to live there with such small living spaces. Even here in Baltimore, you can find a good sized rowhouse in a good neighborhood for a 3rd of the price as the same thing in NY. The one thing that they do have right is the subway. Wasn't expensive to ride and was very reliable.
  8. Ducks fired Randy Carlyle.
  9. Apparently Andrighetto was injured last night. Greer may be up for him. Lindholm, who knows.
  10. Preds also re-acquire McLeod from the Rangers.
  11. With Matthews getting 11M, I believe 10 will get it done.
  12. And then the off-season when they're gonna have to figure something out with both Matthews and Marner.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm expecting him to be at 10.
  14. Yes I still don't think he's worth 7.5 million. For someone who harps on points so much, it amazes me that you think he is. Just look at the list of players he's making more than and see how many players that are better than him are on it.
  15. Funny thing is if the Avs ever signed a guy who averages 55ish points a season to a $7.5 million contract, you'd be in here complaining about them.